The game is simple. Think up awkward moments and stick them onto that sentence! Then start the next sentence!


That awkward moment when your cell phone rings in the middle of a church service and everybody looks at you.

That awkward moment when...

^That's how you do it! Have fun!

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you start cleaning your room and you can't really do anything without touching your sisters' stuff so you just sit there waiting for them.

That awkward moment when

you get banned from a website. That awkward moment when

Youre like ''mom?"but by the time you get her attention you forgot what you were gonna say.

You got to give someone a high five and they just walk past you, leaving you just standing there with your hand in the air and a goofy smile on your face.

That awkward moment when.....

You accidentally hurt your pet and they run away, and you're just chasing them like "I'M SORRY!  I LOVE YOUUU!"

That awkward moment when...

You call a new friend the wrong name, then the person whose name you just said hears and walks over and you gotta explain what happened. (true story).

That awkward moment when....

you're playing halo with your siblings. You hit the start button so you can see the firefox browser you left up and check codebearers then just as you hit the halo icon to go beck to your game Cypher freaking blows you up!!!!!!

That awkward moment when

you realize that her name is Dora because explorer in spanish is exploradora. O_0

That awkward moment when....

When you make sense of what you just posted.


You think you MIGHT have just been insulted by the last post.


Someone you don't remember comes up and hugs you but you don't know who they are so you just think their some random creep


You go to do something and you go the exact opposite way.

That awkward moment when...


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