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The Peacekeeper

By Mina

May 28 2012



Simon sighed, lying in bed. He quickly sat up realizing what time it was. Pia was probably waiting for him. He got up and left the little cabin slowly walking up the hill and to the top of the mountain. There she sat waiting for the sun to come up. “You woke up early today.” Simon said sitting beside her.

Pia looked over to him with her cloudy pink eyes and smiled. “I needed to think a bit.”

Simon took off his jacket and slipped it around Pia’s shoulders. Gently lifting her long, purple, white hair out of the jacket and down her back. She leaned against Simon and waited for the sun to come up playing with his black and red hair. “You’ll describe it for me?” she asked softly.

Simon chuckled. “Like I do every day”

It started to rise and he sat up a bit. “The sky is red with touches of purple just starting at the edges.” He began explaining it to her in great detail and she listened quietly. Pia was blind, but Simon didn’t really mind explaining things to her.

Soon the sun was high enough in the sky that there wasn’t as much to describe and they got up to go and have breakfast. As they went down the hill Simon suddenly stopped Pia.

Someone was snooping around their cabin. The figure wore a dark, long cloak and knocked on the door.

Simon looked to Pia. “Stay here.”

He walked over to the cloaked figure. “Who are you?” he demanded.

The figure looked startled and leapt at Simon pulling a blade from its belt. Simon hardly had enough time to pull out his own smaller one, he kept on his side. They clashed for a couple moments before the figure kicked Simon down and pointed the blade at his neck.

“Stop!” Pia cried coming from out of hiding. She couldn’t see what was happening but the clashing worried her.

The figure backed off Simon and removed the hood. It was a young girl who looked to be in her mid-teens. She had very long stark white hair and blood red eyes. “Who are you?” she hissed.

Simon got to his feet and Pia ran over to him. “I could ask you the same thing.”

The girl looked annoyed. “I’m looking for an old man named Yogith”

Pia took a step forward. “Yogith is dead. We are his apprentices.”

The girl looked surprised. “Well then, I apologize for my quickness to attack. These are dark days.”

Simon nodded. “What do you want?”

The girl smiled slightly. “I need your ability’s to help bring peace to this war ridden world.” She started to leave. “Hurry and pack, we must be on our way.”

Simon looked surprised. “Who are you?”

The girl paused and looked back her red eyes flashing. “Adamina”

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Oh no! They got caught!!!

Next chapter! I've gotten over my writers block! By the time I've posted all the chapters I should be done my book! XD

Chapter 19: Battling a Friend

Newton glared at Zak and the two stared each other down for a couple minutes.

Philip and Levi where fighting hard in the large swarm, but Newton knew it wouldn’t be long before they’d be overtaken. Still, he couldn’t let Zak escape. Newton gripped his short sword.

“Zak.” He said. “Why’d you go?” He asked.

Zak looked down on Newton with dark eyes and didn’t say a word.

Newton shook with anger. “Don’t you care at all?” He spat. “Or would you prefer to kill me?” He snarled.

Zak took twin swords from their sheath and brandished them menacingly.

Newton had no other choice, but to fight him.

Suddenly there was a loud yell causing both of them to turn their heads back to the small battle.

Levi leapt out of the crowd and grabbed onto one of the low beams connected to the roof. He swung himself up and threw a handful of knifes into the crowd. Philip quickly joined in, he was in bad shape though and bleeding badly in his right leg.

*Thwack!* Newton had looked at just the right time and spotted Zak’s sword coming at him. Unfortunately he didn’t have enough time to properly block Zak’s sword and had to use his arm. Zak’s strong swing pierced Newton’s armoured jacket and went partially into his arm. He cried out in pain and swung his own sword at Zak. Zak quickly pulled away his sword and blocked the blow. Quickly Newton engaged Zak in battle and the two went all out.

Newton was burning in anger from the feeling of betrayal he got from Zak.  So angry in fact he lost complete control and battered away at Zak without thinking. Zak was far more skilled then Newton though and it wasn’t long until he caught Newton in the head with the butt of his sword. A gasp of pain escaped Newton’s lips as he hit the floor. Everything was spinning and he desperately tried to get up so he could continue fighting. His glasses were partially broken from the blow and hanging off only one ear. Warm blood trickled down the left of his head and into his ear.

