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Guardians Unite

Since the beginning of Time, there have been 5 Guardians of this world. Each capable of wielding one of the elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Emotions. The power is handed down from one generation to the next. Each power would choose whomever the power thought worthy to wield it. Usually, each Guardian would choose a protégé who would take up the power after the Guardian’s Life Force left this world. That was until Nigel changed that.

Nigel was chosen as a protégé; however, his want for power became his downfall. When the time came to bestow the powers, none chose Nigel. The 5th power, his power, went off into the world to choose its own wielder. Nigel was so enraged that he swore vengeance on the Guardians and joined their strongest enemy: The League of Shadows, a force even older than the Guardians. The Shadow Lords are ageless since the dark energy practically removes any humanity the wielder may have. Leaving behind  an immortal evil force.  There is always only two in the League: a Shadow Lord and his Accessory. Since then, the Powers would be released into the world when the time of bestowment came. Each power would land upon his chosen one, leaving a mark for the other older Guardians to find.

However, it has been nearly centuries since new Guardians have been chosen. Only one Guardian remains………

Rina walked the halls of the Sanctuary. Alone. She had for years now. Yet, each time felt like the first time. Nearly a century before, five warriors occupied this alcove. Now, she was the last, and even her time was coming to an end. She could feel her power and her life force fading. She gazed down at her palm. No one else could see the mark of a Guardian. Only she and those called could. The mark of a large open eye barely glowed where once the eye bore deep into her soul with its purest light. She knew it was time to choose the next guardians. She would have to send out the powers. Soon. With the fading life force, she felt a stronger sense of evil coming.

However, at the same time, another knew that her time was coming to end. Nigel had been waiting patiently in the shadows. He also gazed into his mark: a spiral of darkest light. New Guardians were coming. He grinned devilishly. Time to choose his Accessory, and he knew just who it would be.

Name: Rina Squall

Age: unknown

Power: Emotions

Personality: Friendly, Caring, Is only strict when needs to be

Bio: Rina has been Guardian of Emotion for her whole life. She’s watched her friends, the other Guardians, leave this world behind. She has been nervous to send out the powers because of Nigel. However, she knows her time is short, and the powers need new hosts.


Name: Nigel Tarot

Age: ageless

Power: Shadows

Personality: Unpredictable. His power has made him bipolar. He can go from perfect angel to perfect devil.

Bio: Since the Guardian Powers found him unfit to be a holder, he became the last Shadow Lord’s Accessory. Now, Nigel waits to make one of the new Guardians his own Accessory. And he knows which one that will be: the holder of Emotion.



See Bladebearer's page for more info. Thank you.


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(Pulling a knife on another student is definitely a bit much. You can be suspended for bringing a knife to school. Threatening someone with it would get you expelled.)

ooook....sorry I don't really know anything about public school.....deleting now!

Azami cringed when she saw who her locker partner was. Stacy Jones, the middle school's former "Queen Bee", and instigator of most of the unsavory rumors circulating about Azami. She waited on the other side of the hallway until the blonde had finished filling their shared locker with mirrors, make up, spare purses, a few extra tops, and pictures of male celebrities whom Azami knew nothing about. After Stacy left, on the arm of her latest boyfriend, Azami approached the locker, and managed to cram a few textbooks into the locker before she heard the tardy bell ring. Inwardly cursing Stacy for making her late to her first class, she hurried to Advanced American Literature, and slipped into class as quietly as she could, trying to ignore the fierce glare of the teacher as she took a seat in the back of the room.

Nice! I likey!

Jacob had just sat down when his step mom walked into his recording room. "You're supposed to be at school. You agreed to be there the last two marking periods." Jacob glared at her before leaving the room pushing past her. He grabbed his book bag from his room, grabbed his skate board and headed out the door to the local high school. By the time Jacob arrived, the first period was almost over.


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