Okay this is a whole new story idea I came up with that is kinda like my Elemental Leader series but isn't. is the prolouge-

             A hundred years ago a group known as the Souls protected a crystal flower called: Fairoze. But another group known as the Immortals took the stone right under their noses. But soon the Fairoze crumbled to dust from the Immortals wicked energy wavelengths to one another.The Immortals raged with anger while the Souls were soon disbanded as they all headed off to their normal lives in saddness.            A hundred years later the Fairoze returns to the shrine to be use once more.Now in the city of Rakel at the Achates Academy,students will all be tested to see who can lead the lost group: the Souls.When new student Avichayil Rinas arrives on the scene....things seem to shift.Meanwhile the Immortals are also reforming just as another group starts to appear from out of nowhere.Who is this mysterious group? What is their intention? And why does the leader of it have an eye for Avichayil? But will the Souls be formed in time to save the Fairoze? Or will the Immortals grab it again?

story sign:  the Fairoze Characters-

Avichayil Rinas Rumor Claythe Goodfellow Lalit

Luthais Kalil Kasmira Mari Jathniel Endlin

  Lisette Eny Japhet Aaron

  Emere Sissel


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Woa....sounds awesome! Do I have a character based on Jashen in this story too?

yep Japhet Aaron is kinda like Jashen


I'm almost done with the first part

Japhet is a girl, right?

no hes a guy

oh yea, there he is!

Chapter 1: New Student (Part 1)


             "Hey Goodfellow wait up!"yelled a voice.A boy with pink hair and stellar cobalt blue and wearing the academy's uniform turned to the sound of the voice."Oh morning Japhet,"replied Goodfellow noticing his purple hair friend.Japhet glared his blue-violet eyes at him while panting hard from the running he did."Come on buddy at least your not late,"said Goodfellow while moving over to his friend's side and patting him on the back."Just so you know I had a reason for running,"snapped Japhet straightening up then swatting away Goodfellow's hand."Oh yeah? Whats that?"lightly mocked Goodfellow."Ahh......I got nothing,"sighed Japhet in defeat."Haha its okay buddy,"said Goodfellow placing an arm around Japhet."So Goodfellow you heard we might be getting a new student today?"wondered Japhet as he and Goodfellow headed up the front steps of the academy."No I haven't but since you told me...I can't wait,"replied Goodfellow smiling at his friend.Just as they stepped into the academy,a red car with tinted windows pulled up to it.

Cannot wait for more!!!!!

i'll post more later...need to give brain a rest

i see.

(Part 2)


         The back door on the left side of the red car opened as a girl with long flowing black hair and grey eyes that held tiny specks of purple in em.Then the passenger window rolled down revealing the girl's mom and dad."Have a good time my dear,"says her mom tucking a piece of black hair behind her ear."I know mom and I will,"protested the girl while setting her cross over bookpak over her head."Okay Avicayil just be careful alright?"asked her dad."Of you guys,"said Avichayil bending down to look at both of her parents.Avichayil's mom patted her hand while smiling up at her daughter."We love you too sweetie,"she said. Avichayil smiled and stepped back onto the sidewalk.Her parents waved to her before pulling away then heading into town.Running a hand through her soft black hair,Avichayil turned around to stare at the largeness of Achates Academy.The hole back of the building was all red brick while the front was painted in a light frosted cream color.Stunned to pieces,Avichayil headed up the steps to the open door entryway when an unknown breeze brought a folded up note beside her.Curious,Avichayil picked it up then unfolded it to read- 'Let the games begin....Are you ready?'

crowd with me in it: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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