Has any one besides me read the hunger games

books by Suzanne Collins ?





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i am reading them too

i am on book 3

i finished #1 & #2 2 days ago! i loved them! :D

I read book one about a week or two before the movie came out and saw the movie at a midnight showing. I really like book one and am obsessed with getting book 2. I borrowed book 1 from my cousin then went and got my own copy.


I like the art work but not fomiliar with the lines in the first pic. What book is that from?


That was a good song by Taylor Swift. I will have to remember that one when I have some money to spend in iTunes. But I still like Safe and Sound better. Anyone esle know that one?

I haz all books.

I read all three of them, and they are pretty good.


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