The Fairoze: Revenge of the Nightmare Crew (book 2)

    Last we heared of the Immortals was that they kidnapped Rumor Claythe of the InkRebels.Now the Souls are in a frenzy as they prepare themselves for the search of the lost lightning orb in the Ruins of Kasix. If they can get to it before their rival arrives.
    Meanwhile at the Immortals' headquarters, Rumor is being kept chained to the table as the Immortal’s leader prepares an experiment on him. Outside the headquarters in an alleyway, a new team rises to the challenge to join the remaining InkRebels and the Souls, who are trapped in a nameless city to search for the Allister’s Heart. But the heart lies in an abandoned mansion called the Playhouse. This new team must save Rumor, defeat the immortals, and help the Souls plus the InkRebels escape the Playhouse. But why does this new team’s leader look like Rumor? Are they brothers? 

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Chapter 1: Reaper Claythe (Part 1)

Reaper stood on a balcony of an abandoned building when he felt his brother’s presence.
It was in a different location, but Reaper knew it was his brother Rumor.
Gunner Syx watched his captain from the shadows with his electric emerald green eyes.
Sighing, Gunner pushed his black hair with silver highlights away from his sweaty face
Suddenly Reaper felt another presence that was all evil slammed into him like a brick wall.
He went flying backward luckily into the arms of Gunner, who was ready.
“Leader!” Gunner exclaimed as he caught Reaper before falling to the ground.
Gunner quickly checked his leader for injuries before offering his hand.
Reaper took Gunner’s hand to be pulled to his feet.
”You okay leader?” Gunner asked, looking concerned.
Reaper held up a note:
’Yeah I’m okay, thanks Gunner.’
“That’s a relief...I called rest of the team they’re gonna join us soon,” offered Gunner
Reaper nodded just as another note appeared:
Let’s get moving then Gunner.’ 
Soon an ink puddle started taking shape under their feet.
Then they were sucked in, with the ink puddle going back to Reaper.
Both Reaper and Gunner landed in an alleyway not far from the abandoned apartment building they were in.
”Well well, look what the cat dragged in,” said a voice at the alleyway entrance.
Reaper looked at the alleyway entrance where five guys stood under the light of a lamppost.
Gunner saw what Reaper was seeing as the five guys slowly surrounds them.
”Now who I may ask are you too?” asked the guy in the middle.
Reaper’s eyes flashed red when a note appears in his hands:
’I am Reaper Claythe leader of the InkGhosts ’

Cool!! Lol I should not read this till I have read your first book :)

Yeah the first book done I’m just rewriting book 2 :)

(Part 2)

[Kasix City - abandoned office building]

Jess stood in front of a wall with floor to ceiling glass windows that show the city layout.

He was glaring at nothing in particular til his shiny red laptop started ringing for a video chat.

Jess smiled before going to the table and sitting down in one of the old computer chairs that haven’t rotted yet.

His teammates were on another computer trying to help him find a new hideout.

”Zephyr Cross long time no see,” greeted Jess when he answered the video chat.

The boy on the laptop screen had black hair shot through with red highlights, was wearing a navy blue baseball cap.

Been a long time hasn’t it Jess Z'ev,” greeted Zephyr from the video screen.

“Yes it has, but I’m curious bout why your contacting me,” wondered Jess. 

“I was gonna to ask you if me and my friends could join your team,” replied Zephyr as the shadow of the baseball cap cover his red eyes eyes.

”Do I know these other two friends of yours Zephyr?” Jess asked just as his mismatch eyes glowed menacingly.

I believe you remember Glitch Syxe correct?”  Zephyr wondered signaling a teen to come up to the screen.

”Of course I remember Glitch the Glitcher,”greeted Jess with a nod to the teen on the laptop.

The teen smiled showing off his blue green eyes with his different shades of blue hair, but the teen was glitching like he was bout to disappear.

Miss me Jess?” Glitch greeted with a wicked grin,his face quietly glitching.

You bet Glitch old Zephyr...who’s the last person?” Jess asking with Zeith plus Keayn on either side of him to see the screen.

You’ll love this...come forward Rhys,”instructed Zephyr waving the last person forward.

Rhys Clsythx the mimicker....oh this just perfect,”laughed Jess his plan almost ready to begin.

The teen, who was in shadows laughed with Jess follow by everyone else.

(Part 3)

[outside the Immortals hideout]

”Five against two...I like these odds,” Mike said whipping out a switchblade.

”Hey leave our leader alone!” exclaimed a voice from atop a building.

”You finally showed up eh Steele?” Gunner asked from his position.

Steele wearing dark blue jeans and a dark grey shirt,ran a hand through his copper colored hair shot through with gold plus sliver highlights before jumping off the building.

He landed in a crouch, his scythe already in his hands.

”Who are you?” demanded one of the guys holding two daggers at the ready.

