I finished reading The Lost Books series by Ted Dekker a while ago, and I was really sad it was over.  So, I decided to make a story based off his series!  (No pirating intended.)


Journal entry #1

To whoever may be reading, I hope you have good intentions.  This is the 6th journal I've owned, because I've filled up the other 5 since I learned to write. 

First, a little about myself.  My name is Loni last name is unknown to me.  I'm a... unique... being, living with others who are not quite so unique, therefor I must hide what makes me  ' unnatural ' by comparison. 

As far as I know, I'm a only child and an orphan, but don't feel sorry for me, because how can you miss something you've never seen or known?  I've lived alone all my life, (and I prefer to keep it that way,) learning the hard way how to do things right.

I am currently attending high school for ' those less fortunate,' a fancy term for poor people.  I'm a senior, and I am 99 days away from graduation.  I have a job as a waitress, so I can cover the cost of school, food, and other necessities.

Now that that's finished, I will begin to tell you of my day.....

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I couldn't hold on any more.  With a large gasp, air bubbles basically flew out of my mouth, floating up to the surface.  Water instantly worked its way in my mouth, down my throat, and into my lungs.  Pain flared up instantly, and I began to sink.  Choking on water, I instinctively gasped again, but that only flooded my lungs more.  My vision blurred, then slowly darkened.

Suddenly, the pain stopped.  My vision cleared, but something even more important slowly dawned on me: I wasn't dead!  More than a little surprised, I floated in the water for a moment, using my arms and legs to stay in one place.  My brain was still trying to register that I was alive.  

Then an impossible thought occurred: was I actually breathing water?  I took a slow, deep breath, resisting the urge to gag.  I felt the water wash over my lungs, but there was no pain.  I exhaled slowly, breathing out the water as normally as someone would with air.  How was this happening?  This wasn't possible!


"Elyon?"  I asked, my voice distorted and almost warped.

I am here.  A voice said.

I spun around, looking high and low, but I couldn't see anybody.  "Is it really you?"  I asked.

A gentle laugh surrounded me.  Welcome home, Loni, my precious daughter.  Elyon said.

His words sank into my very soul, exposing every hidden scar.  Without warning all the emotions, the anger, loneliness, and sadness that I held down for all those years, surfaced with his words.  Bursting into tears, I curled up in a tight ball and felt myself sink slowly until I hit sand.

Words began to surface from my past.  Worthless.  Pathetic.  A freak.  Loser.  A nobody who could never be loved.  They weren’t new words.  I had been hearing them all of my life.  But then, suddenly, new words filled my mind; ones I had never heard.  Beautiful.  A princess.  Loved by Elyon, the Almighty God, who will never let his precious child go.

I continued to cry until my tears were spent.  Taking a few deep breaths, I pushed myself up slowly until I was kneeling on the sand.  Suddenly I felt a strange warmth spread through my body.  The feeling was unlike anything I’ve ever felt, and in that moment I realized one single truth: I would never be alone again.

Something like a shockwave passed by me, or rather through me, and my heart stopped beating for a moment.  Then the strangest of things happened: pleasure and pure joy sank deep into my heart, causing me to laugh.  Tears of joy made my vision blurry, and for the first time in forever, I felt loved. 


Josh shot out of the water, breathing hard from the effort of all that swimming.  Wiping water from his eyes, he looked around for a moment.  A full moon cast its pale light onto the water, and stars dotted the midnight sky.  It was too dark to see anything else.

Dark?  Josh thought.  But…didn’t I just see sunlight a little while ago?

Suddenly Josh noticed that Loni hadn’t surfaced with him.  For a moment he wasn’t worried, but then half a minute passed, and still no sign of her.  Taking a short breath, he went back underwater and forced his eyes open.

His eyes stung for a moment, but then his vision cleared up.  Looking around, he was shocked to find no sign of her.  Had the freak drowned?  Going back to the surface, he took a deeper breath this time and dove down further.  Again he was met with the same result: empty water.

How is this possible?!  He thought.  She was right behind me!

Surfacing again, Josh sighed.  There was nothing he could do now.  Trying to find her in the dark would take too long, then he would drown.  If either of them had to survive, it might as well be him.

Suddenly Josh felt sand press against his feet.  Apparently he wasn’t that far from shore after all.  Since it was still too dark, he felt his way through using the height of the sand as a guide.  After what felt like forever, he finally collapsed on the beach.

Great, I found the shore, he thought.  Now I just have to figure out where I am. 

Something bumped against his foot.  Sitting up, he saw Loni’s backpack.  To his surprise, something from the inside unzipped the top, and a giant, fuzzy white bat hopped out!  Josh could only stare in complete shock as the bat hopped up the shore, shaking water droplets from its wings.

Then the bat looked up at him, green eyes glimmering.  “We seem to be missing someone,” it said.

Josh, realizing his jaw was hanging open, quickly closed it and tried to speak, but no words came out.  But then some commotion from the river stole his would-be thunder.


I shot up through the water with a gasp, my mind still swimming with everything that happened.  I quickly crawled out of the river onto the sandy shore on my hands and knees, then vomited water.  Tons of water.  More water than seemed possible.

When my lungs were finally flushed out, my stomach felt weak from all the heaving.  Coughing hard, I wiped my newly blonde hair out of my face and looked up.  A thoroughly disgusted Josh sat on the sand a few feet away from me, and Gabil stood by my backpack.

A moment of silence kept us all frozen.  Then, I spoke what was on all of our minds.

“Well.”  I said, coughing one last time.  “That happened.”

You're traveling
through another dimension, a dimension not only of
sight and sound but of
mind. A journey into a
wondrous land whose
boundaries are that of
imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your
next stop, the Dekker Zone...

But seriously, this is good stuff.


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