Zak lifted his sword high overhead to deal out the final blow. There was no Zak left in his eyes though. They were cold and black. He was about to swing when his legs were suddenly swept from underneath him. Philip winced as he straightened and held out his massive sword at Zak’s throat. Levi landed beside him looking cool and calm. Newton’s eyes flickered to where their battle used to be. All the mind crushers lay in a pile, either dead or unconscious. He shivered. Levi was not someone to be messing around with.

“Put down your sword.” Levi snarled.

Zak smirked. “No thanks.” With lightning speed he dashed out of the way hovering a foot off the ground.

Philip quickly lifted his sword into a better fighting position. It was amazing he could hold the sword as it was about four feet long and at its widest almost a foot wide. It must have been light though because he could wield it with speed and accuracy.

Levi’s purple eyes flashed and he rushed Zak throwing a number of knives at him. Zak barely dodged quickly learning he was out numbered and outmatched.

“Don’t kill him.” Newton said. “Traitor or not, he’s still my friend and I’d like to talk to him.”

Philip nodded and rushed to help Levi as they pushed Zak back. It wouldn’t be long until they took Zak down.


I stared in shock at my father. I mean a normal kid might be in shock to see his dad because he’s gotten into trouble or something, but my dad was the bad guy. A guy with insane dreams of taking over an entire planet. Yet I had already fought with him, I had even taken him down and trapped him within himself.  He somehow escaped and now he was back to haunt me… Felixivent.

I finally got a hold of myself enough to stutter. “H-how?”

Felixivent smirked. “Perhaps I’ll tell you one day… son.”

I cringed when he called me that. “You’re not my father.” I spat.

Nathan got ready to attack awaiting my signal.

Felixivent chuckled. “Such a shame that you must think that way” He said clicking his tongue.

“Don’t think I’ll be so merciful this time.” I told him, trying to hold back my anger.

Felixivent gave a vile grin. “Going to kill me like I killed your little friend?” He asked. “Like you started to do?” He said.

My eyes widened and I shivered. “How did he know?”

Felixivent laughed. “You may not want to admit it or believe it, but you are my son and there’s no escaping that.”

My heart sunk.

Nathan gaze flickered from Felixivent to me. “Don’t listen Sacha.” He told me.

Felixivent raised a brow. “Sacha? Is that the name your mother called you?” He asked.

My eyes flashed.

“Such a stupid woman” He muttered. “Trust me Darson.” He said. “One day you’ll learn to simply get rid of anyone in your way.” Felixivent smiled villainously. “Like I did with your mother”

That did it. Something snapped inside of me and I roared in anger as I lunged at him. I found myself falling into darkness. I could instantly tell where I was. I was with the beast.


Oh great... Ooo perfect! I get to finally use the smiley I've wanted to use. 


Ta-da! While I was editing the next chapters I learned I used "Please keep them safe" and "I'm always here" all the time! I decided to keep it though. 

WARNING!: This chapter is fairly gory and I would not sugest it for younger audiences. 

Chapter 20: The Final Meeting

I landed roughly in the dark. There was no floor for me to stand on nor anything, but I could still walk around. I was still full of anger and looked around desperately for a way out. I needed to get back to Felixivent. I was in a murderous mood and my breaths came in and out short and quick.

Just then from the corner of my eye I spotted something. I quickly turned and spotted two eyes glowing in the darkness. “Helllllo Vesssel.” It hissed softly.

I would have shivered and probably felt terrified, but at the moment I was so mad it didn’t matter. I reached to my side for my sword, but didn’t find it.

The creature became fully visible as it crawled slowly over to me. “This is my world, vessel. It told me. “You have no control over anything. I do assss I pleassse.” It hissed with delight.

I glared at it. I just had to kill it right? No problem. Wait. I paused. Hadn’t the Great King told me how to defeat it? My mind was a like a thick fog and no matter what I did I couldn’t think of what he had told me.

Suddenly something came flying into my back sending me face first into the invisible, but still very hard ground. I moaned and rolled over defensively as fast as I could. Not fast enough though because I received a punch in my stomach causing me to gasp. There were two of the creatures now and one grabbed my arms tight while the other got in position to bite me. I managed to suck in some air and knee one. It far lighter than I was expecting and went flying off of me crashing into the other.

It may have been this creature’s world, but I seemed to be doing just fine by using his rules.

Any anger I once had was replaced with survive instincts and I rushed away from them before they could get to their feet. It was a little unnerving to run into the black and I had no idea how far it would go. Not very far apparently because then next thing I knew I was freefalling into solid black.

“You can fight a bits Vessel, but you can’ts hid.” It told me. Its awful eyes were everywhere hiding in the darkness as it cackled vilely.

