Two years. Two years have gone by since the decline of the United States of America. It was now referred to as The Refuge. A mass of land that was home to any imperfect that was willing to follow Ravenwood and his teachings. Now that this utopia existed, it took less than a year for Ravenwood’s second in command to take over. More than half of Ravenwood’s followers turned against him. Those who didn’t were either killed or forced to join the rebellion. The had just world become a much darker place.

Two years ago we fled what was left of out nation’s capitol. We knew our country was lost. It was paralyzed by the sheer power of Ravenwood’s name. We went underground to regroup. To rebuild what he took from us. Then, his second in command assumed control. Jonathan Blade. The psychotic adoptive brother of our friend Emilia. With him in power of The Refuge, life became a whole lot more difficult. Casualties on our side increased daily. His ruthlessness drove us apart. Now we live in groups of fifteen. We’re lucky if we see or hear from another group. Life has become a living hell. What keeps the fire inside of us going? The chance to set everything right. The chance to reset the chaos. A chance to mean something to the world. Who are we? We are The Defenders.



1: You may join at anytime, after reading the rules, unless I decide their are already too many players playing or it's too late in the story. So ask before joining.

2: Post new character profiles on my page if you did not join before the RPG began.

3: You may have up to five characters unless I say otherwise.

4: You may be anything but Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Demons, Wizards, Ghosts, Robots, Gods, and the like.

5: Third person posting. Go here if you are not sure how to post in third person:

6: No cursing or swearing.

7: Be realistic and fair.

8: No God-modding.

9: When we start, all out of character posts are to be written in italics unless if you're mobile, in which case, you are asked to write them (in parentheses).




Name: First and last name are mandatory.

Age: How old your character is. 20-24 preferably. Ask me if you would like to have a different age

Gender: Male or Female

Appearance: A picture of what your character looks like. If a picture cannot be found, put a detailed description of your character.

Bio: A little about your character's past.

Power: Teleportation, Pyrokinesis, etc.

Other: Anything extra that doesn't fit anywhere else.



Name: Lucien Young

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Bio: Lucien became the leader of the rebels after Vincent's death. He made sure everyone who was willing to come fled D.C. with him and the others. They kept watching their backs at every turn thinking it would be the last step they took. When Ravenwood declared the United States a safe haven for imperfects, Lucien knew it was only a matter of time before something happened. About seven months after The Refuge was announced, Jon seized control from Ravenwood and took over. Lucien spilt their growing numbers up and spread them across the country knowing full well that he would not ever see some of them ever again.

Power: Weather Manipulation - Control over lightning.

Other: Lucien carried a metal pipe everywhere he went before getting upgraded to two high tech batons that were able to connect together to form a staff thanks to Wilson Industries. These batons help Lucien have more control over the intensity of his electrical strikes. Samantha is his girlfriend.

Name: Samantha Blair

Age: 21½

Gender: Female


Bio: After D.C., Samantha knew life was never going to be the same. When Lucien became the leader of the rebels, Samantha knew there was a chance of losing him. This caused her to think about breaking up with him to lessen the emotional impact if anything did end up happing. Though she thought about these things, Samantha never acted on them. The moment Ravenwood announced The Refuge, Samantha knew it was a bad thing. She figured that Ravenwood would make all who came his followers. seven months later and things took a turn for the worst as Jon took control from Ravenwood. Samantha was well aware that Jon had it out for them and all others who opposed him.

Power: Flight - Samantha is able to propel herself into the air at supersonic speeds.

Light Blasts - Samantha can also project energy into a beam of variable intensity and diameter, from a wide concussive blast to a thin laser-like cutting beam by compacting it into her hands.

Other: Audrey is her sister. Lucien is her boyfriend.


Name: Emilia Blade Deceased - Shot in the head by one of General Turk's men

Age: 22

Gander: Female

AppearanceBio: After the Battle of D.C., Emilia kept to herself. She stayed with Lucien and Samantha for a bit before going back to England. Jon was all over the news as he stood next to Ravenwood. Emilia's adoptive parents were apprehensive to let her stay with them in the beginning but decided to let her. Emilia hardly left the house during her entire stay. She just wanted to away from the world. It was when Ravenwood announced that he had turned to United States of America into a safe haven for all imperfects, that Emilia knew she had to go back. She had to make sure her friends were alright. Not five months after she returned, Jon had snuck his way into power. The fact that no matter what happened, he would always protect her sent chills through Emilia's spin. Just to think that three years ago they were playing in the backyard. Emilia knew Jon had to be stopped, she just didn't know how to stop him.

