I want to restart this rpg you are welcome to rejoin and keep your old characters or make new ones. I think I'm gonna start where we left off in the old one on my other account. Let me know if this is a goid idea or bad idea.

(Good guys):

Avichayli- me
Zoron- Zhadow
Kamira- Bladebearer

Rumor- Me
Story- Bladebearer

(Bad guys):

Cassiel- Me

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"You are too,"agreed Emere relaxing in Zoron's arms.

For the next few minutes, Zoron didn't say anything. He just enjoyed the moment.

So...what food did you bring?"wondered Emere.

"A little bit of everything from the ball." Zoron held up the bag of food. Inside each food was separated by plastic containers. "Bon appétit."

Emere giggled then sat up to get the food set up. "Looks mighty delicious Zor."

"I know one of the dishes is." Zoron layed out the containers on the blanket. "Took a bite out of it cause I wasn't sure what it was."

" what is what?" She curiously wondered.

"You have mashed potatoes here." Zoron held up a container. "Sweet and sour chicken over there." This went on for a little while long till Zoron had listed the contents of every container.

Emere stared she didn't know where to start at.

"Lots of choices." Zoron looked at all the food before them.

gotta go. I start my six hours of driving tomorrow and I want to be rested :P

Emere just nodded her head still staring.

(Alright later)

Zoron pilled some food onto a plate and handed it Emere. "Everything here is pretty good."


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