Here it is! The third book in my series! I've also have the first two books up on here as well and an RPG.

There may be Romance and Gore, just to warn you.

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this either please. This is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-

The Peacekeeper

By Mina

May 28 2012



Simon sighed, lying in bed. He quickly sat up realizing what time it was. Pia was probably waiting for him. He got up and left the little cabin slowly walking up the hill and to the top of the mountain. There she sat waiting for the sun to come up. “You woke up early today.” Simon said sitting beside her.

Pia looked over to him with her cloudy pink eyes and smiled. “I needed to think a bit.”

Simon took off his jacket and slipped it around Pia’s shoulders. Gently lifting her long, purple, white hair out of the jacket and down her back. She leaned against Simon and waited for the sun to come up playing with his black and red hair. “You’ll describe it for me?” she asked softly.

Simon chuckled. “Like I do every day”

It started to rise and he sat up a bit. “The sky is red with touches of purple just starting at the edges.” He began explaining it to her in great detail and she listened quietly. Pia was blind, but Simon didn’t really mind explaining things to her.

Soon the sun was high enough in the sky that there wasn’t as much to describe and they got up to go and have breakfast. As they went down the hill Simon suddenly stopped Pia.

Someone was snooping around their cabin. The figure wore a dark, long cloak and knocked on the door.

Simon looked to Pia. “Stay here.”

He walked over to the cloaked figure. “Who are you?” he demanded.

The figure looked startled and leapt at Simon pulling a blade from its belt. Simon hardly had enough time to pull out his own smaller one, he kept on his side. They clashed for a couple moments before the figure kicked Simon down and pointed the blade at his neck.

“Stop!” Pia cried coming from out of hiding. She couldn’t see what was happening but the clashing worried her.

The figure backed off Simon and removed the hood. It was a young girl who looked to be in her mid-teens. She had very long stark white hair and blood red eyes. “Who are you?” she hissed.

Simon got to his feet and Pia ran over to him. “I could ask you the same thing.”

The girl looked annoyed. “I’m looking for an old man named Yogith”

Pia took a step forward. “Yogith is dead. We are his apprentices.”

The girl looked surprised. “Well then, I apologize for my quickness to attack. These are dark days.”

Simon nodded. “What do you want?”

The girl smiled slightly. “I need your ability’s to help bring peace to this war ridden world.” She started to leave. “Hurry and pack, we must be on our way.”

Simon looked surprised. “Who are you?”

The girl paused and looked back her red eyes flashing. “Adamina”

Characters: (Spoiler Alert!)















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The Creature

The Dragon:

King Elias:

The great lord Raxita: 


The Great King: (kinda like this. hes pretty hard to describe)




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Because of all the excitement happening the story I will now jump to another characters perspective.

Chapter 17: Kay’s Fight

Kay snarled as he crashed his sword into Peter’s. Peter showed little reaction and with a simple move bashed Kay back into the center of the room. He wanted more fighting space. Peter irritated Kay. He was talked about as one of the best in the Kingdom and now that he was fighting him he could see what they were talking about. His movements were fluent and firm displaying excellent form. Kay wasn’t bugged about this so much as he was bugged the way Peter treated him. It was like Kay was a newbie and not to even be bothered with. He had that look that said he’d be finished soon.

Kay had a burst of hatred and smashed Peter back. He attacked with all he had bringing down blow after blow onto Peter. Kay felt a smile grow on his face as he noticed Peter was on defence at the moment concentrating on blocking. Finally, he would show this guy for misjudging him. He would pay the ultimate price!

With a fast and abrupt move Peter suddenly kicked Kay straight in the gut. Kay sauntered back gasping in pain. “W-why you…” He snarled. “That’s cheating.”

Peter smirked resting the back of his blade on his shoulder casually. “Who said we were playing by the rules?” He asked.

Kay seethed. Peter was just playing with him? “Fine, if you don’t want rules then I’ll play dirty.” Kay spat.