”Steele Hxye,”greeted Steele his scythe resting on his shoulder, his cool grey eyes flashed briefly.

”Uh...oh,”mumbled one guy who started backing away.

”But who are you may I ask?” Steele wondered his scythe lazily aimed at the guy going backwards.

”I-I’m C-Chase,”stammered Chase his back up against the building.

Reaper turned towards Steele with a note forming in his hand: 

Where’s the others Steele?’

Steele gulped but quickly replied,” They were with me leader I swear it.”

Reaper’s eyes flashed red as another note appeared:

Take Gunner with you and find them Steele.’

“Yes leader..Gunner let’s go!” Steele instructed his feet quickly leading him out the alleyway.

”You got this leader?” Gunner asked just before dashing off after Steele.

Reaper nodded his head, hands at the ready with Ink Stars.

Chase threw his switchblade just as Reaper threw his Ink Stars.

Switchblade landed in Reaper’s arm before clattering to the ground on the other side.

Reaper smiled, his Ink Exchange is already working without him even realizing it.

Chase stood frozen up against the wall, the Ink Stars struck the wall all around him.

(Part 4)

[Kasix City - abandoned office building]

”So Zephyr maybe you can help me,” offered Jesse to Zephyr on the computer screen.

”Sure if you let join your team,” suggested Zephyr.

”Was gonna ask you to join my team if you help me first,” Jesse says looking smug.

”Sure what do you need help with?” Glitch asked while his body glitched in and out.

 “Looking for a new perfect hideout but Zeith plus Keayn couldn’t find any,” Jesse explained.

“Think I know a perfect place,” offered Rhys grinning wickedly.

”Oh yeah that place would be perfect....Jesse let’s meet up someplace,” Zephyr first talked to Rhys before looking back at the screen at Jesse.

“Let’s meet at the club ‘Black Out’,”says Jesse then sees Zephyr nodded his head in agreement.

Then he ended the video before closing his laptop.

”Zeith, Keayn let’s get going,” ordered Jesse while putting his laptop in his case.

”Ready leader!” his teammates replied in unison.

All three of them headed out of the old office building then started making their way to their destination.

[Kasix City - abandoned apartment building]

Zephyr ended the video before pulling out his cellphone then calling a number on speed dial.

”Who are calling Zephyr?” Rhys asked.

”A realtor who might have info on that place u suggested,” Zephyr replied just as woman’s voice answered.

”Mrs Lacey speaking of Kasix Realtors how may I help you?”

”Hi Mrs Lacey I’m calling on behalf of Jesse Z’ev,” started Zephyr.

”Yes?” urged Mrs Lacey.

”And was wondering if you have any more old houses that are for sale,” finished Zephyr.

”Let me see....I have about four houses that are sill for sale..would you like me to meet you somewhere?” Mrs Lacey wondered.

”You are welcome to meet us at the club ‘Black Out’ “, Zephyr says while heading out the door.

The others quickly hurried after him.

(Part 5)

[outside Immortals hideout]

Reaper quickly took out the rest of Chase’s friends before stepping into an ink puddle on the side of an old factory.

Pretty soon his whole team joined in the large empty room, except for what looks to be patient operation chair with somebody strapped to it.

”Hey leader is that your brother?” asked a teen with bubblegum pink hair plus sky blue highlights and electric green eyes, pointing to a person strapped onto the chair.

Rumor laid on the chair looking deathly white, all of his colors....gone.

Reaper held up a note that read:

’Your right Never that is my brother Rumor.’

Reaper flanked by his teammates, rushed to Rumor’s side to get him free.

Reaper held up another note that said:

’Gunner, Stryker, and Ghost....guard us I sense something coming.’

Gunner nodded before taking up position infront of the chair while Ghost took the left side follow by Stryker on the right.

At that exact moment somebody was walking towards them, but luckily passed by the doorway without looking.

Reaper summoned a Ink puddle before taking his brother into his arms, a note floated to his teammates that read:

You guys are in charge of protecting me and my brother from anything that comes at us.’

His teammates nodded just when Near, Never’s look a like twin brother, pointed to a wooden box on a table by the chair.

”Want me to grab that box leader? It might be important,” he asked.

Reaper nodded his head and Near grabbed the box then jumped into the puddle.

Never went next, then Reaper, followed by the rest of the team.

[forest - outside Achates Academy]

All of the InkGhosts tumbled out of the ink puddle, where they landed in the middle of a dense forest.

But a school of some sort could be seen in the distance.

Never helped Reaper to his feet as Near took Rumor into his arms.

”Looks like we need to head in the direction of that school in the distance,” said Ghost.

Reaper held up one last note that read:

The sooner we get to that school the better.’

His teammates all nodded in agreement, then they all started walking to Achates Academy.

Chapter 2: PlayHouse


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