I'm sure a few of you who saw this screamed...JK, Seriously though, Here we may discuss all things Will, Halt, Horace, etc:)

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I have read all the ranger's apprentice books, has anyone else started Brotherband yet?

I have the first book for the Brotherband series but I haven't finished Ranger's Apprentice yet so I was waiting.

yeah, you want to read all the ranger's apprentice books before starting brotherband.

Do they reffer to stuff in the Ranger's Apprentice that I need to know so it wont be spoiled or something? I'm on book 8 in Ranger's Apprentice with 9 on my To-Read shelf.

Huh, i don't think reading  it after you've read all those would give stuff away, it just has a lot of stuff about Erak since it's based in Skandia

That makes sense. Thanks.

Okay, so I've read like the first five books. It was all my local college library had. I thought they were really good. Great character development. Great fight scenes. Grad adventures. Really cool.


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