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It has now become a subscription service compatible with Netflix, Amazon and many other video streaming programs.

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Cool, not that I am going to be using it though.






We just got the email...hmm...4 days ago maybe? I just recently decided to make a blog post about it, cause Im super excited!

That's cool :)

Wait, this is a discussion. My bad.

Lol its okay.

It's been back for months.

Lol, you would know cus you love it so much ;)

lol I know because I wanted to check it's legality. It's in a grey area right now and I honestly don't care too much anymore. Yes filtering should be allowed but at the same time why do we even need it? If you're going to watch an R rated movie, don't want it with your kids around. If you're worried about a PG-13 title, watch it before subjecting those in your care to it. Filtering hurts the way the film is meant to be seen. This is why the Directors Guild threatened to sue Sony for "clean" versions of their titles. Also let's not forget Sony was breaching contracts by doing such a thing hence why the Directors Guild threatened to sue.

Well, for example, we want to have a movie night with our grandparents and a couple friends. If we get vidangel, we can watch Batman Begins without the few cuss words.


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