Here it is! The third book in my series! I've also have the first two books up on here as well and an RPG.

There may be Romance and Gore, just to warn you.

Please feel free to give comments. Don't copy this either please. This is my hard work, I put it up here for people to enjoy, not copy. Thank you and enjoy! -^-^-

The Peacekeeper

By Mina

May 28 2012



Simon sighed, lying in bed. He quickly sat up realizing what time it was. Pia was probably waiting for him. He got up and left the little cabin slowly walking up the hill and to the top of the mountain. There she sat waiting for the sun to come up. “You woke up early today.” Simon said sitting beside her.

Pia looked over to him with her cloudy pink eyes and smiled. “I needed to think a bit.”

Simon took off his jacket and slipped it around Pia’s shoulders. Gently lifting her long, purple, white hair out of the jacket and down her back. She leaned against Simon and waited for the sun to come up playing with his black and red hair. “You’ll describe it for me?” she asked softly.

Simon chuckled. “Like I do every day”

It started to rise and he sat up a bit. “The sky is red with touches of purple just starting at the edges.” He began explaining it to her in great detail and she listened quietly. Pia was blind, but Simon didn’t really mind explaining things to her.

Soon the sun was high enough in the sky that there wasn’t as much to describe and they got up to go and have breakfast. As they went down the hill Simon suddenly stopped Pia.

Someone was snooping around their cabin. The figure wore a dark, long cloak and knocked on the door.

Simon looked to Pia. “Stay here.”

He walked over to the cloaked figure. “Who are you?” he demanded.

The figure looked startled and leapt at Simon pulling a blade from its belt. Simon hardly had enough time to pull out his own smaller one, he kept on his side. They clashed for a couple moments before the figure kicked Simon down and pointed the blade at his neck.

“Stop!” Pia cried coming from out of hiding. She couldn’t see what was happening but the clashing worried her.

The figure backed off Simon and removed the hood. It was a young girl who looked to be in her mid-teens. She had very long stark white hair and blood red eyes. “Who are you?” she hissed.

Simon got to his feet and Pia ran over to him. “I could ask you the same thing.”

The girl looked annoyed. “I’m looking for an old man named Yogith”

Pia took a step forward. “Yogith is dead. We are his apprentices.”

The girl looked surprised. “Well then, I apologize for my quickness to attack. These are dark days.”

Simon nodded. “What do you want?”

The girl smiled slightly. “I need your ability’s to help bring peace to this war ridden world.” She started to leave. “Hurry and pack, we must be on our way.”

Simon looked surprised. “Who are you?”

The girl paused and looked back her red eyes flashing. “Adamina”

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The Creature

The Dragon:

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The great lord Raxita: 


The Great King: (kinda like this. hes pretty hard to describe)




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This is awesome so far can't wait for more


- Satar

Here you guys go!

Chapter 22: Giving Over to Evil

Kay snarled in anger as he charged the real Peter. He couldn’t lose now. Sure Peter had made him look absolutely stupid in the first part of their fight, but it wouldn’t happen again. This time he’d kill Peter. This time he would pay. A sword appeared in Peter’s hands and he and he blocked Kay’s attack. Kay didn’t stop; he slashed, bashed and crashed his sword against Peter’s. Peter wasn’t lying. The real thing was much stronger than the clones and Kay feared he was weaker.

Fatigue wasn’t helping. Kay had already fought a whole handful of Peter’s and fighting another, stronger one wasn’t planned. He felt himself being pushed back and his arms hurt so much they felt like they might give out. Peter showed no signs of being tired. He was going to take Kay out fast. Kay was starting to grow desperate and tried with all his might to even the playing field, but at his current strength he couldn’t hold up a candle to Peter. Soon Kay was on his knees, his legs giving out. He was now completely on defensive, trying to stay alive.

A swish of cold air past Kay’s face and he winced. “That was close.” He thought. Blood trickled down his cheek and he quickly realized Peter had cut him. Quickly and almost unnoticeably, but he had still cut him. This was getting worse for Kay, he couldn’t let him win!

Peter made a quick, slick move and Kay watched as his sword was flung from his hands, across the room and in five inches into the opposite wall. Kay swallowed and looked back to Peter. Peter’s eyes were merciless and he held his blade to Kay’s throat.

“It’s over” He informed Kay.

Kay wailed in defeat he hated losing, no he shouldn’t have lost because now…

Kay threw himself onto his hands and knees. “Kill me now.” He begged Peter.

Peter raised a brow. “I have no interest in killing.” He said.

Kay was shaking with fear. “Please! I beg of you to kill me now!” He said holding onto Peter’s leg.

Peter looked confused. “Don’t you want to live?” He asked.

Kay nodded. “I would love to, but if you don’t kill me HE will!”

Peter still didn’t understand. “What are you talking about?”

That when the voice Kay least wanted to hear came into his head. “Kay.” Raxita whispered softly.

Kay froze with terror. If only Peter had killed him. Now he was going to die the most gruesome death imaginable. Raxita would make sure of that. “M-my lord…” He said shakily.

Peter squat beside Kay looking curiously at the strange look that had overcome Kay’s face. He couldn’t hear Raxita’s voice.

“What are you doing Kay?” Raxita asked in a dangerously nice tone.

Sweat beaded down Kay’s forehead and he weakly smiled. “N-nothing Sir” He said. There was dead silence making Kay twitch with anxiousness. Suddenly he let out a wail. “He defeated me!! I’m so sorry my lord!!”

Suddenly Kay’s head jerked as if he had been slapped across the face. “How dare you fail me?” Raxita snarled, no longer even pretending to be not angry.

Kay whimpered huddling on the ground and holding his head. Raxita’s presence made his mind ache because of the darkness that flowed off him. “Please!” He pled. “Give me a second chance! I’ll do anything! Even, even…” Kay trailed off realizing he knew what Raxita was going to do. It was “that” or death. Kay would rather pick “that”.

Raxita chuckled. “Very well, do you want it?” He asked.

Kay trembled and smiled slightly a touch of insanity mixed in. “Y-yes.” He murmured.

Suddenly power flowed into Kay, his wounds and fatigue instantly healed. He felt he could probably beat Peter now. Raxita wasn’t done though. He had asked for “that” and he was going to get it. Kay screamed in pain as his muscles overgrew and he grew bigger in size. His mouth was now full of long fangs and his hair had grown longer but still stuck up all over the place. His nails had grown insanely large and all the armour he had been wearing tor away leaving only his torn up pants.

Peter had jumped back in surprise his jaw hanging.

Kay snarled and growled like a beast. He barely could control his mind now. Raxita had finished powering him up and sat back to watch the fun. Kay looked over himself slowly trying to process things with his now dull mind. He really was a freak now. A powerful freak though. He finally felt like he could take Peter out. No, he was going to do more than that. He was going to destroy Peter.

I have a feeling parts of the group are gonna help Peter... Is my feelings correct?

can't say.

.......I don't like Raxita. Of course I never liked him and than I really didn't like him, now I really really don't like him.

But you will when you post more chapters.

I might post one more chapter before bed. X)

Ooo, yay.

Yay! thank you Mina, you are so kind.

How did Raxita do that to Kay?!?!?!?




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