Hello, peoples! New site! My brain's still spinning, trying to figure out everything. But it's up! ...and smilies! Ooh! They move! 

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Yup. You ignored us. 3x

I know, I feel horrible. >_< 


Ohwell. You're back to grace us with your presence once more. Tis' all that counts.

we need to have a party!

a prodigal has returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait a second...... Redwallboy..... Redwallgirl....... What goes on here?

XD Kademee, on the old site, I was one of the forum regulars for a while, and Redwallboy got his name from me. 

Ooh, a party? I could make cake!

And strawberry fizz! XD

WEll i never knew you before so... Nice to meet you! :)

REDWALLGIRL!!!!! It's so good to have you back!

Yeah, you're like, ooollldddd school now.

There hasn't been talks of red walls since you left. ._. On the old site.

Indeed there hasn''s a sad thing...


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