Power: Power Immunity - The ability to be immune to certain or all powers and their effects.

Other: Jon is her adoptive brother. Left arm severed before the elbow.

Name: Jonathan “Jon” Blade

Age: 22

Gander: Male


Bio: Jon always wanted more. The victory in D.C. satisfied him for a good while until once again he wanted more. Jon took it upon himself to start looking for Lucien and the others as Ravenwood began to build The Refuge. Unable to find them, Jon turned to the now completed refuge. Ravenwood declared it as a safe haven for all imperfects. Jon began to devise a plan to seize control of The Refuge from Ravenwood. The Refuge would give him the power he needed to eradicate Lucien and his rebels. Jon put his plan in effect and assumed control shortly after.

Power: Organic Decay - Ability to decay, and eventually disintegrate all forms of organic matter by touch – a power which is involuntary. His touch breaks down the binding forces between organic molecules, causing organic materials to wither and reduce to a pile of dust within a matter of seconds' exposure to his skin. This power is even more difficult to deal with due to the fact it has a "hunger", which gives Jon a desire to use it. Jon is able to control his power well but when he comes in contact with human flesh, it is hard for him to stop using his power.

Other: Emilia is his adoptive sister.

Name: Sam Martinez

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Bio: Sam took Vincent's death pretty hard. After a quick burial, Sam had to deal with the lose of his brother on the run. Within a few weeks, he overcame his lose and began help with group decisions. When Ravenwood declared the United States as a refuge for all imperfects, Sam was apprehensive. Did this mean that Ravenwood would turn a blind eye towards them? Whatever may have happened never did as Jon rose to power. He made life a living hell for all that opposed him. Sam wasn't about to lose anyone else and would do anything to protect them.

Power: Pyrokinesis - Sam can create flames and project blasts of heat that do not contain any molten rock. However, he apparently prefers to fire magma blasts rather than simple heat blasts, perhaps because the magma blasts have a solid impact that can knock down a target. The highest level of heat that Sam can generate is not yet known, but it is believed that he can reach at least 850° Fahrenheit or higher.

Other: His brother, Vincent, taught Sam everything he knew about weapons and hand to hand combat should Sam ever lose his powers.

Name: Tyler Marcoski - Deceased - Life drained by Jon

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Bio: At the time of his brother’s death, Tyler was in remote part of the world gathering resources from Wilson Industries as his job demanded. When the news reached him a few months later, Tyler quit his job and began his journey back to the United States. When Jon overthrew Ravenwood and renamed the country the Refuge, Tyler still continued his travels. He needed to see his brother’s remains. Once in the Refuge, Tyler went city to city looking to see if anyone knew where to find his brother. In one of these cities, Tyler was told to try the capital.

Power: Mind control - Tyler has the ability to control another person's mind through literal verbal commands, thanks to a virus that he emits through micro particles in the air. The virus allows him to control another person's mind through literal verbal commands.

Other: Ryan Marcoski was his brother.



Name: Luke Brock

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Bio: Luke’s family owns a weapons research company with research departments all over the world. He discovered his powers when he was 18. When Ravenwood overtook the United States, he and the rest of the group were forced to go into hiding but they still grew stronger even through the amounts of bloodshed. When Jon took over, he was separated from the rest of the group after a battle. Not being able to make it back, he grew a small sub group that was based in the abandoned Subway tunnels of New York. The group is made up of about 15 imperfects at a time. On average two people either killed or injured a week. Most stay for only a month or two. He’s had this group for about 10 months. In the last month, Luke had finally made contact with the other group and had found a way to communicate with them. He hopes he will see them again soon.

Power: Disintegration - Luke can disintegrate anything at will.

Mass Density - Luke can change his density and anything he is holding.