Now I shivered feeling both cold and freaked out. I slammed into solid ground this time and completely lost every ounce of air in my body. I desperately tried to sit up and breathe; feeling like I’d just broke every bone I owned. There was actual ground this time. Kinda like hard black dirt.

The beast slunk out of the darkness towards me. “You tries to hurts me, Vessel. I’m very mad now.” It snarled.

I was still gasping and desperately looking for a way out. How would I escape this time? My mind was too foggy to think properly. Long metallic spikes shot out of the ground everywhere and I wailed in pain as one shot straight through my calf.

The creature looked ecstatic. Its prey now trapped.

Weakly I tried to take my leg off the spike, but found it too deeply imbedded. I really was trapped. I moved my arm to grab a spike and break it off, but watched in horror as another new spike shot up through my hand. Pain shot through my body and I screamed. The creature took its time to get closer and I tried to use my other hand to get the wounded one off the spike. Again it was too deep and stuck fast no matter what I did it wouldn’t come off. Blood soaked my pants and started to pool around me. If I wasn’t going to die from the beast I was going to from loss of blood. I wondered how much blood a person could lose without dying. Soon I was overwhelmed with so much pain I could only lay still as things began to grow dark. The thing was almost to me and it all looked hopeless. I was going to die.

I could faintly hear what was going on in the real world. Nathan kept calling my name and there was violent clashing. I guessed he was fighting Felixivent and I probably looked like a mess. Lying on the ground covered in blood.

“HELP ME!” I suddenly screamed, it was the last thing I could think of to do.

The beast froze, feet away from me.

“I’m always here” I heard the Great King told me.

I whimpered in pain. “I don’t want to die again.” I whispered.

I could see the faint outline of the Great King nearby. “Do you remember what you learned? About how to defeat it?” He asked.

I tried to go through my cloudy mind, but I felt utterly lost. I shook my head.

I could feel the Great King’s steady hand on my shoulder. “You let your mind get clouded by anger” He told me. “Now the beast is taken advantage of that and made sure you couldn’t think properly. You must lose your anger.”

I nodded showing I understood. Thinking hard I recalled why I had been so mad. My father really did tick me off, but I needed to learn to remain calm. Slowly I took deep breaths to calm myself. My mind slowly became less foggy and I could remember everything. “The opposite of hate is love…” I whispered.

The Great King pat my shoulder and disappeared. “That’s right.” He whispered.

“Wait!” I called after him. “I have to love that thing?”

The Great King chuckled slightly. “Not necessarily.” He said. “What do you love?” He asked.

Everything unfroze and the beast continued crawling over to me.

“I love my family, even if they’re not my real family.” I thought gently touching my pocket with their photo and recalling my sister and mothers faces. A tear slipped down my cheek. I missed them.

The creature had stopped, frozen in its tracks and staring at me strangely.

“I love all my friends.” I said aloud thinking of Newton, Rea, Christine, Nathan and even Zak.

The thing cringed in pain and I continued with less fear.

“I love my teachers and all the people that inspired me.” I said, thinking about Peter, his friends, King Elias and Athia.

I looked down and noticed the spikes were retreating back into the ground.

“I love all the wonderful people I met along my journey.” I said thinking of everything that had happened to me the past year. “I love Galena and the beautiful scenery.” I said recalling more and more things I loved by the second.

The creature shrieked in pain holding its head.

I looked straight into its eyes. “I love Miya.” I said softly, her beautiful image was embedded in my mind. Lastly I took a deep breath. “I love the Great King who protects me and helps me along my chosen path.” I said in a firm voice.

The beast shook its body tearing itself apart the world swirled around me and I held my head realizing my hand and leg were fully healed! With one last shriek the darkness and creature imploded and I closed my eyes preparing for whatever was going to happen next.

wow.......Wait to go Sacha!!!!

Yay! Now he just has to fight his father...and Raxita...well one down two to go.

This one ends with a shocker. X)

Chapter 21: Felixivent’s End

“It’s alright.” A voice said.

I opened an eye and found a boy bathed in light standing in front of me. We were in the middle of a star sky and he looked like a star himself. “You’ve freed me” He said happily.

I blinked. “Who are you?”

The boy laughed glowing all the more. “I suppose you wouldn’t recognize me. I am that creature you just destroyed. Raxita changed me, but you brought me back.” He said.

My jaw nearly dropped in surprise. “Really?”

He nodded. “The Great King made me so I could help with your Itaki powers.”

I felt excited. “Then…” I began.

