Hello my name is Faye,
I will now say a little bit about my self.
I am 13, 14 on (August 27) and tall for my age, my favorite thing about my self is my red hair only sometimes it can be a bit of a curse. for instance apperantly there is a national kick a ginger day so a few days ago someone walked up to me and kicked me, it was not a pleasant experiance :(
I have three pets a mentaly disturbed leopard Gecko named mimi, and two darling cats named Tabitha and Bagheera ( yes like the panther in jungle book)
My favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribean ,Lord of the rings, Titanic, Harry potter, jungle book percy jackson and the lightning theif, and I also love the tv show The Vampire Diaries I am also a big fan of the starwars movies. not the ones with Luke but the ones with Anikin.
My favorite books are Hunter Brown, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Atemis Fowl, The Hunger Games, and any books in general.
my hobbies include soccer, ( I am actually on a team with AmaraTanith) drawing, painting, poetry, and shopping! I also love acting and i do as much modeling as i can, I love being active and ggetting outdoors
One of my bad habbits is not capitalising names when I wright and my spelling is also terrible.
My celebrity crush is ( I know its cliche but...) Harry styles from one direction, and also Ian somerhalder from the vampire diaries.
my favorite place in the world is my room it is so peacful and its a place were i can be alone.
I was homeschooled for 6 years so i did two years in school and then homeschooled for 5 years but this year i am going back to school.
I also love anything to do with an adventure!
Luv Faye :)

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Cool, it's nice to meet ya:) 

that's cool

I have a really important question to ask you, Faye. It will choose the path of our future friendship forever. Be prepared.

Do you like Red Velvet Cake?
Hmmm that is a very seriouse question. The answer is .... I do like red velvet cake but only a little bit or else it gets to be a bit to much for me.
I know, almost to serious. So does that mean I can put you down on the 'I like red velvet cake' list?
Yup u most definatly can:)
Yay! High five! *holds hand up for high five*
-gives high five bck-
Sooo... You like RPGing?
I don't even know what is but I have heard of it before. Can u tell me what it is?
RPG= Role Playing Game.
Your a character and you do whatever the plot is in the RPG, for example, the plot could be just being at school, then your character would be going to school and interacting with other peoples characters. It's kinda like writing a book but with other people I guess. I how that explains it enough, I'm usually terrible at explaining things:P
Thank you for the explanation ! And in answer to your previous question it dose sound like something I would like to do


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