Name: Aileen Genesis Labelle

Age: 23

Gender: Female


Bio: Aileen has always had the colored marks on her skin as she can recall. The nuns of St. Catherine’s Orphanage in New York said they were there when her mother dropped her off when she was little. She couldn’t remember her mother but she guesses that she was too much for her to handle, a ‘different’ kind of child. She was too much for the nuns in St. Catherine’s. When she was a baby, she would disappear out of her crib in her sleep. As she got older she would use her gift to sneak out and actually see the world outside of the walls of the orphanage. The nuns kept her hidden on adoption days to try to keep their own reputation intact. She lived without love for years of her life. When she finished high school she ran away from the orphanage and Ravenwood found her shortly after. That’s how she met Ryan. They started off as friends at first, but as time went on and as Ravenwood took over, they grew to be more than just friends. They loved each other. Aileen felt like she had found the one place where she was loved. Where she was wanted. She started to open up and she felt like she actually had a family and people who cared about her. But in a sick twist of fate, Ryan was killed in a fight against the resistant group of imperfects. She was forced to watch as the life left him. Her heart left with him. Now she will do whatever it takes to take down those who oppose their group, even if it means having to deal with Jon for the rest of her life. When Jon took over she remained in the group but lost contact with Racenwood. She demoted a few places from Jon’s distrust but she was able to prove her loyalty (even if it was faked) and she was promoted back to a major role in the chain of command where she kept an eye on him.

Power: Teleportation

Other: After Ryan’s death, she became a machine. She will take any mission no matter how dangerous or what it takes to complete it.


Name: Audrey Blair

Age: 20

Gender: Female


Bio: Audrey used to be the daughter of President Blair. Ravenwood killed him, marking the start of The Refuge. After the few months of being separated from her sister, she would never leave the group again. After Vincent died, she tried to help Sam through and in those few weeks that he actually mourned, he became a close friend. At least on her side. When Jon took control she stayed with the main group. She tries to help where she can and uses contacts she met while separated from the group to get things they need or to communicate with other groups.

Power: Merging - Audrey can merge with other living things and can either take over, hitch a ride with them or kill them from within.

Memory Manipulation - Audrey can create false memories or erase old ones. She can also make something fade or appear more prominent in the person’s mind.

Other: Samantha is her sister.

Name: Benjamin "Ben" O'Malley

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Bio: Ben's family lived in the slums of new york. His dad had a minimum wage job at a factory and his mom worked double shifts a diner a few blocks from his house. It wouldn't have been bad if he hadn't had 3 older brothers with the youngest of them being 7 years older than Ben. From an early age he learned to keep to himself. When he was 10 years old and 4th grade started that tactic didn't work as well. He was bullied for having second hand clothes with patches in them. His mother did the best she could to make them not look so ragged but it didn't work. By second grade his brothers realized what was going on and taught Ben street fighting. It was helpful that they lived at home to help pay for rent and food. His freshman year of high school Ben was cornered before school after weights training for football. The genetic lock holding back his gift snapped. Three copies of himself appeared behind the gang of boys and rescued him from the situation though he got in trouble for "starting" a fight. He was suspended for the rest of the quarter. He started working with this power. Trying to control it. By the time he was allowed back to school he had a basic understanding of it. He kept it hidden except for at night when he was alone in his room when his brothers were gone to work. Once he graduated high school had been nearly found by the MED at least 10 times. He took his things which were few and moved out, both to protect his family and to not be a burden any longer. He found an apartment and a job at a diner as a waiter. It didn't pay much but it was enough for him. When Ravenwood took over and the Refuge came into effect, his family wanted to flee but couldn't afford the tickets. He received word that his father had been killed by an imperfect raid at the factory. That determined it for him. He helped his family find a way to get up to Canada and escape over the border. He had to reveal to them his gift and refused to go with them. He had a job to do. He was fighting on his own in New York until he stumbled upon the small band of rebels led by Luke. He joined them and has been with them ever since.

Power: Duplication - Ben can create a clone of himself or something he touches for a limited time. The bigger the object the shorter the time.


