Hey guys! So yeah... here's another!! *sighs* I'm so naughty... 

Well I started this book a long time ago actually. Before The Felixi even. It was originally going to be like one of those Japanese game anime's and I had an interesting game with disks planned. Unfortunately I never fully created the game and found my talents didn't lie in those kind of story's. Instead I reread it and found I like part of the story and decided to add something different into it other then the game. It's a real work in progress, but I hope to write this well.

This story is based off Japanese culture and I hope to study lots while I'm writing it so if you have anything please feel free to tell me!

This story will be kinda dark, violent aaaannnndd I might add romance, but I kinda doubt it. :P

Lastly you may feel free to comment and give me suggestions, but please don't copy! This is my hard work and you never know if I may one day wish to publish it. 

Thanks you guys for all you support! I'll shut up now so you can read the story. :P


By Mina

Started July 20 2012 (When I really got serious about this story)


The room was completely dark other than a small crack in the curtains where a dark figure stood quietly; watching. It was almost time. She had lived for so long and study and learned too much to stop now. Soon everything she had worked for and deserved would be hers and she could begin to shape her plans. She would savour every moment and allow all the bloodlust and anger inside of her to spill in glorious revenge so she could destroy everything. Then in the ashes she would finally die. Die peacefully. Her lips curled into a cruel smile. Things were going just the way she wanted them to go.

Something began glowing green at her hip underneath her dark cloak. She drew her arm back in and took the item bringing her arm back out her sleeve. She fingered it lovingly and kept it protectively close. The light revealed what you could see of her face. Her black hair and cloak covered almost all of it, but you could tell her skin was deathly white. Even though you could only see her lips you would immediately be able to tell that she wasn’t all there, that her mind was slowly dissolving. She had lived with her anger for too long… far too long.

“Ma’am?” A man asked, opening a door and allowing more light in.

She stuffed the glowing item back into her clothes and its light slowly faded. “Yes?” she asked her voice beautiful and soft.

“I got a call from the leader of your group. He says he should be at the first school tomorrow.” The man informed her.

She sighed taking the item from her cloak again. “He better do as he’s told.” She muttered. She walked to a desk and quickly wrapped the item and a worn book in a velvet blue cloth. “Take it to him.” She ordered. “I want you to watch them and insure they don’t do anything stupid with my things.” She handed the things to the man whispering in his ear as she left the room. “Guard these things with your life.” She hissed.

The man swallowed nervously and pulled them close to his chest. He didn’t dare defy her; she was far too powerful for him.

The woman smirked. This was all or nothing. She hated trusting people, but to complete her plans it was something she simply had to do.




Shuuichi (Shuu)


Ashley (Thx Silver!)

Rin Saleva


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oh good! ^^


Yay. Just discovered this. Me like creepy!

Yay! me glad u like! ^^

Chapter 3

My eyes opened slightly and I stared at the cold bars in front of me. I shut my eyes again wishing that this was all just a bad dream. My cheeks were stinging painfully and after a couple minutes I finally forced myself to sit up and open my eyes again. The room had gone dead silent and I wondered if the men had finished. Izumi was in the far corner with his knees close to his chest and only his tear filled eyes peeking out. I slowly reached a trembling hand and touched my cheek.

“Yours look way cooler than mine.” A voice said, making me jump.

I looked over to see Shuuichi peeking through the small bared window in between our cages. He now had two evenly spaced parallel cuts going down from his bottom lip to his chin and also a stretched diamond shape going across his nose. Both had just recently stopped bleeding and looked painful.

I didn’t know what to say and found myself speechless.

“Oh!” he said. He reached into a pocket and passed me something. “Here, see for yourself.”

I took it and found it was a small slightly chipped mirror. With shaky hands I turned it over and looked into it. The marks on my cheeks were simple. Two diamonds, one for each cheek and each going from under my eye down to my jaw. I swallowed nervously and quickly handed the mirror back to Shuu. “T-thanks” I told him.

Shuu smiled sadly. “No problem.”

We remained quiet a bit longer before I broke the silence. “Why are they doing this to us?” I asked knowing it was a question that was weighting on everyone’s minds.

Shuu looked down at his feet. “I don’t know…” he murmured. “What is the point of giving kids pointless scars? ... Maybe to change them?” He asked motioning his head toward Izumi.

I looked over to my friend again and noticed his eyes no longer held tears, but neither did they hold the same life that they used to. They looked darker and it frightened me.

Shuu reached through the bars and put a hand on my shoulder. “It’s the same with Akina.” He whispered.

I turned and looked past Shuu where Akina sat. She lay against the wall with her legs partially bent. She looked broken and even her dramatic spirit seemed to have died. Normally right now she would be screaming at someone insisting they let her out or give her something. She was spoiled and popular so the way she was acting surprised me. But as I studied her mark I wondered if that had to do with anything. After all it wasn’t exactly a fashion statement. Her mark began as two parallel lines coming down from her right eye that abruptly turned right then went down again then left and down again finishing off at her jaw. This created a sort of half square and inside of that was a small diamond.

Her sad eyes flickered to me. “What do you want?” She said spat.

“S-sorry” I stuttered backing up.

Shuu looked at Akina then back at me. “Are you seriously scared of her?” He asked with a raised brow.

I flushed a deep red. “N-no” I lied. It seemed that even a baby could intimidate me if they wanted to.