He rushed Peter and quickly locked swords with him. Kay pushed him back with a surprising amount of strength, smirking insanely. Peter held back, but just barely. “Let’s see you defend yourself after this.” Kay thought. A burst of red light filled the space in between them and Peters eyes widened. “Die!” Kay hissed focusing some of his energy on crushing Peters mind.

It took Kay a couple moments to notice nothing had happened. Well not much anyway. Peter was now on his knees, still holding back Kay’s Sword. He was wincing in pain, but Kay could feel that Peter was somehow repelling his attack. “H-how?” Kay wondered aloud.

Peter managed a painful smirk. “Just because I’m an Illusionist doesn’t mean I haven’t trained myself to block a mind crush attack.” He said.

Kay growled in anger pushing harder both with his crush and his sword. So maybe Peter could block it, but how far could he? Kay still had the upper hand and he intended to kill Peter right here and now. “Wait…” Kay thought. “Illusionist?”

A blade was pointed at the back of Kay’s neck and he could feel the cold steel. Now he remembered! Peter was the Illusionist who could make real Illusions! Quickly he pulled away and jumped back to gain some extra ground. Not only was there two Peter’s now, but three! Kay calmed himself down. “Relax! Only one of them can be the real one and he’s using a lot of power to keep this up. If I kill them all one is bound to be the real one.” He decided.

Kay didn’t have time to make his move; the Peter’s attacked all at once. Kay blocked all of their attacks without too much trouble, but he was still held back enough that he couldn’t fight back. The fight had taken a very sudden turn of events. Kay knew he was stronger than Peter and with three of him it didn’t mean they each had Peter’s strength, but only part of it. So one on one Kay could beat them easily, but together they had the advantage of numbers and he felt himself being beaten down.

Kay recalled a time like this. He was always beaten down by the kid. He had white hair too and blood red eyes, but a startling blood lust like no other kid Kay had ever met. Raxita. He showed no mercy, even to his friends and often had to be stopped by an adult before he killed them. He was a true killer and the most amazing fighter. Kay greatly respected him and with every beating he took from Raxita he wished he could one day become like him. Now was his chance. He needed to prove himself to his leader. He couldn’t allow someone like Peter to take him down.

With a rush of adrenaline Kay suddenly snapped out of it and with a powerful swing, took out a Peter. He dissipated and with bloodlust in his eyes as Kay went for the next one.  “I know you’re watching Raxita.” He thought. “Now watch as I take Peter apart! Watch as I follow in your footsteps!”

Kay bashed powerfully into the next Peter shoving him out of the way and swiping at the other. The other blocked, but he didn’t have enough strength and was pushed to his knees until Kay hacked off his head. He too dissipated into smoke. Kay was breathing hard as he turned to Peter. “How fitting that you be the last one.” He hissed gleefully. “Now die!” He snarled. Kay rushed at Peter with his sword at the ready. Peter’s eyes widened as Kay shattered Peters sword with an amazing blow. Defenceless Peter must have known it was all over because he fell to his knees. “This is the end.” Kay informed him. With one last quick movement Peter’s head was detached from his shoulders and bounced across the floor.

Kay chuckled slightly which turned into a small laugh and ended with insane laughter. He had done it! Peter was dead!

Clapping echoed through the room. “Nicely done. What a lovely show.” Someone said from the shadows.

Kay whirled around and to his shock watched as Peter strode out. “H-how?” He sauntered. Quickly he looked back and watched as the dead Peter dissipated. The real Peter hadn’t been fighting the entire time!

“Sorry about my terrible clones.” Peter apologized. “Never been very good with them”

Kay was slack jawed and couldn’t move a muscle or say a word.

Peter continued. “Not only did they look terrible,” He said, his eyes flashed. “But they also were incredibly weak compared to my real power.”

Kay felt like he had been kicked in the gut. Who was this man… this man who claimed to be so incredibly powerful?

Peter sighed. “No other way is there?” he said. “I must ask you for another duel. Perhaps one with me fighting this time. Sound fair?” He asked.

Kay was still shocked, but managed to gather himself enough to get into an offensive position. Peter was rumored to be a genius by other mind crushers and from his first performance Kay was beginning to believe he was.