Name: Joshua Medina

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Bio: Joshua was born in Jacksonville, FL to a Puerto Rican mother and a Floridian father. He found out his powers when he was 13 and has kept it hidden from everyone except his best friend who is 2 years younger than Joshua. Joshua was born with midnight blue eyes which his friend thought it was from his powers that gave him this rare eye color.  As Joshua grew up he went through high school like a normal kid and then went to college but that experience was cut short by an MED raid which he was able to escape into the forest where he met a group of others like him and he fell in with the group and they started their run from the MED.  As he spent time with the group he practiced using his powers to make intricately designed items which allowed him to be more precise with his power.  Before Lucien decided to go underground Joshua and Aleks brought Christopher's deceased body to his family and were able to convince them to leave the country and they left for Ireland that week.  Joshua was also able to get into contact with his family for the first time in a long time to the relief of his parents and he told them the story and warn them to what the future might hold and they said they were going to flee the country as well which gave Joshua enough peace of mind to go into hiding with all the Defenders.

Power: Water Control - Able to manipulate water and ice into the ways he wants it to go.

Other: He is a successful gymnast and has won over 124 medals which include 40 gold medals, 69 silver medals, and 15 bronze medals.


Name: Aleksandr "Aleks" Marchant

Age: 23

Gender: Male


Bio: Aleksandr was born in Russia and came to America when he was 11 years old, when he was in the airport heading for the gate he noticed his power when his vision went out and when he blinked he saw an overhead view of the crowd that they were walking through.  When they arrived in America, Aleks took English classes so he could understand and speak English.  He kept his power hidden from everyone including his parents and siblings which involves 1 older brother, 2 older sisters and younger twin brother and sister.  But sadly that didn't stop the MED from finding out when he turned 19 years old the MED took him from his college dorm and has spent 2 years in an MED facility in Oklahoma.  After being broken out of the prison he joined the group that helped him and did anything he could to help them.  When his friend, Christopher, was murdered by Jon a piece of his heart broke and knew that it was never going to return.  He remembered the address Chris told him of his home when they were in the Oklahoma MED facility in case Aleks escaped and Chris didn't so Aleks asked Joshua for his help with transporting Chris' body to his family for a proper burial which only the family and Aleks and Joshua went to and that was the last goodbye to his friend that had helped him get through the worst of situations.  Leaving Joshua to advise them to leave which they gladly took and left for Ireland that week.  When they left Joshua and Aleks headed back to the group and they went underground together.

Power: Navigator (If you can think of a better name tell me) -  Aleks can see things either from his own eyes or from a different point of view in which he can sense a person's directional path and turn into different color lines meaning different things.  This power also lets Aleks see, when his power focuses on a few people, specific movements of the people's bodies like arm movements, leg movements and other body parts.

Other: Ever since being broken out of Ravenwood's prison, Aleks has been determined on learning hand-to-hand combat and self-defense in close quarters which he got the hang of over time.


Name: Natalie Constanza

Age: 27

Gender: Female


Bio: Natalie was born into a middle class family with 2 older sisters and was the baby of the family.  Natalie grew up as a normal girl until she found out about her power when she was 10 and didn't want to wake up one day for school so she sub-consciously darkened her room and when she woke up she noticed that the light stopped at her room while her room was almost pitch black.  She started to see more occurrences  of her power and finally was able to harness it fully at the age of 14 and her parents decided to keep it completely hidden afraid of someone taking their daughter from them.   Secretly, Natalie practiced in her room creating small orbs of light and when she turned 18 she applied to become an EMT and started to work and take classes to become a paramedic at the same time and when she turned 22 she became a fully qualified paramedic but she only spent 3 years as a paramedic before she had to go into hiding with other imperfects.  Underground is where she met Chris and started to fall for him but never had enough courage to tell him until the night before the attacks happened on the base and Chris was taken.  She felt her heart sink when she saw the group return with multiple people being covered with white sheets and she broke down when she saw Chris' shoes sticking out from the sheet.   When Aleks was able to talk about what happened he told Natalie and she promised herself that she would get justice for Chris.

Power: Light Control - Able to control light, making it blinding or nonexistent in a certain area.

Other: She used to train with Chris and she became very competent with her powers when they were amplified which gave her even greater control at normal levels.

