Hi Guys, Girls and...Others. An awesome RPGer friend of mine (Bladebearer) linked me here, So I decided to check it out ^^ I might stay on the sidelines till I get the hang of things here but I cant wait to See you all around the forums. Well anyway the basic facts about me. I come from the south of england I can be incredibly lazy when I want to be I love to write draw sing and edit/create Pictures. I am a Anime nerd and a Chocolate adict.

(Thats all I can think of for now =D)


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I do like english muffins though.
I like Cookies and cake and sugar and Popcorn and Poptarts (WHICH WE DONT HAVE IN ENGLAND *CRIES*)
*Gesp*  No poptarts?

T-T nope Or Kool aid

Ouch, I gurtly loike Kool-aid.  you poor person.
might break down and eat that zero bar in my bag.
I know Im a poor deprived child XD
I will send you some virtual stuff.
YAY  <----Smiley family
Mike is nice that way


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