Hey everyone!

This is the second book after The Felixi! I've also written an RPG and a third book.

I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as the first, but I'm going to warn you. It's going to be quite different.

They're may be blood or gruesome scenes so I wouldn't recommend it for younger kids. Also there's some romance for those of you who are "allergic" to it. 

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this either please. This is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-


She sat there, in her rocking chair, her face toward the window. Her long gray hair was braided then put into a tight bun atop her head.  She smiled slightly showing her wrinkles, proving she had been alive for many years. Children ran around her yard laughing and playing, they were so happy on this side of the world. She couldn’t help but to think of all the other children on the world though, the ones that weren’t as lucky and living in the peaceful country. Her eyes were white and cloudy from being blind for so long. She closed them and saw the war ridden side of the world. People young and old, using their powers to kill each other. She opened her eyes and wiped them with a dainty cloth and stood. The others had arrived not too long ago, the last one was ready. She needed to call him home.

Characters: (Spoiler Alert!)

Darson/Felixson/Sacha (Age around 18)

Yes he does have purple in his hair and trust me it's natural! He'd still have bright green eyes though. (My brother says he looks weird in this picture, but I like it! *pouts*)

Athia Willows! She'd look older of course. (Thank you Zhadow!!!)

Newton! Doesn't he look different?! (17)

Rea (I like this pic of her waaay better then the other)

Zak (He looks so mature!)

Christine (Talk about older!)

Miya (Whoo! I love this pic of Miya! No gun though XP)

Nathan!!! I like all of these!

(Thx Nghome)

Dago! I mostly like these pictures... maybe one day I'll draw him...

Adamina (she was creepy in the first book... and even more so in the second)

King Elias

Peter (green eyes, thx Zhadow)


Josh (Satar's Character)


Roman (Bladeangels Character)

Zack (neon green eyes) (Silvermoons Character)

Yin (Starseekers character)

Clayton (Knight Riders Character)

Jason (Zhadows character)

Aliyah (Knight Riders Character)

Leo (James Character) (I just love this pic!!!)

Gumdrop (*gasp* shes all grown up -^-^-)

Tim (Hmmm was he.... in here...? *smirks*)

Sky (I tried to find another one, but I just love this pic of Sky!)

Aaron (I've never done a pic of him before!)

Oranges (James Dragon character) 






How to pronounce some words

Felixson: f E lix son

Sacha: sa ch a

Kiareen: K I (like the name) r E n

If you have any more please tell me!

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Are you planning on putting it on here?

Yep! ^~^ I'm creating an all new prologue now and hope to post it 2night!


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