This is where we discuss the reasons for Santa Clause. Such as, why do parents lie to their children just so that they will believe in Santa?

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The question asked on the description of this page is my first question. Why do parents lie to their children about Santa?

Because it is a tradition. Most kids don't want parents to sneak out into the stocking room and put in presents. I always wanted something to believe in and it's break for parents with naughty kids. The kids want to be ooh for Santa.

But why do it if it's a lie? Why is santa so important as to lie to children?

I'm moving this to the Open Forum.

Children enjoy being lied to when it comes to Santa Clause's existence. They all grow out of it, and very few kids will ever get angry at their paretns for telling them that he exists. Same as the Tooth Fairy.

Quote from Despicable Me:

"I like him. He's nice."

"But creepy."

"Yeah.... Like Santa!"

Yup, sure did :)

It all started a long time ago, with a son of a priest, this man was named Nickoli (dont know the last name) and he was a saint. He was going to become a priest but he didnt want to be one so he ran away, but God called him back to his father because he was going to die, so this so called Nickoli went back home to became a priest, and inturn obeying God, but he was rich and being a priest was just not enough so he took a walk to clear his head, he walk past a house's window and over heard a conversation between a doughter and a father, this conversation was about this doughter's husband to be's, dalry, (a dalry is a payment that a father pays to the husband so he can take care of her, and without this they could not merry) but because they were soo poor he couldnt offord it so when Nickoli heard this he rushed back to his castle to get a bag of money to give to these people at night, so long story short he drops it down the chimney and this is what created the tradition of santa cluase or Saint Nick

I'd like to know where the big, fat, jolly man in the red suit came from. I like the Father Christmas from Narnia. He acctually seemed more genuine than the one in the red suit.

As do mine.

Mine are bettererererererererererererererererererer!


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