Ta-da! Another book of mine! XD By the omnibus title I hope your already curious. This is a book based off my series the Title Series. I can't tell you too much about it, but I sure hope you like it! 

Warning: My writing seems to be getting dark as I get older... so I suppose I should rate this PG-13 just to be safe. It'll probably have gore and maybe a touch of romance, but I haven't planned any out so far.

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this please, this is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-

The End of the World

By Mina

Started November 7 2012

Characters: (Spoiler alert)



Kern: (different Kern from The Life of a Writer)




Raxil: (He would look a bit younger. :P) I have a lot of pics for him. X)

He: (behind the door :P)

Main Characters:




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No I still can't view it.... :(

I'll find it on Google then give you link from there

Oh I love it!!! So awesome!! That actually might even work for Kris!!

That's what I was thinking

Gomen!!! High school is almost over and my life is absolutely insane. One minute I'm studying for finals, next I'm working out future education, then I'm trying to figure out how being an English teacher in Japan is possibly going to work and of course to add to the chaos I have to find a job... Writing is nearly impossible T.T 

I have had a chance to write for one of my classes though. A short story! ^^ It's going to be published as a finishing touch to the class! I miss all of your support for my writing so please enjoy the short story! http://www.codebearers.com/profiles/blogs/published

Are you writing this anymore?

Sadly... no. I may have finished high school, but my work has only begun. I've started collage now and I'm trying to get a job. Finding time to write is difficult. When I do get the chance though I work on my other book which I'm much more serious about writing. This one was just for fun and practice. Gotta admit. I'll miss this one though.

Maybe I'll rewrite it one day.


It's all right, life took over and you don't have much free time but I will be hoping and waiting patiently for the rewrite :) Good luck with Life and I hope you find a job.

Thank you! I promise to keep writing though! Maybe I'll be able to publish my books one day ;)

Aww I really wish you would continue this one. I liked it. Oh and I hope you find a job. You should check out my book when get a chance.

I got so darn stuck on this book XP

Oh? You have a book going? What's it called?


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