Last we heared of the Immortals was that they kidnapped Rumor Claythe of the InkRebels.Now the Souls are in a frenzy as they prepare themselves for the search of the lost lightning orb in the Ruins of Kasix. If they can get to it before their rival arrives.
Meanwhile at the Immortals' headquarters, Rumor is being kept chained to the table as the Immortal’s leader prepares an experiment on him. Outside the headquarters in an alleyway, a new team rises to the challenge to join the remaining InkRebels and the Souls, who are trapped in a nameless city to search for the Allister’s Heart. But the heart lies in an abandoned mansion called the Playhouse. This new team must save Rumor, defeat the immortals, and help the Souls plus the InkRebels escape the Playhouse. But why does this new team’s leader look like Rumor? Are they brothers?

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