One of yours, TTUG.


So, here's how it works.  I make a statement about myself and then ask "Who are you?"  Then you make a statement about yourself and repeat the question.


"I am a person who is sad.  Who are you?"

"I am a person who is happy.  Who are you?"


Pretty simple, but fun.  Okay, let's go.




I am a person who currently hates Spanish.  Who are you?

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Some one who got ringwraith sick over the internet XD

Who r u?

Someone who lives mostly in the Barbaric archipelago.

Who are you?


Who are you?

Someone who isn't very smart

Who art thou?

Someone who doesn't understand what Ringwraith said

Who are you ?

Lol, only reason I know is because he explained it to me

Someone who is VERY disappointed in Sabrina's lack of Dark Souls knowledge. 

Who are you?

Someone who likes cookies.


Someone just died a little inside....

Who are you?

Someone who disagrees with Hope.

Who are you?

Someone who wants to watch LOTR!

Who are you?

someone who has more games than he has time.


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