I know I know, your probably thinking. "Mina! You've got waaaay to many storys going at once to be writing another!" 

Well after some careful prioritizing I learned that I'm currently only really working on one book. So I decided to write one more. :D

Oh, right. If you can't take blood or any gore I suggest you find another book annnnddd there might be romance, but I highly doubt it...

Comments or suggestions are welcome! ^^ I may not listen but tell me anyway. XD

Anyway so I hope you like it!


By Mina 

Started May 8th 2012


It is said that way up in the clouds lived a kingdom, although it is not as high as space or the heavens, but high enough to not be found by humans of any sort. The kingdom floats on a cloud and is luscious and luxurious in every way. The buildings are built out of precious stones and metals. There were plants everywhere, all being exotic and unworldly. The kingdom is, while though modern, also very environmentally friendly and communes with nature. At the highest point to the kingdom sits a glorious castle that puts all the other building to shame. Here lives the people’s kind and generous ruler. Speaking of the people, they are probably the most interesting thing of the kingdom. The people had smooth, silky and slightly dark skin. (Since they are so close to the sun) vibrantly colored eyes and hair, but the most interesting and amazing thing about these people was their wings. Yes wings, large, feathered wings that usually matched the bearer’s hair color and size. This made the people unique and set apart from the humans down below. They wanted nothing to do with that world and taught their children to stay away from it.

They were so concerned about evil from below they never expected to find it within.

One fateful night the Queens son was snatched from his crib and carried off by a jealous member of the Queens court. He had heard nothing, but how beautiful this child was for the past couple of weeks and tired, he decided to get rid of it.

The Queen cried in misery while the entire kingdom searched in vain for the child who wasn’t even a month old. It was all futile though; the child’s captor had left the kingdom in the sky and would never be seen again.


Hawk: With white wings that have a black edge at the bottom and black at the ends of his hair.

Seth: With gold wings. I love Pic monkey! <3




Falcon: (No jewellery) 

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Me: Can't wait for more!

Syven: So he can make his wings vanish too? Sweet! We have a lot in common. 

Me: Hee hee hee I knew he had to have some way to hid his wings.

Hawk: Yeah, but its uncomfortable. I prefer my wings out and put to use. *sighs dreamily*

Oooh awesome! Me like!

*blush* thanks ^^

:) welcome

Yeah! -^-^- My new character!!

Chapter III

Hawk finally got deep enough into the kingdom so that his secret was safe again. He kicked at the dirt feeling angry. “Just when I thought I belong somewhere.” He thought.

“Excuse me.” Someone said behind him.

Hawk turned around quickly and found a tall skinny man in bright clothing like a jester.

“We need to talk in private.” He whispered to Hawk and took his arm dragging him down an alley. “You have wings right?” he asked.

Hawk took a step back nervously.

“Don’t worry.” The strange jester said. “I just have a business proposal for you that involves your wings. I mean don’t you want to put them to use?”

Hawk chewed his lip. “What would I do?”

The jester took his hand. “Oh, it’s very easy.” He said taking Hawk and leading him out of the alley and down the bustling streets.

“That’s not what I…” Hawks voice was drowned out in the noisy crowd.

It was so crowded in this part of the kingdom that Hawk could barely see the hand of the jester that was holding his. He had no choice but to follow. Suddenly the jester let go and he was pushed backwards into a room. The door closed and the jester turned on a light.

“We start in five minutes.” The jester said peeking through a curtain.

“What are you talking about?” Hawk asked. “You still haven’t told me what we’re doing.”

The jester smirked evilly. “Just improvise when you’re on the stage.”

“Stage!?” Hawk asked feeling angry.

“Time” The jester said pushing Hawk through the curtain.

He stumbled onto a stage and looked around at a huge crowd of people.

The jester tumbled in a strange fashion after Hawk. “Ladies and Gentlemen please meet the boy who has wings.”

Hawk’s eyes widened and he grabbed the charm around his neck. His wings popped out and he shot up into the sky, but not very far when something around his ankle yanked him down and he fell on the ground.

The jester clicked his tongue and Hawk realized he was holding a rope attached to his leg.

“Why are you treating a person like that?” