Hey everyone!

This is the second book after The Felixi! I've also written an RPG and a third book.

I hope you'll enjoy this one as much as the first, but I'm going to warn you. It's going to be quite different.

They're may be blood or gruesome scenes so I wouldn't recommend it for younger kids. Also there's some romance for those of you who are "allergic" to it. 

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this either please. This is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-


She sat there, in her rocking chair, her face toward the window. Her long gray hair was braided then put into a tight bun atop her head.  She smiled slightly showing her wrinkles, proving she had been alive for many years. Children ran around her yard laughing and playing, they were so happy on this side of the world. She couldn’t help but to think of all the other children on the world though, the ones that weren’t as lucky and living in the peaceful country. Her eyes were white and cloudy from being blind for so long. She closed them and saw the war ridden side of the world. People young and old, using their powers to kill each other. She opened her eyes and wiped them with a dainty cloth and stood. The others had arrived not too long ago, the last one was ready. She needed to call him home.

Characters: (Spoiler Alert!)

Darson/Felixson/Sacha (Age around 18)

Yes he does have purple in his hair and trust me it's natural! He'd still have bright green eyes though. (My brother says he looks weird in this picture, but I like it! *pouts*)

Athia Willows! She'd look older of course. (Thank you Zhadow!!!)

Newton! Doesn't he look different?! (17)

Rea (I like this pic of her waaay better then the other)

Zak (He looks so mature!)

Christine (Talk about older!)

Miya (Whoo! I love this pic of Miya! No gun though XP)

Nathan!!! I like all of these!

(Thx Nghome)

Dago! I mostly like these pictures... maybe one day I'll draw him...

Adamina (she was creepy in the first book... and even more so in the second)

King Elias

Peter (green eyes, thx Zhadow)


Josh (Satar's Character)


Roman (Bladeangels Character)

Zack (neon green eyes) (Silvermoons Character)

Yin (Starseekers character)

Clayton (Knight Riders Character)

Jason (Zhadows character)

Aliyah (Knight Riders Character)

Leo (James Character) (I just love this pic!!!)

Gumdrop (*gasp* shes all grown up -^-^-)

Tim (Hmmm was he.... in here...? *smirks*)

Sky (I tried to find another one, but I just love this pic of Sky!)

Aaron (I've never done a pic of him before!)

Oranges (James Dragon character) 






How to pronounce some words

Felixson: f E lix son

Sacha: sa ch a

Kiareen: K I (like the name) r E n

If you have any more please tell me!

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Heh heh heh, it was fun adding them in! ^^

:) All the people in the RPG are now in the book :) Except Reshen (I think that's how you spell his name) (He was mean acting like Peter but I had a feeling you were going to do that)

His name is Rethen (so close ;) )

I'm actually thinking about making a short story about him, because he's kinda interesting.

soooo I know i usually say "Oh no this chapter is going to be scary!" You guys read it and are like. "really mina?" so I'll just say this chapter is kinda gory, but the next is quite gory... actually I think its the most blood I've ever written... which isn't much... especially if you compare it to Silvermoons books! (which are awesome)

Chapter 31: Fight for Life

As me and Peter fought I noticed something moving near our feet. Suddenly the ground opened up and Mind crushers leapt out of it at us. Me and Peter were separated and forced to run further away. We finally stopped leaning against a wall, breathing hard. Peter’s device crackled. “Full retreat! I repeat full retreat!” Gashik ordered. “They’re coming up out of the ground everywhere!”

Peter looked to me. “Right, let’s get out of here.”

We got up to leave, but we quickly learned we were totally surrounded on all sides by mind crushers with bows. “Got em” One hissed into a headset.

“Shoot.” Peter muttered.

“Drop your weapons.” The mind crusher ordered.

Peter let his fall with a clatter hold up his hands. Begrudgingly I followed suit.

“To your knees with your hands on your head” The mind crushers ordered.

Again we obeyed.

