Hello, peoples! New site! My brain's still spinning, trying to figure out everything. But it's up! ...and smilies! Ooh! They move! 

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Hey, you made it!  Yeah, they got some cool new smileys.  I'm just sad that the whistling one is gone.  That was my favorite, *sniff*.... XD
Aw, sad. But hey, they've got some fun ones, like this: 

It's just not the same...  The really horrible bit is that I've already come across so many situations where it would have been perfect.  But oh well.  Now is not the time to be crying, I don't think...  No, it's not.  Must smile.  Happy.  I'm good.  Not going crazy, uhun, not me.  Mista Stickabee stays true to the end.  Whatever that means.  Okay, I'm rambling, sorry.  I'll stop talking now.

Eh, rambling's okay. :) Heaven knows I do it enough. Hey, I'll have to make a thread of my story at some point...though the question is, do I want to post the really awful version that I'm just now finishing and was posting before, or do I want to post the one that I'm gonna be starting soon? Hmm. 

Hi there.


Post the really awful version.  That way we gets more and get it more frequently.

Hi Cypher! How're you doing?

Mike: I suppose I could post my awful version. That way you'll actually get to read the ending, at least. :) Once it's all up, I should have some chapters in my new story, anyways! ^_^

...What's the new story and what's the thing with the really awful version?
The really awful version is Starsword,which I'm gonna re-write in a year or so, because now that I'm finishing it, I have a much better idea of how the story needs to go, especially in the beginning. The new story, I think waaay back when I was first posting some of my stories, I posted a chapter or so of it, it was called Rebel Queen (and needs a new title now...). But I've re-done the plot, gotten new villians (who are much cooler than the old one, if I do say so myself. ^_^), and in general made it better. Right now I'm working on ironing out details and everything, and once I finish Starsword, I'll start on it.
Oh yeah, I remember that one.  Cool.
Yeah Redwallgirl!!! Glad to have you back

I'm posting in this again, because the title's pretty apt; I'm back! It's been about a year since I was on last, and I feel horrible for ignoring you guys this long. >_< (Strangely enough, what prompted me to get back on here was a dream I just had that the Miller Brothers had out two new Hunter Brown books, and they looked REALLY awesome.)

But yeah, hello to everyone! Long time no see!


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