I am to lazy to get into one of your random discussions so i am starting my own, for those of you who are somewhat new i am IMPY! i have been around for a long time and enjoy videogames and music :D

...So start talking...

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I refuse to speak to you!!




Hey bro, how's it going?

Nnoooo!  Don't give into the temptation!


Because it's evil!  I'll prove it!

Or you could get people to post on your page?

Sometimes making a thread is just more fun.

And people tend to notice it more than your page...people like us anyway...

Yeah i never seem to check my wall :P simpler to just do this!


And threads are cool!

So..., How has the site been when i was gone? Have you keep it feed everyday and what not?

Yes, of course! Fed it doggy treats, etc. :P


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