Name: Olivia Baeva

Age: 21

Gender: Female


Bio: Olivia Baeva was orphaned at the age of 3 from a car crash that killed her mother and father.  Olivia went through a new foster home every month due to being a very antisocial individual and being ‘too difficult’ for the foster families.  Because the many foster homes, Olivia went through many schools and was bullied because she was a foster kid which made her even more antisocial and caused her to develop a panic disorder. When she turned 7, she came into the care of the Blade Family.  Mrs. Blade took care of Olivia by taking her to martial arts classes to teach Olivia how to defend herself and how to better handle her panic attacks. When Olivia was 11, Mr. Blade was murdered on his way home and she watched as Mrs. Blade’s demeanor changed. She watched as Mrs. Blade became more determined to help other lost children and take in even more.  Mrs. Blade tried to adopt Olivia but there were complications in the adoption process which stopped it but Mrs. Blade was able to keep fostering Olivia.

As she grew up, Olivia slowly grew close to the children the Blade’s adopted and, when Mr. Blade died, saw a change in Jon as his smile became fake and his personality hardened which Olivia was the only one who could see. When Jon disappeared, Olivia searched for a month around the town until Mrs. Blade asked her to stop saying that ‘Jon would come home when he was ready’ and worrying about her safety. Olivia helped as much as she could in the time that Jon was gone and when he finally returned she was very relieved. When Emilia was adopted into the family, it took Olivia a few months before she talked to Emilia but they became friends after that and Emilia became one of the people that Olivia could confide in. Olivia’s powers manifested at the age of 16 when she woke up one morning and found her hair to be black and her eyes a bright blue. Olivia’s powers were able to suppress Jon’s powers so that he could touch things again when around her. At the age of 17, Olivia started college early and was in college for a year-and-a-half until the war between imperfects and humans began which made Olivia go back home to help her foster mom move out of the country. Olivia stayed with her mom for 7 months and when she came back from England at the age of 19, she was picked up at the airport by Jon’s men and her world went blank from there.

Power: Power Suppressor – Passively suppresses an imperfect’s power within a 10-yard radius around the enhanced.  When focused, the enhanced can expand the radius to 100-yards.

Changeling – The enhanced can change hair and eye colour on demand.  Time depends on the difference to the user’s original hair colour.

Other: Olivia has a panic disorder which can cause her to have panic attacks.  Olivia was studying to become a Medical Records Technician.  Olivia also has extensive training in Aikido.


Name: Brittany Anderson

Age: 21

Gender: Female


Bio: Brittany was ninteen when her powers emerged. She was able to keep them hidden from most everyone, but she told her little sister. She understood and helped Brittany keep it a sercret, but they couldn't keep her powers hidden forever. She was found out and went on the run. She hasn't seen her sister since. When Jon came to power things got harder so she joined the Defenders.

Power: Geokinesis


Name: Allie Stross

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Power: Ice Aversion Inducement - Can make others become weaker when near or in close contact with the element force of ice.

Ice Healing - Can use ice to heal herself and other people.

Ice Manipulation - Can manipulate cold and ice, but not very well.

Bio: Allie never knew her dad seeing as he disappered one night about a month after she was born. Insted she lived alone with her mum in a small town in Alaska. Until her house burned to the ground, killing her mum that is. She was thirteen. After she had recovered, Allie was taken to Chicago to live with a great aunt. It was not long after that, that her power emerged. She had run into a car in the dark and badly buised her knee, so she had put ice on it to help it not swell. But when she removed the ice, her knee was totally healed. She later found out she could weaken humans and mutants using ice and cold. She also learnt to create ice from the moisture in the air, but she never got very good with this ability. And by the time she was sixteen she had most of her powers downpat. But then she was caught one day when she was trying to parctice controling the ice, and her great aunt kicked her out. She wondered for about a year and a half before she joined the Defenders.


