In this game someone will make a statment. The next person to see it will say if it is true or false then he/she will leave another statment for someone else. You're going to have to be postive you are right.


Have fun!


First statment: Veritas Swords are blue.


(It can be about anything)

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True, and now you have got to talk to Jessi XD

ToF you're going to go talk to Jessi

SERIOUSLY? That is awesome! AND true!

ToF You have seen HTTYD 3, The Hidden World

Yeah, seriously. Jessi has sent me a few studio C sketches. I'm not super into them yet, but Jessi really is.

False. I've been putting it off because watching it will be like ending an era. I'll be closing a chapter and I'm so not ready!!! *exaggerated sigh*

ToF You have heard of the Tales of Goldstone Wood

(MM, yeah, that is true, I will only say that after the third time through, I really came to terms with the ending :')

And False

ToF Frozen 2 is better than Incredibles 2


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