Hey guys! So yeah... here's another!! *sighs* I'm so naughty... 

Well I started this book a long time ago actually. Before The Felixi even. It was originally going to be like one of those Japanese game anime's and I had an interesting game with disks planned. Unfortunately I never fully created the game and found my talents didn't lie in those kind of story's. Instead I reread it and found I like part of the story and decided to add something different into it other then the game. It's a real work in progress, but I hope to write this well.

This story is based off Japanese culture and I hope to study lots while I'm writing it so if you have anything please feel free to tell me!

This story will be kinda dark, violent aaaannnndd I might add romance, but I kinda doubt it. :P

Lastly you may feel free to comment and give me suggestions, but please don't copy! This is my hard work and you never know if I may one day wish to publish it. 

Thanks you guys for all you support! I'll shut up now so you can read the story. :P


By Mina

Started July 20 2012 (When I really got serious about this story)


The room was completely dark other than a small crack in the curtains where a dark figure stood quietly; watching. It was almost time. She had lived for so long and study and learned too much to stop now. Soon everything she had worked for and deserved would be hers and she could begin to shape her plans. She would savour every moment and allow all the bloodlust and anger inside of her to spill in glorious revenge so she could destroy everything. Then in the ashes she would finally die. Die peacefully. Her lips curled into a cruel smile. Things were going just the way she wanted them to go.

Something began glowing green at her hip underneath her dark cloak. She drew her arm back in and took the item bringing her arm back out her sleeve. She fingered it lovingly and kept it protectively close. The light revealed what you could see of her face. Her black hair and cloak covered almost all of it, but you could tell her skin was deathly white. Even though you could only see her lips you would immediately be able to tell that she wasn’t all there, that her mind was slowly dissolving. She had lived with her anger for too long… far too long.

“Ma’am?” A man asked, opening a door and allowing more light in.

She stuffed the glowing item back into her clothes and its light slowly faded. “Yes?” she asked her voice beautiful and soft.

“I got a call from the leader of your group. He says he should be at the first school tomorrow.” The man informed her.

She sighed taking the item from her cloak again. “He better do as he’s told.” She muttered. She walked to a desk and quickly wrapped the item and a worn book in a velvet blue cloth. “Take it to him.” She ordered. “I want you to watch them and insure they don’t do anything stupid with my things.” She handed the things to the man whispering in his ear as she left the room. “Guard these things with your life.” She hissed.

The man swallowed nervously and pulled them close to his chest. He didn’t dare defy her; she was far too powerful for him.

The woman smirked. This was all or nothing. She hated trusting people, but to complete her plans it was something she simply had to do.




Shuuichi (Shuu)


Ashley (Thx Silver!)

Rin Saleva


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we need more please

I was wondering if you guys would ever ask. ;P 

I apologize if this chapters not that well edited. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 9

Rin looked out her window, her hood down.

There was a knock at the door. “M-Ma’am?” Came a nervous voice.

“Enter.” Rin said with a sigh waiting to see who her new personal assistant would be.

A young woman in her mid-thirty’s entered the room. She looked utterly petrified. No doubt she heard about the last assistant.

Rin’s yellow eyes flashed to the young woman. “Yes?” She hissed, feeling in a particularly bad mood that day.

The woman took a step back and gave a short gasp when she saw Rin’s eyes.

Rin growled slightly turning around and looking back out her window. “I can’t believe those kids got away.” She hissed to herself.

“M-Ma’am?” The young woman asked, feeling confused.

Rin ignored her. “Things are slowly unravelling and I must be careful or I lose touch with all my plans.” She muttered.

“Are you alright?” The young woman asked.

Rin snapped. “No! No, I’m not alright!” She hissed, turning around and facing the woman. She gave off a slightly insane laugh. “Oh how I wish my last assistant was still around. I wish he could have given me every fleshy detail of how those idiots died. They ruined my life when they give that boy those scars! Out of the entire book I gave those idiots only one they couldn’t use and they still did!” She snarled, lashing out and smashing an expensive pot.

The young assistant yelped in fright.

Rin glared at her suddenly feeling murderous. “You’re all idiots.” She snarled.

Suddenly she whipped out a knife from her cloak and pulled back to throw it. A hand caught her arm.

“Oh Rin” A masculine voice whispered into her ear. “You’ve always been such a murderous type.”

Rin’s eyes widened and she dropped the knife letting it clatter on the floor. “Leave” she ordered the terrified assistant who rushed off, not needing to be told. Turning around quickly Rin glared at her attacker. “How dare you come to see me again.” She hissed.

Her attacker was a tall handsome man. He was hidden mostly in the shadows of the dark room and almost impossible to fully make out. He smirked slightly still holding onto her arm. “I thought you’d be glad.” He said softly.

Rin tried to yank her hand away, but he pulled her toward him and kissed her deeply. For a moment she struggled, but then melted into his arms.

When he pulled away she tried her best to glare at him. “I hate you.” She whispered.

He smiled and tipped her chin to kiss her again. “I know.”

