Ta-da! Another book of mine! XD By the omnibus title I hope your already curious. This is a book based off my series the Title Series. I can't tell you too much about it, but I sure hope you like it! 

Warning: My writing seems to be getting dark as I get older... so I suppose I should rate this PG-13 just to be safe. It'll probably have gore and maybe a touch of romance, but I haven't planned any out so far.

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this please, this is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-

The End of the World

By Mina

Started November 7 2012

Characters: (Spoiler alert)



Kern: (different Kern from The Life of a Writer)




Raxil: (He would look a bit younger. :P) I have a lot of pics for him. X)

He: (behind the door :P)

Main Characters:




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Chapter 1

Running through the forest with the wind dancing on their faces were two boys. One was taller, older and darker the other younger and softer. They both shared the same bright green eyes and brown colored hair, though the older one had slightly darker hair. Both of them looked to be about fifteen or sixteen years of age, but they each already had their share of deep scars. Not small scars like the tiny scratches they were getting from the passing branches, but horribly inflicted battle scars. They may have been young, but they saw more than any teen on earth would ever see. They were watching a world end.

The eldest of the boys suddenly came to a stop holding out an arm to stop the other. They remained deathly silent for a moment and the eldest eyes flickered all around. The younger crouched down and slowly began to meld into the forest floor. The eldest didn’t apparently find this strange and waited patiently. Suddenly a deer rushed past and the forest floor leapt up and attacked it. Vines wound themselves around it and seemed to gobble it up.

The eldest pumped his fist. “Yes” He whispered excitedly. He made it over to the lump in the forest floor and found a good hole where he stuck his hand in. His hand began to glow and the forest quickly filled with the scent of cooked deer.

The vines and other assorted plants pulled away and slowly turned back into the boy. “We’ll be eating well tonight!” The younger said.

The older boy’s hand stopped glowing. “Nice catch Tam” He said.

Tam carefully cut off a chuck of deer meat with his knife and tested it. “Cook to perfection Kris!” He said.

Kris smirked. “Of course” He said. “When do I ever burn it?”

Tam stuck out his tongue. “Like all the time?” He said.

Kris’s hand began glowing again and he pretended he was going to poke Tam. Tam yelped in pretend fear, laughing. They spent a couple enjoyable moments resting together until Kris froze from another sound.

Tam noticed the fearful look in Kris’s eyes. “What is it?” He whispered softly.

Kris closed his eyes and listened carefully, the wind blew his dark hair out of his face. His eyes suddenly flashed open. “Run” He whispered.

Tam didn’t hesitate a second and they both dashed up a hill and hid behind a rock. Slowly the peeked out towards their meal and watched as two people rushed out of the forest. They didn’t get a chance to study them because they quickly hid and didn’t dare move or breath. The color fled their faces and they were filled with terror.

The two figures argued a bit their voices slow and stupid. Finally they left without noticing the two. Kris peeked around the rock and let out a sigh. “Gone” He said softly.

Tam held his legs close to his chest and shook with fear unable to move. Tears ran down his face and he looked straight ahead.

Kris still felt his heart pounding, but he put a comforting hand on Tam’s shoulder. The two of them had seen far too much to do with those… those creatures. 

Just when Tam was finally beginning to relax one peeked over the rock. “Why hello” It whispered in a raspy voice.

Kris’s instincts took over and he leapt to his feet grabbing Tam’s arm and dragging him up the hill. Tam was unresponsive with shock and Kris did his best to make it up as fast as possible. The creatures would take a while to figure things out anyway. When they did though… Kris and Tam would be dead within minutes.  Sweat beaded down Kris’s forehead and he began warming up his hand making it glow hotter and hotter. He was nearly at the top of the hill when he felt a boot slam him in the back sending him flying to the ground.

Tam screamed and tried to scramble to his feet, but one of the two use lightning speed to stop him and he put a foot on his head to keep him from moving. Tam looked terrified more tears running down his face. “K-Kris” He whispered.

