To all our members -

After debating the issue for some time, the decision has finally been made to remove the "Inbox" feature (aka "private messages") from the Codebearers website. You will no longer see that option on your profile page.

Our goal is to have be a safe place for every fan of the Codebearers Series to be able to come online, learn about the books, get exclusive content, and interact with other fans. A lot of great friendships have begun here and we hope that continues.

For those of you who enjoyed contacting friends via the "Inbox" feature, you might be wondering "How do I stay in touch with friends now?"

The answer is: through wall posts and forums. If you are not aware, you can set your Profile page to be visible to "Friends" only to provide a sense of privacy. However, we are ultimately asking that be used as a place to share things that are safe and appropriate for everyone to see and discuss.

We believe this change to the site is an important step toward keeping this a safe community.

Via Veritas Vita!

Allan & Chris
The Miller Brothers

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i totally liked the PMing. because when people can just post on your page then everyone can see what everyone else wrote...

For what it's worth, Rachel, that's exactly why we chose to disable PMing. Because we are a site for kids we cannot have secret conversations. The fact that communication on the site is public keeps those who might seek to harm others from doing so. I know that limits conversations some, but it's a necessary measure we had to take for the good of all. Thanks for understanding and sticking around to contribute to this site's community.

Allan / The Miller Brothers

You don't need to message people when you can comment on their page even easierx)

Join or die, bro<3 


*gasp* I call that SWOG, bro. S.W.O.G. watch the Ryan Higa video entitled Word of the Day: Swog to get what I just said.

I agree... But also disagree. I understand about safety and some may take advantage of Private Messaging but is there not a way you can make a private messaging system where mods can see the messages but not public?? Im not sure how much sense that makes to you... But dont know how to explain better :)

That is a good suggestion, Mydani. The only problem is that this would put an extra load on the Mods to read everyone's private posts. I don't think that would be the wisest use of time. Keeping all conversations public is the best answer we have right now to creating a safe environment for everyone. Thanks for being a part of it!

Wait...the mods read my private posts? Oh, boy, am I getting stalked or something? 

It's not stalking, we're more like FBI agents the follow you to make sure you're safe..or bodyguards;)

Plus, if you really want to private message people, you can always e-mail, in which case the people you're em-mailing you have hopefully NOT just met;)

Yep! We love our "bodyguards". Thanks Mods! (You probably don't hear that enough). The truth is that this site wouldn't be as great as it is without you.


That's fantastic to hear, literally music to my...eyes...? Anyways, It's always great to get that kind of encouragment:) And you guys could never be told enough how awesome and inpspiring you are, for realz. I never wanted to be a writer until I met you guys. Up until then, I just liked doing the reading portion. You also help me out when I'm worried that a Christian homeschooler oculdn't get too far, You guys proved that wrong, and I appreciate it:D

well the rest can apply then;)


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