Yasahiro was sitting way up in the rafters of the room watching them in secret. It had been a long time since this man had visited Rin. It was always nice when he did. She stayed in a sain mood when she spent time with him. Currently Yasahiro was bored though and wanted to find something entertaining. Course he couldn’t go outside. His scars would bring about far too much attention. He had already been called some monstrous names, but he never showed any of his emotions. He had long ago locked all of those away… He had to… Still he could feel them and they made his chest hurt. Carefully he lifted his shirt and found the wound where that kid had thrown a hunk of wire into. It still stung like crazy, but he had ensured it didn’t go too far. He kept reminding himself that this was all for Rin… he just wished she was back to the way she used to be. Yasahiro lay back against a rafter and stared at a bowl precariously placed on the beam beside him. It was put there because of a drip in the roof which the repair man kept promising to fix. It was filled with water and Yasahiro stared at his reflection. He had bright blonde hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. He was handsome before his scars. A couple dozen diamonds went from one jaw bone to the other all along him chin. It gave off the impression of teeth and even frightened himself. His now emotionless manner also seemed so unnatural to him and he quickly turned away from his reflection. “For Rin” He thought. “This is all for Rin” He convinced himself.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I said waving my hands in front of me to get him to stop. “I’m still super confused here. What is going on?” I asked.

Tatsuya sighed. “I guess I should give you all a little history lesson.” He said getting ready to begin. “Two thousand years ago a young woman named Rin Saleva and a friend of hers found a meteorite.”

“Rin Saleva?!?” I exclaimed, interrupting him.

Tatsuya raised a brow. “Already met her? Huh, didn’t think you would this soon.”

I blinked my jaw hanging.

Tatsuya ignored me and continued. “Anyway this meteorite strangely glowed and curious, her friend touched it. Unfortunately she scraped her hand on part of it and drew blood. Rin’s friend was terribly afraid of blood and began to panic forcing Rin to try and calm her down. Surprisingly with one order her friend stopped her eyes with the same glow as the rock. Rin quickly learned of the power the meteorite possessed and needed to get her hands on it. She fashioned a small dagger from it and destroyed the rest so it could be all hers. The thirst for power consumed her and with study she learned of what scars would be the most helpful to her. While testing she also learned about the marks of the five senses and also of the sixth sense. She had hoped to control them, but they bravely stood against her and she was forced to flee realizing she was no match against them. This is when she learned of her unnatural long life. The dagger’s power kept her alive and it controlled her. When the five senses finally died she tried again working hard to perfect her powers and learn to take control over the group. Each time she failed and many, many years have passed. This time though… I think she’s really learned of a way to control all of you.” He finished.

I was stunned. “W-where do you come in?” I asked.

Tatsuya looked at me seriously. “We came from the very beginning, ready to aid the five senses.” He explained. “Though the exact story of how we came about I can’t remember.”

“Wow.” Ashley murmured. “So our goal is to stop her?”

Tatsuya nodded. “Yes. We’re here to help you master your new powers and teach you some skills. Over the years Rin has gathered many friends and even persuaded one of our own onto her side so we’re really going to need to work you.”

I laughed nervously. “Y-you’re kidding right?”

Tatsuya swivelled over to me. “No.” He said, dead serious.

My eyes widened in fear. “C-can I trade spots or something? I can’t do something like this!” I told him.

“Smack” I received a hard tail across the face. I touched my face, startled from the hit.

 Tatsuya looked enraged. “Only you can do this. You were chosen for this.” He looked me up and down. “Though why you I can’t explain…” He mumbled.

I got to my feet. “Listen,” I said. “This is all utterly ridiculous and even if everything you’re talking about is real I could never follow through with it. I’m wimpy, terrified and a nobody, ok?” I said feeling tears beginning to burn in my eyes. I walked to the door and unlocked it beginning to go out. “I could never be of help.” I said before I slammed the door behind me.

I felt awful and just wanted to find someplace quiet. I locked myself in the bathroom trying to figure things out.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.” Someone said.

I looked up to see Tatsuya sitting on the sink counter and gave a yelp of fright. “How’d…?” I wondered.

Tatsuya ignored my surprise. “The reason you still are a nobody is because you keep running from any chance you get to change that.” He said.

I was stunned; his words hitting me like a brick wall. It was true.

Tatsuya narrowed his eye seriously. “This is your chance and I’m going to make sure you do it.” He said.

I sighed staring at my feet. “I don’t much choice do I?” I asked.

My dragon smirked. “Nope”

I got to my feet. “So… what do we have to do?” I asked him.

Tatsuya crackled his little knuckles. “Ready to get started?” He asked with an evil grin.

Somebody's about to get a beating. :p

lol. can't wait to read more!!!!

Scary little dragon, isn't he? ...

eheheheh.... um yeah... wait until the next chapter. 

Yup. Someone's getting a beating. :p

you betcha.

Can't wait to read about it. :D

okay, that little demon's scaring me now.

I like Tatsuya.

Me to! XD

fun fact: did you know almost all the names in this book are Japanese and most mean something to match them! XD 

Example: Tatsuya means dragon!


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