He stopped me. “Unfortunately I have no time now to help you. You have enough skill already and I believe you can do it.”

The Great King appeared with a small grin. “He will do it.” He said. “I’ve already planned it.”

I smiled slightly feeling encouraged.

The Great King put a hand on my shoulder. “You shan’t ever have to worry about going to that dark place because of your anger again.” He told me. “But you still need to control your anger, especially since your father is just outside.”

I nodded and took a deep breath.

The Great King smiled. “Nathan could use a hand.” He said with a chuckled. “Though, not much of one”

With that everything went back to normal and I looked around finding blood everywhere. I shuddered thinking that I had actually been bleeding that much.

“Sacha!” Nathan said in surprise. “What happened?”

I was about to tell him when I spotted my father raise my sword over his head behind Nathan. “Look out!” I cried.

I was too late. Nathan didn’t turn around fast enough and I watched in horror as Felixivent’s blade went into Nathan’s skull. That’s when I noticed it hadn’t made it that far. Nathan had stopped it with a thin layer of ice. He touched the blade gently and ice crept up the blade toward Felixivent. Quickly, my father yelped and let go of his sword. Nathan turned around preparing to attack, but Felixivent decided to use his powers at that time and his eyes widened as he looked into Nathan’s eyes. As fast as possible Nathan threw up a shield of blurry ice between their faces.

“If you can’t properly see my eyes then you can’t mind control.” Nathan said with a smirk.

Felixivent looked frustrated and tried to go around the ice, but Nathan moved the ice with him. Gently Nathan touched the ice and a patch slithered onto the ground beside my father. Out of it formed another Nathan made completely out of ice. It moved and I jumped in surprise. A sword appeared in its hand and it quickly locked in battle with my shocked father.

“He needs a hand?” I asked the Great King sarcastically.

The Great King chuckled. “Morally, yes”

While Felixivent was distracted Nathan slowly began to build an ice wall around him. I couldn’t believe how much ice my friend could control at once. Then again, he did have an awesome teacher. Slowly I walked over to Nathan’s side as he finished up.

Nathan looked to over to me. “What would you like to do with him?” He asked.

For a moment I just wanted to kill him. Let this world be rid of his miserable presence. Then I recalled my talk with the Great King. I needed to control my anger and perhaps be merciful to.

“Keep him alive.” I told Nathan. “I want to talk to him.

Nathan nodded and finished his wall just as Felixivent managed to slash through the ice Nathan. It shattered to the floor and Felixivent suddenly noticed his cage. Nathan’s eyes narrowed with concentration and I gulped nervously when I saw him squeeze one of his hands tight. I heard one last yelp out of Felixivent. Slowly the ice wall began to melt and revealed my father frozen in the ice with a small hole to his mouth so he could breathe.

I smiled at Nathan. “Nice job.”

Nathan smirked. “Not too shabby if I do say so myself”

“Can you melt the ice around his head so I can talk to him?” I asked.

Nathan nodded and touched the ice. Felixivent coughed and shook his wet hair when his face was free and I glared at him sternly. “How’d you get out?” I demanded.

Felixivent smirked rather insanely. “You mean from your Mind Control? Raxita freed me.”

I blinked. “Raxita? How?”

My father shook his head. “I don’t know. Raxita is an incredibly powerful man.”

I rubbed my chin thoughtfully wondered what he could all do.

Felixivent continued. “Terrifying to…” He murmured. “I first met him when he was still a boy and under his father’s orders. He met me in my facility and within second of our meeting had me begging for my life on my knees. He went on to kill his own father for power like the sons of old and out of all of their line Raxita has been the most terrifying.”

I thought about Raxita while he was torturing me. I could partially imagine him that bad, but Felixivent seemed to be describing worse.

My father wasn’t finished. “Other than Raxita’s Mind Crushing ability’s he has dozens of Gami and what seems to be an unending supply of power.” He looked up at me with terrified eyes. “I know you’ve come here to destroy him, but you should just leave.” He whispered. “Raxita will kill you.”

Me and Nathan glanced at each other nervously.

Suddenly my Father looked petrified. “M-my lord!” He said. “S-sorry! They forced it out of me! I beg of your forgiveness! No! No!” He then let out a piercing scream and his head went limp.

Felixivent was dead.

....and things are going to probably continue to go downhill from there. 

Well it sure aint going to be a birthday party. :P

Uh-Oh I want to know what is happening with the girl power mission :D

Hurray! You caught up!!! I'll put up another chapter in a could min. ;)


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