Hey guys! So yeah... here's another!! *sighs* I'm so naughty... 

Well I started this book a long time ago actually. Before The Felixi even. It was originally going to be like one of those Japanese game anime's and I had an interesting game with disks planned. Unfortunately I never fully created the game and found my talents didn't lie in those kind of story's. Instead I reread it and found I like part of the story and decided to add something different into it other then the game. It's a real work in progress, but I hope to write this well.

This story is based off Japanese culture and I hope to study lots while I'm writing it so if you have anything please feel free to tell me!

This story will be kinda dark, violent aaaannnndd I might add romance, but I kinda doubt it. :P

Lastly you may feel free to comment and give me suggestions, but please don't copy! This is my hard work and you never know if I may one day wish to publish it. 

Thanks you guys for all you support! I'll shut up now so you can read the story. :P


By Mina

Started July 20 2012 (When I really got serious about this story)


The room was completely dark other than a small crack in the curtains where a dark figure stood quietly; watching. It was almost time. She had lived for so long and study and learned too much to stop now. Soon everything she had worked for and deserved would be hers and she could begin to shape her plans. She would savour every moment and allow all the bloodlust and anger inside of her to spill in glorious revenge so she could destroy everything. Then in the ashes she would finally die. Die peacefully. Her lips curled into a cruel smile. Things were going just the way she wanted them to go.

Something began glowing green at her hip underneath her dark cloak. She drew her arm back in and took the item bringing her arm back out her sleeve. She fingered it lovingly and kept it protectively close. The light revealed what you could see of her face. Her black hair and cloak covered almost all of it, but you could tell her skin was deathly white. Even though you could only see her lips you would immediately be able to tell that she wasn’t all there, that her mind was slowly dissolving. She had lived with her anger for too long… far too long.

“Ma’am?” A man asked, opening a door and allowing more light in.

She stuffed the glowing item back into her clothes and its light slowly faded. “Yes?” she asked her voice beautiful and soft.

“I got a call from the leader of your group. He says he should be at the first school tomorrow.” The man informed her.

She sighed taking the item from her cloak again. “He better do as he’s told.” She muttered. She walked to a desk and quickly wrapped the item and a worn book in a velvet blue cloth. “Take it to him.” She ordered. “I want you to watch them and insure they don’t do anything stupid with my things.” She handed the things to the man whispering in his ear as she left the room. “Guard these things with your life.” She hissed.

The man swallowed nervously and pulled them close to his chest. He didn’t dare defy her; she was far too powerful for him.

The woman smirked. This was all or nothing. She hated trusting people, but to complete her plans it was something she simply had to do.




Shuuichi (Shuu)


Ashley (Thx Silver!)

Rin Saleva


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this is awesome!

When you said you wanted to see what I was like upon the inside

I never thought my wrists would be like this

Scars bound around, dripping blood into your mouth.

... T-that's a bit creepy...

Warning: This chapter shows you why I named the book "Scars"

Hmmm the first part of the exciting scene could be better written...

Chapter 2

“Finally” I breathed as the bell rang.

Izumi jumped from his seat with me and we rushed out of the classroom, getting dirty looks from our teacher. Finally, we were free for spring break! Outside we stood by the school for a couple moments. Letting the rest of the classes catch up and enjoying our first few breaths of free, fresh air. Just as the bullies had promised I had got off Scott free from them and I had hidden my last wounds well enough that it was quickly all forgotten.

“What do you want to do for the break Koyo?” Izumi asked me.

I looked thoughtful tapping my bottom lip with a pencil. “Don’t know.” I said. “Think your folks will let me come to the beach with you again?” I asked.

Izumi sighed with a sad smile on his face. We both knew my dad wouldn’t do something like that with me. “I don’t see why not.” He told me.

I felt excited wondering what else the break would hold. My excitement was short lived. Suddenly chaos erupted. About twenty or so moving vans pulled up circling the school. Everyone paused looking around confused. That when the back doors were flung open and massive muscular men jumped out and started running at us. Unsure of what was happening kids started backing up slowly. As soon as the men got close enough they started snatching kids and throwing them over their shoulders. This caused immediate panic and everyone quickly scattered. It was too late though because they had already surrounded us. The chaos of made it easier for them to snatch us up and before we knew it me and Izumi where being chased. The man easily snatched us up and threw us into a van before we even had time to make a sound. The van was full of screaming, crying kids. I couldn’t help but notice that everyone seemed to be about fourteen.  The men left as quickly as possible and I watched from the small dirty back window as the school, then the town completely disappeared from view.

My heart beat wildly in my chest. My mind still hadn’t fully caught up. “What just happened?” I asked myself. One moment things were beginning to seem simple again and the next…

“Koyo?” Izumi yelled above the wailing.

I turned around and after a bit of stumbling around in the dark we managed to find each other. “What do you thinks going to happen to us?” I whispered nervously.

Izumi didn’t answer. He was trembling all over. I had never seen him so scared before. Izumi and I had been friends for years and I knew right away that he was changing. He had always been funny and perky though serious sometimes as well, but now he seemed to be retreating within himself.

The drive was long and windy making even people who didn’t normally get carsick feel nauseous.  Finally we got to our destination and we were dragged out of the vans and into a large, abandoned old castle. Deep within the castle we were put into cages which lined the walls everywhere. Izumi and I had a cage to ourselves and we stayed toward the back, quietly waiting to see what would happen next.

