Video games, that are not well known, but think should be

The title says it all.


I personally love the hobbit video game, it was like 3 bucks at game stop and the graphics aren't exactly "twilight princess", but it's totally fun! It comes on gamecube though...

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yeah what is that for 

Just because they're shooters, the most popular and best selling games currently, and they aren't Christian based, doesn't mean they have sucky graphics.

yeah i know that but i like shooters but some can be to much with the gore but i like the video games that you can make so that there is no gore   

There's a rating on the games for a reason.

yes i know that 

Children of Mana is a cool game. You choose to be one of 4 classes in a fantasy world. There's a main storyline where you're trying to find out why all these elemental monsters are popping up everywhere plus quests where you can make extra money for gear and stuff.

I really like Interstate '76 it's a driving game where your a vigilante saving the west from the corrupt goverment cells. It has some great vehicle game mechanics that I still haven't seen any other game come close to matching.


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