In this game someone will make a statment. The next person to see it will say if it is true or false then he/she will leave another statment for someone else. You're going to have to be postive you are right.


Have fun!


First statment: Veritas Swords are blue.


(It can be about anything)

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About the same time I learned it in math/algebra


ToF I want lunch

Well I guess it's false at this point.

TOF I like to play Spyro: Year of the Dragon


TOF I have a PS4 and a xbox one.

Irritatingly true

True or false I know what I'm doing with my life


TOF I have played every game in my library

Way false

ToF I like math


TOF you like college

sometimes true

ToF you like your job


TOF the people can be annoying


TOF dragons are way awesome


ToF the next person will answer true

False lol!

TOF, The next replier has heard of Studio C?


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