For the first few days they brought in more kids and got us organized while we waited tensely. Soon there were several hundred of us and the men decided they were ready. Two by two they were dragged into a back room where the most awful, blood curdling screams could be heard. Screams that made your heart race with fear and your mind jump to the most terrifying conclusions. Afterward they were taken back to their cages, but they would stay at the back rolled up into tight balls and crying softly. This went on for several days and there was no way me or Izumi could sleep. Even when the men had finished for the night and the dungeon grew quiet, the screams would still echo in our minds.

One day it was the kids next to us turn. I recognized them both as they were drug out.  There was Akina Suzuki, a beautiful blonde haired girl with soft blue eyes and slender build. She was super rich, popular at school and a totally drama queen. “Let go of me!” She shrieked. “You will pay for this! My father will make sure you pay!” She yelled as she was dragged along.

The other was a spunky boy with bright green hair that shot out everywhere and dark green eyes. He was my class troublemaker named Shuuichi Fujii, but we just called him Shuu. He was struggling with all his might and the man who was holding him almost lost his grip. Another came to help and with a good smack over the head the poor boy lost consciousness.

I could hear Akina’s screams clearly from the room and had to put my hands over my ears to try and block them out. Izumi rocked himself back and forth staring at the floor with large frightened eyes. Finally they had finished and threw them both back into their cage. I crawled over to find out what they did to them, but one of the men grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

Izumi seemed to snap back into reality for the first time in days and attacked the man who tried to take him. They both struggled for a few moments, but it only ended up with Izumi pinned down hard on the ground.

“This is a nasty one.” The man muttered under his breath as he managed to lift Izumi over his shoulder.

My friend still struggled until we got into the room which had a couple of regular chairs and a reclinable chair like they had at the dentist. This one though was complete with braces to hold someone down. A fat hairy man wearing an apron covered in dried blood entered the room. He was cleaning a stone knife with a dirty cloth and didn’t look up at us. “Who’s first?” he asked.

Izumi spat. “Neither of us! I don’t know what you plan to do, but you’re going to leave us alone!’ He snarled. This was another new reaction of Izumi’s that I had never seen and I stared at him in surprise.

The man looked up. “Spirited young one, aren’t you?” He asked.

Izumi glared at him darkly.

The fat man smirked evilly. “Well then, let’s change that, shall we?” He pointed to me. “You can watch your little friend go first.”

The guy holding me dragged me forward and into the chair. I struggled hard, sweat starting to bead down my face and my body beginning to shake. “N-no!” I begged, but it came out more as a whimper. They strapped me in tightly into the reclinable chair and the large man sat in a chair beside me. He opened an old book and flipped to a random page.

“Ever got your face painted?” he asked.

I gave a weak, nervous nod.

He smirked holding up the book so I could see. “This’ll be just like that, but more painful and permanent.” He said.

My eyes widened. The book was filled with pictures of faces that had awful markings on them. Most simple, but sickeningly dark. The man picked up the stone knife again. Surprisingly it was stone and incredibly sharp, covered in small intricate designs. Shaking in fear I couldn’t move for a moment, but then my instincts kicked in and I gave off a hopeless scream. Another man had to come and grab me by the hair to hold my head back as I desperately thrashed about. Izumi struggled as well calling my name. The large man set the book down on a table and it instantly flipped a couple pages. He shrugged, deciding to go with it and wasting no more time he dug the awful blade into the skin on my face. He was quick, but careful, making sure he did the markings correctly. The pain was unreal. Something no kid my age should ever have to endure.

Then, as fast as it started it was over and they ripped me off the chair and flung me to the floor. I shakily got to my hands and knees, breathing slow, deep breaths. Blood dripped from my cheeks to the floor and I watched it pool unable to move in any other way. I could hear Izumi struggling as he went next and his screams as they gave him the same treatment. I felt myself being lifted back onto a man shoulders as I was taken back to my cage. I was slowly losing consciousness… I wished I was being beat up again instead… 

....whoa! That was intense! ...oh great I think I'm in one of my strange moods because I liked it...that's not good...

Me: heheheheh I'm kinda in that mood to. 

Koyo: Great. I feel so loved.

Me: Sorry Koyo...

Akina: I insist you put up some pics

Me: hmmm but you guys are hard to find... lemme see...

These ones kinda looks like Koyo

These ones look a lot like Shuuichi


Annnddd I need to look for Izumi....

Izumi: My name seems kinda weird.

Me: I went through a lot, but for some reason I just liked Izumi.

Me: I don't think your name is weird, Izumi.

Sage: I do.

Me: Hey!

Sage: What? I was just speaking my mind.

Me: Well no one asked for your opinion.

Sage: Sheesh what's with you today?

Me: Nothing!

Me: Actually Izumi is one of my favourite characters XD Can't say too much more.

Izumi: In her first version of this story I was called Tezuka

Me: *laughs* Yeah, and Koyo was Meliku or something weird.

Koyo: *sizzles*

Akina: I was Michelle at one point and Keeanna at another.

Me: I really like the name Akina that I finally settled with!

Shuuichi: and I was Kizarkee!! XD


Me: I'm reeeeeaaaaallly glad I changed your name

Shuuichi: *grumbles* I don't see what's wrong with Kizarkee.

oh no.

poor kids...


Me: heheheh sorry guys. I did warn you that this book is rather dark though.

Me:  I'm actually enjoying it.  


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