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It has now become a subscription service compatible with Netflix, Amazon and many other video streaming programs.

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I dont think you have a place to stand when it comes to deciding what is a curse word.

And you do?

Actually, what do you even mean by that? What was your goal with that reply?

No, I dont either. Because neither of our opinions matter when something is universally decided.






Where is it.

To my knowledge, you select the filters you want. I think you can set how sensitive they are. Regardless why would you filter violence out of a movie that is meant to have violence.

It kinda cuts a few scenes. It's hard to follow in a fight scene, but otherwise it's great.

That does not sound enjoyable.


As much as dislike the way he said it Z has a point. (with the comment about why the filtering isn't that useful)

It just depends on how you use it.

But that doesn't make sense


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