Name: Mariko Davis

Age: 21

Gender: Female


Bio: Mariko was a normal kid, adopted when she was an infant, living a normal life, but when her powers began manifesting, her neighbors, friends, even the staff at her school began to fear and distrust her. Her family tried to protect her, but eventually the government came for her and took her into custody. She managed to escape while they were transporting her from her home to a government "facility" and has been on her own ever since, moving from place to place, homeless and alone. She joined Lucien and company briefly, and along the way she met a young "imperfect" named Cordell, who went by the hacker name "Anansi". The two grew very close, and "adopted" each other as siblings. While escaping from an MED facility, the 2 were separated from the main group and captured by Ravenwood's forces. The two worked for Ravenwood and then Jon, to keep each other safe. Their captors recognized the close bond between the two and realized that the easiest way to control Mariko is to threaten "Anansi".

Power: Technopath - Ability to control technology with her mind

Mariko is very resistant to telepathy, mind-reading, mind control, etc. 

Other: Mariko is intelligent and knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. She loved libraries because no matter where she went, she could go into one and get all the information she wanted, no questions asked, and shelter from the elements for a little while. Mariko also hates and distrusts "normal" humans.

Name: Cordell Abrams (Codename: Anansi)

Age: 15
Gender: Male

Bio: At the age of 8 Cordell began seeing streams of light that no one else could. He soon discovered they were electrical signals. Unable to see what their son could, his parents took him to several psychologists. When no amount of therapy or medication could help, they had him committed to a mental hospital in Oklahoma, just a few miles from the MED base. Believing him to be insane, no one suspected him of being a mutant. He joined Lucien and company briefly, and along the way met Mariko. The two grew very close, and "adopted" each other as siblings. While escaping from an MED facility, they were separated from the main group and captured by Ravenwood's forces. The two worked for Ravenwood and then Jon, to keep each other safe. Their captors recognized the close bond between the two and realized that the easiest way to control "Anansi" was to threaten his 'sister'.
Power: Cordell is a transducer who can read electromagnetic wavelengths with mind power alone. Hacking into cellphone signals, television broadcasts, and Wi-Fi frequencies without any hardware is his specialty.
Other: Cordell uses his hacking abilities to provide other mutants with fake IDs, bank accounts, and much more. Online he uses the code name Anansi, a reference to the clever spider featured in African folklore.

Name: Amanda Bartram AKA Night Terror

Age: 22

Gender: Female


Bio: Amanda is the daughter of Professor Ravenwood's older sister. When she was 5 years old, Amanda's powers began manifesting, but she had no control over them, whatsoever. Her powers eventually drove her mother insane, to the point that her mother was moved to a mental institution. Bitter over his wife's condition, and terrified of what his child is capable of, Amanda's father was ready to turn the girl in to the government for research, but Ravenwood, hearing that his niece possessed such powerful abilities, stepped in and decided to raise Amanda himself. It was a difficult upbringing, as Ravenwood was still working as a hitman until after Amanda turned 10, when he became a professor at Birchwood University. Ravenwood taught her to control her powers and also gave her extensive combat training. He also seems to be uniquely immune to her powers, though she never turns her abilities on him, so this may be due more to her control. Ravenwood is the only person Amanda fears and trusts, and she is fiercely loyal to him, obeying his every order without question. She was away on a special mission when Jon overthrew Ravenwood (Jon may have intentionally waited for her to be away to take advantage of the opportunity). When she returned, Jon's forces were barely able to overpower and imprison her. Now, without her uncle to keep her in check, only the strongest, bravest minds can get near her, even when she is fully restrained in a cell.

Power: Amanda has the ability to read peoples fears, from minor anxieties to full-blown phobias, and even those they keep buried deep down inside, and bring them to life, in the form of powerful illusions inside her victim's mind. Due to her extensive training, she can manipulate multiple people at once, up to 10 with different, individual illusions, or 100 with the same illusion. (ie. She can use 10 people's deepest fears against them, or project one terrifying image to 100 people.)

Other: Night Terror is, cold, manipulative and sadistic. Her ability allows her to cripple almost any opponent, so she fears no one, except her uncle. (much like Ilus from Silver Phoenix's stories.) Also, her ability is far more subtle than regular mind reading and telepathy, and targets the fear center of the brain directly, so people that are resistant to most mind reading abilities, like Mariko, are still susceptible to Amanda's powers.

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