Video games, that are not well known, but think should be

The title says it all.


I personally love the hobbit video game, it was like 3 bucks at game stop and the graphics aren't exactly "twilight princess", but it's totally fun! It comes on gamecube though...

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hehehe i had that game beat it in 2 day's i have no idea what happend to it :(
I've beat it like 9 times, each in different ways (i.e. Without getting points, getting all the points, as fast as I can etc.)
yeah, wii snow and snowboard is awesome. we got it for xmas.
i like MW1,2, kung fu panda and Indiana Jones thee original.
Got LEGO Star Wars on sunday.
fallout 3 is EPIC and it is only like 10 bucks :D
Define epic please

Adams Venture

i'm trying to beat the hobbit on the gamecube.and it is out on the ps 2 and i have a ps 1 does anyone like lego island 

Never played Lego...or the venture one, but exciting regardless. Ultimately w/ hobbit, it's for the gameplay/story, NOT for graphic freaks who buy the PS3 , people who buy any new playstation stuff it's usually because they care about graphics more than the actual game

I love how we all refer Twilight Princess as good graphics, when in reality, it was a very sucky game by looks.


Fallout3 isn't for kids, Impy, keep it off the site.



I actually didn't consider TP great graphics, I was more referring to the dumb shooting games that everyone who likes them says are great. OOOH the blood looks so lifelike! :P


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