So I'm testing out a new kind of writing for me and find it quite fun!

Hope you enjoy it!


Kern. (The green in his hair would be red)

Ranaveer (He'd look older)

Haven (with blue eyes)

Teaser (one of those back things)

This is my story that is almost true. 

When I get sucked up into one of my books I learn a writer hold a lot more power then I thought. It seems everyone wants me to tweak the book just a little bit in their favour and I quickly learn that if I want allies I'm going to have a tough time finding them.

Hope you enjoy it! I can't promise that I know what I'm doing though XP

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It does? I wrote this soooo long ago...

Me: Well usually the bad guys want to kill one of the good guys. That's all Sage was saying.

Ah, *winks* of course.

...I just realized... I have no clue where this story is going...

I'm usually that way too. 

What part of it sounded familiar?

The part were they're talking about sending assassins to kill Ranaveer.

That reminds me of what I had planned 0o0! Tanky!

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Oh, and btw, GREAT JOB MINA! I love it! :) Keep it up!


Silver just wandering have you ever read 'The Circle Series' by Ted Dekker?



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