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Chapter 18: Rescue Attempt

Zia and the others slowly went down the stairs. Zia concentrated hard on what was ahead and tried to see if any mind crushers were nearby. So far it looked all clear. Still they tried to keep absolutely quiet and tiptoed down the stairs. Finally they came to the bottom entering into a long dark hall. Mind Crushers were everywhere here. Zia could see them. She held out an arm to stop the rest of them. “How will we get in?” She whispered to the others.

Miya had her eyes closed and seemed to be listening hard. “The ones closest to us” She said.

Zia nodded. “Down the hall on the right first door” She said. “What about them?”

Miya opened her eyes. “They’re hardly bright. We’ll easily be able to trick them.” She said.

Adamina pushed some of her long white hair out of her blood red eyes. “Good” She said. She disappeared down the right hand hall quickly.

Zia and the others waited patiently until Adamina waved them over. “I threw a small rock onto the other side of the room. They’re checking it out now.” She whispered.

Zia concentrated up ahead. “There are four around the next corner!” She whispered urgently.

Miya swallowed. “These won’t be easily fooled like the last. We might need to fight them.” She said.

Pia smiled slightly in the dark. “I’ll take care of them.” She said.

Before the others could stop her she turned the corner and ran straight to them. There was a quick muffled shriek and Pia came around the corner again waving to the group. They rushed over and found the Mind Crushers lying on the ground. Pia smiled. “No worries, they’re just unconscious and I crushed their memories of seeing me.”

Zia suppressed a shiver. “Glad you’re on our side.” She told Pia.

Pia only laughed good naturally.

The girls continued on, using their powers or skills to ensure no one would know they were there. Zia did her best to warn the girls Miya told them what they were thinking and Adamina and Pia took care of the rest.

The way was very long and dark. Torches of fire were only found every here and there. The girls were high on adrenaline but nervous as well. Slowly they made their way through the maze.

“We almost there Zia?” Adamina asked.

Zia concentrated as far as she could and wished she was like Athia Willows who had been one of the greatest Seer’s of all the ages.  “I think the dungeons are just up ahead.” She whispered. Suddenly she could see way further and way clearer and Zia couldn’t help but let out a muffled gasp.

Miya instantly touched Zia’s shoulder. “Are you alright?” She whispered.

Zia nodded. “I can see the cells; we’ll get there in five to ten minutes. No more guards on the way, but right by the cells they’re swarming.” She said.

The other girls looked surprised. “How can you see so far ahead now?” Pia asked her.

Zia shrugged I don’t know. Just then she shivered. “More coming” She murmured. “They’re just behind us and going to the dungeons. We’re trapped in between!” She said.

Adamina looked worried, but still kept a leadership air to her. “Is there any place to hide?” She asked.

Zia concentrated searching everywhere. “No…” She said.

Adamina chewed her lip. “Then we have no choice but to go in.” She said. “Is there an off chance we could sneak past the ones in the dungeon and hide until we have a better plan?”

Zia looked at all the guards scanning the dungeon. “Very off… but just maybe” She said.

Adamina nodded. “We’ll take it then.” She said.

Adamina may have been second to youngest, but she knew what she was doing and everyone else trusted her to take care of things.

Slowly and carefully they moved in. Zia concentrated hard to tell the girls where the ones in front and behind were so they didn’t get caught and finally they arrived at a corner where the next turn would lead them into a wide open space.

Zia looked at the girls urgently. “The ones behind us will be here in only a couple minutes. When we go in turn to the left and go as far back as you can. There should be a place way back there for us to hide.” She said.

The girls nodded. Quickly they slipped around the corner and tried to duck out of the way of the guards. Miya was the first to scream. Zia jumped up and raced over to her, but found her already caught with a sharp blade to her neck. She struggled hard, but whimpered in pain when she felt the blade cut against her throat.

The guard chuckled vilely. “All the rest of you come here or she’ll never breath air again.” He threatened.

Slowly Adamina and Pia came out of hiding. They were quickly grabbed by the fresh group who had just entered.

“Put them in chains.” One cackled.

Zia’s heart sunk. They had failed.

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