Kris rolled over to look up at his attacker. It was once a teenaged boy like him, but now mostly deformed and basically brainless. It drooled slightly looking eager to take a chunk out of him. Kris wasn’t going down easy though and he smashed his fist into its leg.  The boy howled in pain and stared at his leg in shock. Well what was left of it. Kris’s burning hand had actually burned almost all of it away. With his chance Kris rolled out of the way and leapt at the other with anger burning in his eyes. He plunged his hand right through its stomach. Without wasting a second more he grabbed Tam and got away as fast as he could. Another leapt down in front of them and Kris found himself shaking with anger. He threw Tam rather roughly to the side and allowed himself to let loose. His entire body began glowing until he was nothing but a human figure of lava. His sweater burned away leaving his fire proof shirt and pants which for a moment he was very glad he had. With a roar he smashed himself into the creature burning it up into nothing only letting it get one loud shriek. The other two were coming back now, they had healed themselves. “Tam” Kris hissed. “We’ve got to move”

Tam shakily got to his feet knowing Kris wouldn’t be able to touch him for several minutes until he could fully cool down. Both boys raced up the hill and around the side. “Here!” Tam said diving into a cave.

“Lovely” Kris hissed. “Trap ourselves so we’re easier to catch” He muttered quickly going after him.

Tam’s eyes widened when he realized the cave didn’t go very far. “T-this can’t be it!” He shivered running to the back wall.

Kris started glowing again getting ready for the last two to come.

“Kris!” Tam said in between his teeth.

The other two were coming around the corner so Kris ignored Tam and prepared himself. Suddenly he was yanked back and straight for the back wall. To his surprise he passed right through it and landed safely in another larger cave.

Tam bit his tongue in pain and held his burnt hand. He knew Kris was going to be mad that he’d got himself burned again, but he when he found the secret to the cave he just had to get Kris back.

The two creatures argued for quite some time outside of the cave, but decided to move on.

Kris breathed out a sigh of relief and looked back to Tam. “I’m sorry about your hand” He whispered. “I told you not to touch me after I do a full body heat up.”

Tam winced and nodded slightly. Carefully he turned one of his hands into a leaf meant for burns. He chewed some of it up and turned his hand back to normal applying the leaf.

Kris made his hand glow so they could properly see the cave and he gasped softly when he saw what was all around them. Hundreds upon hundreds of ancient scrolls!

Tam gently picked one up. “These date all the way back like a thousand years” He said softly. “Back in the days of the Peacekeeper”

Kris watched as Tam opened it up. “What does it say?” he whispered, unable to read.

Tam squinted and did the best he could not being very well taught. “I-I think it’s a prophecy… written by Athia Willows!” He said excitedly. “It talks about the worlds end…”

Kris’s face fell. “Now…” he said softly.

Tam traced with his finger as he mumbled and went through the page. “It also talks about… the Light one.” He said.

Kris looked curious “I thought that was just a children’s tale.” He said.

Tam read aloud fumbling as he went. “W-W-when three, enter the city, beeeeeloow, and find where, he sleeps, the Light one shall… shall, a-awaken and all evil … will finally be destroyed.”

Kris looked up Tam “You think that could be soon?” He asked hopefully.

Tam shrugged. “Gotta wait for the three” He said.



Ooh, I have an important question:
Does this book contain spoilers of The Title Series?
I was reading them, but then I got lost and confused and decided to just start over when I have some extra time.

Erm, yes. I think so... I would suggest reading the others first.

I tried to rewrite the first book... but I just couldn't get myself into the mood. :P So I decided to write this one instead.

Ok. Thanks.


Well no, but you'll learn more later.

hmmm. I wonder who the light one is.

The background picture for this video reminded me of Raxil.

Oh yeah! Not bad. 

I agree cant wait for more!

Ta-da! I made a collage of Raxil's group! X)

You really should make Ephesian a ninja in the story...XD


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