Hey guys! So yeah... here's another!! *sighs* I'm so naughty... 

Well I started this book a long time ago actually. Before The Felixi even. It was originally going to be like one of those Japanese game anime's and I had an interesting game with disks planned. Unfortunately I never fully created the game and found my talents didn't lie in those kind of story's. Instead I reread it and found I like part of the story and decided to add something different into it other then the game. It's a real work in progress, but I hope to write this well.

This story is based off Japanese culture and I hope to study lots while I'm writing it so if you have anything please feel free to tell me!

This story will be kinda dark, violent aaaannnndd I might add romance, but I kinda doubt it. :P

Lastly you may feel free to comment and give me suggestions, but please don't copy! This is my hard work and you never know if I may one day wish to publish it. 

Thanks you guys for all you support! I'll shut up now so you can read the story. :P


By Mina

Started July 20 2012 (When I really got serious about this story)


The room was completely dark other than a small crack in the curtains where a dark figure stood quietly; watching. It was almost time. She had lived for so long and study and learned too much to stop now. Soon everything she had worked for and deserved would be hers and she could begin to shape her plans. She would savour every moment and allow all the bloodlust and anger inside of her to spill in glorious revenge so she could destroy everything. Then in the ashes she would finally die. Die peacefully. Her lips curled into a cruel smile. Things were going just the way she wanted them to go.

Something began glowing green at her hip underneath her dark cloak. She drew her arm back in and took the item bringing her arm back out her sleeve. She fingered it lovingly and kept it protectively close. The light revealed what you could see of her face. Her black hair and cloak covered almost all of it, but you could tell her skin was deathly white. Even though you could only see her lips you would immediately be able to tell that she wasn’t all there, that her mind was slowly dissolving. She had lived with her anger for too long… far too long.

“Ma’am?” A man asked, opening a door and allowing more light in.

She stuffed the glowing item back into her clothes and its light slowly faded. “Yes?” she asked her voice beautiful and soft.

“I got a call from the leader of your group. He says he should be at the first school tomorrow.” The man informed her.

She sighed taking the item from her cloak again. “He better do as he’s told.” She muttered. She walked to a desk and quickly wrapped the item and a worn book in a velvet blue cloth. “Take it to him.” She ordered. “I want you to watch them and insure they don’t do anything stupid with my things.” She handed the things to the man whispering in his ear as she left the room. “Guard these things with your life.” She hissed.

The man swallowed nervously and pulled them close to his chest. He didn’t dare defy her; she was far too powerful for him.

The woman smirked. This was all or nothing. She hated trusting people, but to complete her plans it was something she simply had to do.




Shuuichi (Shuu)


Ashley (Thx Silver!)

Rin Saleva


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Yes! *fist pump*

Yeah, first chapter down. :p I'll have to read the rest later
I caught up.

Sweet! What do you think?

Best word I come up with is interesting. :p I'll be reading more.

*Phew* This is a long one! Its epic too! XD

Chapter 8

I flopped into my swivel chair and everyone found comfy spots to sit.

“Where’s this book?” Ashley demanded. “I want to see if it’s real.”

I slid over to my bookshelf and ran my fingers over the books as I scanned for the correct one. Finally spotting it I took it out and passed it to Ashley. She flipped it open, excitedly looking through. “This is it!” She squealed.

Shuu peeked over her shoulder and suddenly snatched it from her hands. “Look! These are my scars!” He exclaimed excitedly. He skimmed through the page quickly. “And the bearer of the scars will command “Awaken”.” He muttered as he read through.

There was a loud bang and a cloud of smoke filled the room. We coughed and I opened the window so we all could breath. “Everyone ok?” I asked in between coughs.

Shuu yelped in surprise and the smoke cleared. There, sitting on his knee was a small lizard. It was about two feet in height while standing and a bright green color. Little spikes came all down its back and one from the tip of its nose. Most surprising about it was its blue eyes and scars that matched Shuu’s perfectly. It was a small dragon.

“Nice to finally meet’cha” He said to Shuu.

Shuu looked shocked. “I-it can talk and look at its marks!” He said.

The small dragon rolled his eyes. “First off I’m not an it. My name is Ryuji. Second, duh I can talk what do you think I am? Some kind of animal? And lastly, I have your marks because I’m your dragon.” He explained as if it were obvious.

Ashley even looked surprised about all this and Shuu was speechless.

The dragon sighed jumping off Shuu’s knee. “In case you didn’t know kid, you happen to be one of the five senses. Smell to be exact. I’m your new tutor so you better learn fast otherwise I’ll have to beat everything into you.” He said.

Shuu blinked. “Wait… you’re a dragon?” He asked.

Ryuji sighed in annoyance pinching the bridge of his nose. “Great. I’m stuck with the slow one.” He muttered.

Akina suddenly picked up the book and flipped through. “I wonder if I get one too!” She said excitedly. Finding her page she loudly said. “Awaken.”

Another bang and more smoke. My dad knocked on my door. “Everything ok in there?” He asked.

“Fine!” I answered trying not to sound like I was choking on smoke. “It’s nothing.”

As the smoke cleared another dragon stood in front of Akina. This time it was about three feet tall when on all fours and about five or six feet in length. It was bright pink and every scale was studded with a small jewel. In fact it had a lot of jewels even on its large wings, jewels instead of spikes and horns and one large dark pink diamond on its forehead. Lastly it also had Akina’s marks.

Its large bright blue eyes flickered open. “Hello.” She said. Her voice was melodious and beautiful.

Akina still looked surprised. “S-so you my dragon?” She asked curiously.

The dragon chuckled. “Yes, I am Tama and you are the sense of sound.” She said.