“Tie em up.” The mind crusher finished.

Quickly two warriors put down their bows and brought out chains clasping them on our arms while they still were over our heads.

When they were finished another man stepped forward he was quite freaky looking, with spikey white hair and his blood red eyes peeking from an old ragged scarf. It was quite easy to tell by the reaction of his soldiers that he was their superior. “Looks like you caught someone important.” He chuckled evilly. His voice was young and I guessed he wasn’t that old. I got a boot in my stomach and gasped in pain. The young general sneered. “This one’s not much of a warrior though.” I grit my teeth and glared at him. The young general pulled out his sword. “I’m General Kay.” He introduced himself. “I’m guessing you’re the almighty Sir Peter.” Kay said pointing the sword at Peter’s neck.  We said nothing and Kay slipped the sword back into its scabbard. “Seems you’re not scared that I could crush your minds in an instant”

I couldn’t help smiling a bit thinking about what I could make him do.

Kay caught my smirk and slapped me hard across the face. “No respect at all.” He muttered. “Slave, here, now.”

A small boy wearing worn dirty clothes stumbled over to Kay and dropped to his knees. “Y-yes General Kay?”

Kay squat down and gently touched the boy’s face with a terrifying bloodlust look in his eyes. “Minds… they’re so delicate.” His eyes flashed over to us. “So easily destroyed”

I shivered and looked over to Peter; he didn’t seem to know what to do either.

Kay got to his feet. “Only the strong survive.”

The small slave’s eyes suddenly widened and he grasped his throat desperately trying to breath. He fell to the ground desperately struggling to with himself, kicking up dirt until finally he stopped moving altogether.

Kay gently used his foot to roll the slave over to prove he was dead. “See?” his eyes flashed over to us and I shivered. “Well,” Kay started. “I only want the general, not this runt.” He bent over to look in my eyes and I tried to back away but only found the wall behind me.

“Wait!” I told him.

Kay smirked. “Why? What could you offer me?”

I looked at him seriously. “If I’m such a runt then fight me. That way I can die a warrior and you can prove I’m nothing more than a runt.”

Kay laughed and got to his feet. “As if”

“Scared you’re going to lose?” I asked him. I knew it was a classic line, but in my fighting days I had used it plenty and now here again found use for it.

The other mind crushers looked at their general expectantly. Kay glared at me. “Fine, Looks like I shall grant your death wish after all.” He looked to one of his warriors. “Take off his shackles and give him his sword.”

Peter looked worried. “What are you thinking?” he hissed.

I shrugged. “Maybe I can beat him.” I said.

Peter sighed. “May the Great King protect you.”

For once I accepted it and nodded. I was going to need any help I could get.

The mind crusher took off my shackles and passed me my sword. I gripped it in my hands and prepared myself. Everyone stood back making room for us. Kay took out his sword spinning it around a couple times. “Shall we begin?” he suddenly leapt at me bringing down his sword and a flash of red light came at me.

I blocked the sword and defended my mind against the red light. He seemed surprised. “You’re trained in the mind arts huh?” He swung his sword at me again and I just barely blocked. He was far stronger, I could tell right away and our difference in experience was like a large canyon in between us. I defended myself as best as I could, but I could feel myself falling behind quickly. I decided to use my strength Gami and quickly started beating him back. Kay looked surprised at my sudden strength and found instead he was falling behind. Quickly he tried to hit me with a blast of red and I was forced to reroute my power to blocking it. He pushed me back and I fell onto my bottom. Now on the ground I was in bad shape and having difficulty blocking him. Even with all my training I could tell Kay had been training like I had for the last eight months, but for a far longer time.

Suddenly he flung my sword out of my hand and I used my armoured jacket sleeve to block his next blow. The jacket was fairly tough for how thin it was, but it still wasn’t enough and I could feel warm blood dripping down my arm to my shoulder as I lay on the ground shaking and trying to hold back his sword.

