Hello, peoples! New site! My brain's still spinning, trying to figure out everything. But it's up! ...and smilies! Ooh! They move! 

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That would be THE Jelf. He was someone who was actively involved and then left. He's also Silvermoon's (Nghome's) older brother.

"Pulling a Jelf" is when you leave for an extended period of time. And drive people nuts waiting for your return.

OoooO Ok! Heh heh heh... I'm going to have to use that on some annoying people I know... *grins evilly*


Amazing Job, Cooley, you've pulled another Jelf. X)

That's right, she wrote reviews in HB1, 2, and 3...which I think is kidna cheating, just getting the same person to write reviews *cough* no offense Millers:P


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