Akina looked excited and I watched as with these few words an instant bond had grown between them. Shuu wasn’t having as much luck with Ryuji as he was indeed beating everything into him.

“What kinda stupid name is Shuuichi?” Ryuji demanded.

Shuu managed to pull Ryuji off of him and held him out at arm’s length. “It’s not stupid!” He insisted.  “What about you? Claiming to be a dragon, but you have no wings!” He threw back.

Ryuji looked steaming mad and they continued to fight.

I was still totally shocked by everything and trying to translate. Ashley gently stooped down and picked up the book carefully fingering through the pages. There was an excited smile on her face and I could tell she had waited a long time to do this. Finding her page she called in a strong clear voice. “Awaken!”

Yet another bang and more smoke.

“What are you doing in there?” My dad demanded.

I felt flustered. “Ah! Um… studying… for, um… science!” I said. “I-I’ll clean up afterward.”

I heard him sigh and leave and I let out a breath. Turning around I saw Ashley already talking to her dragon. The dragon was long, like a snake and a dark purple color. Its wings were close to its body and almost seemed to meld in. As with the others its eyes were the same as Ashley’s, but this time you could see the scars she had been trying to hide. It composed of three diamonds that went across her eye. Two smaller ones crossed with each other and the larger one sat on top.

The dragon wrapped itself around Ashley in a snakish fashion and purred. “Ahhhh Ashley, it’s been awhile.” it said in a soft snakish voice.

I blinked. “You’ve already met?” I asked.

Ashley blushed. “I’ll have to tell you everything later.” She promised me.

The dragon smiled slightly at me. “I am Mikana.” She said.

I blushed realizing how rude I was being. “N-nice to meet you” I said.

I realized Izumi was looking at the book quietly, apparently having found his page.

“Go ahead.” I encouraged him.

Izumi looked slightly embarrassed but still commanded. “Awaken”

There was a bang and smoke, but this time it seemed darker… and more menacing. The smoke really began to choke us and I winced and coughed as it burned my throat.

I heard Ryuji mutter, “He just had to be awakened.” sarcastically under his breath.

My dad turned the knob to find my door locked. “Why is it so smoky?” He demanded. “Are you all right in there?” He asked.

Quickly I rushed to keep the door closed. “Really! Stop worrying.” I insisted. Wishing he would go back to leaving me alone like he used to.

My father’s voice sounded angry. “You’re not smoking in there are you?”

“No!” I told him. “I promise. It’s just an experiment.”

My father finally gave up and left allowing me to breath. (Well cough) I turned around and watched as the dark smoke settled.

The dragon standing there nearly made me scream. It was as black as charcoal and its red eyes glinted menacingly. The scars didn’t help and neither did its size which easily made it the biggest. It had sharp scales that each had a bit of a metallic glint to it and wings that were like razors.

“Who wakened me?” It snarled.

Izumi didn’t look as surprised as I thought he would be. Instead he was cool and calm. “I did.” He said simply. “I’m guessing you’re my dragon and if I can calculate properly I would be the sense of taste.”

The dragon chuckled deeply. “Perhaps you will do.” He said. “But you did calculate partially wrong. You are not only of taste but speech as well.”

Izumi looked confused. “There is no speech in the five senses.” He informed the dragon.

The dragon smirked. “There is now. You are an exception.” He studied Izumi carefully. “I’ll have to work you hard, but I can manage.” He muttered. “My name is Nakago.”

Izumi nodded politely and introduced himself. Neither seemed extremely pleased that they’d be stuck together, but they didn’t want to be left out either.

Finally things quieted down and everyone looked at me expectantly. I flushed trying to figure out why. Finally it hit me; I was the only one who hadn’t got a dragon.

Shuu looked especially excited. “Go on.” He encouraged.

With shaky hands I picked up the book and opened it. Lifting my finger to flip the page I pulled back suddenly when the pages began flipping on their own. It stopped on a two page spread of my scars. The pages seemed so much more grand then any of the others and had some history which I wanted to read, but everyone was feeling very impatient and I didn’t want to disappoint. Swallowing I said in a clear voice. “Awaken.”

There was no bang this time but steam poured out of the books and filled the room. I coughed and began taking deep breaths. I heard something shake itself off. The steam cleared and a very tiny blue dragon was sitting in front of me.

I blinked, not quite sure how to react.

The dragon… isn’t something you’d call amazing. It was by far the smallest and it looked scrawny and wimpy to. But there was something different about it. It was the way its intense purple eyes bore into me. Not filled with hatred or anything, but determination and bravery, wisdom and valor… everything I had dreamed of to become.

“So we meet.” It said, its voice way to grown for its body.

I studied its diamond scars just under its eyes. Yep, it was my dragon. “H-hi” was all I could manage.

The small dragon smirked. “I’m Tatsuya.” It introduced itself. “Trust me. When I’m finished with you, you’re going to wish you were never born.” It said.

I shivered, instantly feeling terrified by this tiny creature.

Tatsuya began to laugh. “You’re worse than the last sixths sense!” It said. “Man you’re easy to scare.”

I flushed a deep red, but found no great comeback to save my bacon.

Tatsuya wiped a tear from his eye and composed himself. “You ready?” he asked.

“Ready?” I asked.

Tatsuya’s eyes flashed. “To truly become the sixth sense” He said.

I could only find pics for Mikana & Tama so far. :P

Jeez, that's long! Imagine trying to read that and watch the Muppets at the same time. :p
Cool chapter!

Hahaha! I wrote a longer chapter for one of my other books the other day. :P


Me: Coooool!

Sage: Oh great...now she's going to go crazy about dragons. It's been a while sense she's done that...

Perhaps for next weeks theme...

I LOVE dragons! XD They`re epic! 


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