The Wonderful And Glorious Invention Of Hacky Sacks!!!

Yesterday I was goin though my junk, and whaddya know! I found a hacky sack, and now I'm hooked! I'm still trying to get it down, but I've got some of the basics down. Am I the only one who had one? Or is there other people who have this wonderful invention?

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Hahaha! =P Oh geese.
What's a hacky sack?

i have one!!

so do i my bro has like 10! ")

its a sack u bounce on all parts of ur body xcept ur hands
Ooo, sounds fun.
it is.
Are youj not supposed to bounce it on your hands? Because, that's how I always do it... O.o
So you're not a true hacky sack smacker!?  *gesp*
Weel, you can, but it ain't as impressive


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