“Koyo.” A dark voice said behind me.

I shivered and turned around to see Izumi looking up at me from behind his knees. “Leave Koyo alone” He hissed darkly.

Shuu blinked in surprise. “S-sorry I was just joking.” He said.

Izumi’s eyes seemed far redder then I remembered. I used to joke about the red tinged in his brown eyes, but this time they really did look red. They flickered back to me. “How are you feeling?” He asked his voice softening slightly.

I sat beside my friend. “Fine enough, but what about you?” I asked feeling concerned.

Izumi sighed and let his legs slid down from his face showing me his scars. From the front it looked like two triangles on the corner of his jaw, but when he turned his neck slightly I noticed that it too was a stretched diamond that went all the way around his neck and to his cheeks.

I gave a small gasp realizing just how painful his must be. “Why do all of ours have to do with diamonds?” I wondered.

Izumi’s eyes flickered to the floor. “I’ll be fine.” He murmured.

I leaned against the wall squeezing my eyes shut. “Why?” I asked myself. “Why?”

* * * * * *

The next days were much of the same. Quiet… dreary. It was a time of healing for everyone and the only excitement was mealtimes where the kids would quickly scrabble to the bars and beg for food. Shuu and I became fast friends and after a bit Akina warmed up to us as well. We talked quietly and slowly got to know each other. If there was anything good about what was happening to us it was that I was finally making more friends. I also started understanding this new Izumi and I managed to soften him slightly. He was still dark though, dark and serious, always serious.

After about a week I started wondering if they were just going to let us rot in the cages, but they came. It was like the nightmare started all over again. The men came back dragging kids two by two to the small room where their blood curdling screams kept us all awake. I wished we could back to the quiet days. Finally it was Shuu and Akina’s turn, but this time Shuu was ready. He was extremely quick and within moments had taken down the first man in front of him. It turned out he had some martial art training and really knew his stuff. Unfortunately his training didn’t prepare him for so many attackers and he was soon pinned. I watched with my heart sinking as he was dragged away along with Akina. Both struggled terrified for what was to come.

I covered my ears again when I heard their screams and I felt Izumi’s gentle hand on my back. It seemed like forever before they quieted down again and they were dragged back into their cages. I was about to go check on them, but quickly remembered what would happened next and shrunk back into the corner. The cage door opened and a man came in to grab us.

I looked over to Izumi, but only saw his red eyes flash as he rushed at his attacker. The man tried to dodge, but Izumi anticipated it sending a powerful kick into the man’s stomach. I watched with shock and awe as the man smashed into the bars and instantly slumped to the floor unconscious.

More men entered the cage, but stopped in their tracks when they saw Izumi. Izumi stood defiantly glaring at anyone who got to close. His eyes were dark and he stood in a position the showed he was not afraid.

One of the men chuckled slightly. “Funny how some change from the trauma.” He muttered.

Izumi moved into a position to attack, but before he could make his move there was a loud gunshot and with pained widened eyes he collapsed.

“Izumi!!” I screamed as I rushed over to my friend.

“He’s not dead.” A man said, standing over us. “I hit him with a…” He hesitated a moment. “Special gun”

 I glared at him intensely, but seeing no other way out allowed them to led me back to the room. Izumi was unconscious and they did him first.

Tattoos. My father had plenty of them and from a young age I right away despised them, yet there and then they were giving us tattoos. I watched fearfully as they outlined Izumi’s scars with black then filled in between with a crimson red. Happy with the work they took out my still unconscious friend and with some struggling they got me into the chair. The pain was still awful though not as bad as it was with the knife, but I still struggled and screamed wanting it to be over. When I was yanked out of the chair I found myself tired and light headed. My face stung like crazy again and I watched as everything once again grew dark.

Lovely...it makes me hate tattoos even more. XP

Me: ... I still kinda want one...

Koyo: *sighs* Oh Mina *shakes head*

Me: Izumi is so awesome! X)

Koyo: I hate it when he starts to change...

Izumi: ... 

Me: I like his darker personality actually.

Me: I'm never going to get a tattoo. You're going to have it for the rest of your life and after a while something that's cool, becomes let cool as you get older and before you know it you will hate the tattoo you have. Plus they hurt...a lot. My sister's friend got on and said that if she knew it was going to hurt that badly, she probably wouldn't have gotten it. 

Me: I know I know.... I still want a small one on my ankle though...

Me: Well I don't. Never going to get one in my life and I'm proud of it.

Sage: *mumbles something*

Me: You don't have one.

Sage: Yes I do. Remember? *points to chest*

Me: Oh...right, your guild's mark...I forgot.

Zeth: I'm glad that The Crelt don't have a mark that they put on people...

Shuuichi: Hey Mina you need to draw pics of our scars sometime.

Me: Hmm your right.... to bad I'm not very good.

Izumi: Well if they can tell what your doing.

Me: *draws and shows pic to Izumi* like this?

Izumi: .... Thats horrible...

Shuuichi: Is that a face or a cow being shot?

Me: *sob* 

Me: Lol, I'm horrible at drawing too so I don't even try. You have no idea how long it took me to come up with what Sage's 'mark' looked like...oh, and in the story I just said that it was a black mark and didn't go into any detail, but I changed that...hmm, I should probably put the description on Aerien.


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