A hundred years ago a group known as the Souls protected a crystal flower called the Fairoze. But another group called the Immortals stole the Fairoze for their own twisted plans. That didn't help as the Fairoze was shatter to dust thanks to the Immortals' wicked wavelengths to oneanother. Now the Souls are disbanded,living their lives in sadness while Immortals rage in madness.
     Now a hundred years later the Fairoze is back and the Souls are ready to be reformed with the new student- Avichayil Rinas at the Achates Academy. Thee Immortals also reform just as another group called the InkRebels appears from outta nowhere,ready to help the Souls protect the Fairoze. So which side are you on- The Souls or the Immortals'?

 Okay here you choose a group: Souls,Immortals or InkRebels.

You may make a character for each team if you wish too.

Now for the profile part:

Age: (13-18)

My characters:

Avichayil Rinas:



group:leader of the Souls

power: Note Star

bio:is determine to protect the Fairoze at any cost from the Immortals.




Rumor Claythe



group:leader of the InkRebels

bio:was found locked in chains on a wall in an old academy in the middle of the forest.But was saved by his InkRebel teammates.

power:speaks through notes and thoughts,uses ink to teleport plus summons his weapons.




Cassiel Zero



group:leader of the Immortals

power:MistDestroyer-(can destroy the person from inside their minds)

bio:a decendent from the original Immortals.He will do whatever he can to destroy the Souls with help from his teammates.



Seprath/Sephron Haex
gender: male
group leader of the MirrorKnights
bio: unknown for now

Hecate Riras
gender: male
group leader of the Shield
bio: All he knows is that half of his heart has been formed into a small mirror where his reflection can speak to him.

Name: Goodfellow Lalit

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Group: Souls
Power: Unknown
Weapon: His sword Trickster
Bio: He is the last of his family with Trickster powers. But he is willing to risk his life to protect Avi and the Fairoze at any cost.

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Cassiel formed into mist and attacked Avi, who activated her star shield to protect herself.

Emere felt something and looked at Zoron. "I think someone is in trouble Zoron,"she said.

"Oh I wouldn't doubt that." Zoron replied. "Lead the way."

Emere ran down a hallway seeing Avi defending herself up ahead. "Up ahead Zoron!" She said pointing.

Zoron activated his blade trying to figure out when was best to strike.

Avi suddenly blacked out when Cassiel went into her, her body starting to collapse to the ground.

Zoron rushed to Avi to try to keep her from hitting the ground.

Avi fell into Zoron's Arms in a heap.
Wynter stealthy snuck in, froze Rumor then quickly left with the Ink Prince..

Zoron held Avi in his arms. "Avi? Come on Avi wake up."

^^sounds morbid as heck lol

Goodfellow fought off the Immortals. "Zoron get Avi out of here,"he said as the InkRebels joined in the fight.

Zoron nodded. He made sure to have Avi in a comfortable transportation position before looking over to Emere. "Don't die."

Emerge kissed Zoron on the cheek. "Just take care of our captain Zoron,"she said before hitting the Immortals with her hard ice balls to distract them.


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