Kay laughed. “You should just give up, there’s no way you can win this now.” He lifted his sword and aimed the tip at my heart. When he was ready he lifted it high and quickly plunging it into my stomach. I screamed in agony and heard Peter struggling against the mind crushers. “SACHA!!” he yelled.

Me: My books aren't that bloody!

Sage: ...yes they are.

Zeth: Yep.

Aerista: *nods in agreement with Sage*

Me: ...ok fine. 


I'm done now.


WHoa! This turned out big!! this is Kay.

(btw Satar you posted underneath the wrong chapter)

hurry and read it someone!!! I want to post the last chapter!!!

fine, i'll post this anyway. Here it is! The last chapter!!!

Chapter 32: The Last Itaki

I coughed tasting blood and smirked slightly. I had managed to push the blade out of the way of my vital point at the last moment, but it still went straight through my chest.

Kay looked mad. “Just won’t give up and die will you?”

I tried to laugh but only ended up choking on blood and coughing spitting it out at Kay. “As long as I’m breathing I’ll keep fighting.” I rasped.

Kay snarled and gave the sword a good twist before yanking it out causing me try cry out again. He aimed up to try again. “Let this be the end.” Kay said plunging his sword into me. Again I managed to use my arm to move it lower, again to a non-vital spot. It was still incredibly painful and I screamed.

Kay’s face was red with anger. “Stop that! Let me finish you off.”

I spat more blood at him. “I-I won’t give up.” I hissed.

“Fine” He snorted. He gripped the blade to pull it out and try again.

Suddenly something strange happened and I felt different. Everything seemed to pulse around me and I began glowing purple.

Kay let go of his sword, startled, and took a step back. “What the?”

Light started radiating off me and I glared into his eyes. Next thing I knew Kay’s mind was glowing for me and there was a hundred little blue points on it. I looked around and noticed everything had these blue points on them. It was kind of like one of those 3D modeling websites. I felt my instinct kick in and I looked back to his mind two of the blue dots on his brain glowed green and with my mind I twisted them hard.

Kay howled in pain grabbing his head and stumbling back.

I smirked slightly and with my mind yanked out the sword from my chest. Slowly sat up holding my chest to try and stop the bleeding.

Kay looked at me terrified. “What the heck?! Who are you?”

I must have looked a sight, covered in blood and trying to hold myself together. I smirked. “I’m an Itaki.” I told him just realizing this fact myself.

Kay’s eyes widened like a frightened child and he wasted no time rushing off. His men coward seeing their brave leader doing the same. They too rushed away leaving just me and Peter.

Peter quickly kicked up a sword and broke his chains on it rushing over to me. My light faded and the blue dots disappeared. Slowly I sunk back toward the ground, but Peter caught me and picked me up. “Nicely done.” He whispered, holding me close.

“Thanks.” I said. My body convulsed and I splattered blood on the ground. “I want to go back.” I whispered. I knew Kay must have hit something important if I was coughing up blood like this.

Peter nodded and started rushing me away. The mind crushers hadn’t chased our army that far away and we soon caught up. I was soon surrounded by people who went to work stitching me back up. Peter stayed by my side the entire time.

I gripped his hand. “Looks like I found the second Itaki.” I said weakly.

Peter nodded smiling proudly. “Like master like apprentice.” He said with a chuckle.

I smiled. “Only one more left.”

“Save your time, I’m already here.” A girl said from behind us.

We all twisted to see her and I gapped when I saw Adamina her white hair blowing in the wind and her red eyes glowing from the reflection of the sun. Behind her stood two other mind crushers who looked nervous.

“Adamina? You’re an Itaki?” I asked confused.

She smiled ever so slightly. “Yes, I am.”




To be continued.

I'm now going to make the third book! ^^ The Peacekeeper!

What!!! Do you mean it's the end of the book?!?!

heh heh heh, Yup! ^^ I'm just putting up the third book right now!


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