I want to restart this rpg you are welcome to rejoin and keep your old characters or make new ones. I think I'm gonna start where we left off in the old one on my other account. Let me know if this is a goid idea or bad idea.

(Good guys):

Avichayli- me
Zoron- Zhadow
Kamira- Bladebearer

Rumor- Me
Story- Bladebearer

(Bad guys):

Cassiel- Me

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Emere sat on a bench in the garden area wearing a pretty outfit. She waited for Zoron to join her as she watch the night sky above her.

Zoron, dressed in a white dress shirt, light grey vest and jacket armed with a powder blue bowtie fashioned around his neck, silently sat down next to Emere. He looked up at the glistening stars. "I've always liked the stars." Zoron turned to face Emere. "But I've found you to be more beautiful."

"And I find you very handsome tonight," agreed Emere scoiting closer to Zoron to rest her head on his shoulder. Soon the moon came out, shining softly down on them.

Zoron rested his head on Emere's looking up at the night sky. "You know what sucks?" he asked Emere.

"What sucks Zoron?" Emere asked afraid of moving her head from under him to soon.

"That we have to go inside soon." Zoron pulled his pocket watch out.

"Well i guess i'll have too bring you to my favorite spot," Emere said as she got up then tugged Zoron lightly back into the academy. Then started climbing several flights of stairs.

"Where exactly is this spot of yours, Em?" Zoron held onto Emere's hand as they went up the stairs.

Instead of answering, Emere pushed a door open that led onto a balconie overlooking the garden. "What you think?" She asked.

Zoron walked out onto the balcony, taking in the view. "Its really nice up here."

"I know right?" Emere asked as she joined Zoron."Are you ready for the ball?"

Zoron smiled. "More or less." He turned to face Emere. "What about you?"


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