Oh yeah! It's back. Think of interesting ways to steal the cookie from one another

No Killing!!! Or anything gory and horrible...use normal 9 year old PG rules



CANNOT EAT COOKIE! If yo do, we have to perform open stomach surgery to retrieve it

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in the middle of your transpotation, i grab the cookie and disguise it as a normal cookkie that no one is wanting!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i eat some nutter butters Mmmmmmmmm......... :)
I take the cookie while you are eating.
I finally find your fortress and leave you in thee electric chair, and steal the cookie as you crisp.
I made a really cheap cookie detector and found it. It also zaps you.  I'm a nice guy arrn't I? 
i use a chainsaw and cut your arm of takeing the cookie
I take the cookie
i find you, take the cookie and throw you into a porcillan tub of acid. And if you do get (in case of emergency) i planted a bomb in the building to explode in 30 SECONDS!
Sorry, but it had to be done. You will become feathery ribbons and i will laugh.

i throw a brick at your had then beat you to death with the brick.




PS: i take the cookie

It trip the llama you are on and get the cookie.
i pretend to trip and you take the fake cookie and run off with the real cookie
I take the real cookie and run.


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