I want to restart this rpg you are welcome to rejoin and keep your old characters or make new ones. I think I'm gonna start where we left off in the old one on my other account. Let me know if this is a goid idea or bad idea.

(Good guys):

Avichayli- me
Zoron- Zhadow
Kamira- Bladebearer

Rumor- Me
Story- Bladebearer

(Bad guys):

Cassiel- Me

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Emere tried some then nodded. "Your right Zoron."

Zoron took a bite out of the mashed potatoes he had put on his plate. "Yummy yum yum."

Emere giggled as she took a bite of sweet potatoes. "Yummy yummy yum," she said.

Zoron had been hungry for a bit and was now diving into the food.

Emere got more food then paused to get a metal canteen out with two cups. "I made some strawberry lemonade want some Zoron?" She asked.

Zoron licked his lips. "That sounds tasty."

Emere poured a cup and gave it to Zoron then poured herself some. "And I got dessert too."

"You're too awesome." Zoron took a sip of the strawberry lemonade.

"Aww shucks." Emere blushed pink. "How is it though?"

"Really good." Zoron finished his glass. "Ah."

do they have phones? I'm not sure when this rpg is taking place

(Lets just say its the day of the ten rose dance but i don't think they have phones)

Emere smiled as she poured Zoron some more drink. She dranked hers before pouring some more in her cup.

i meant like time period


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