This page is to note any similarities and possible inspirations from Star Wars to Codebearers.

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Why do you hate star wars?

because i do. its probably because my dad made me watch one of the movies when i was seven years old.

it crushed my happy little world. my favorite character got cut in half, then burned.

Aww, sorry. I saw SW when I was five-ish.
I LOVE SW!!! It rox!!!

Here is one thing that I have noticed: Venator - Vader. Soud a bit similar? Definitely the Veritas Sword/lightsaber similarity.

Hey, lordoftheringsgirl. Here's what I say about you watching star wars. Your dad probably shouln't have had you watch episode three first. Try watching four, five, and six. Those ones are some of my favorites and the most tame of the six. Then go for one and two. Skip three.

Actually, Venator means "Hunter" in Latin. However, if you look at Caleb's life, you'll see that it closely resemble's Vader's.

Hey! Check out what I had figured out the other day: Codebearers and Xin = Jedi and Sith. Both of them are based the same doctrines. Codebearers and Xin are both based on the Author's Writ. Jedi and Sith both use the Force and lightsabers.

Wow! I never knew that! I think you're right about the Caleb-Anakin/Vader connnection.


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