one of my favorite movies is tangled i have a tangled poster and a CD and sticker book!

and how to train your dragon,                                                           

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This belongs to the entertainment forum.

/Request movement.

Although, since it'll be a while since Mods move it. I'll answer. Tangled,Terminator salvation and Mylittlepony.

and  all the tinker bell movies

soul surfer

and my favorite TV show is Man vs Wild


It's a Wonderful Life.

Captian America, Ironman 1&2

And soon to be...the Avengers!!

Oo! Can't wait for that!


Some of my favorites are Avatar, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, and A Walk to Remember.

one other movie i like is Sherelock holmes

Tangled, Beauty and. The beast, Ink
Tangled,Hugo,How to train your Dragon,Beauty and the Beast, and Howl's Moving Castle (love this movie)
Oh gosh... 'what's your favorite movie?' is THE worst question you could ask me. I have a LOT of movies I like. It's like that with music for me too, except I usually have a new favorite for every month. But I guess it'd be...
How to train your dragon, megamind, soul surfer, real steel, tangled, Cinderella story,....... And a lot of others.


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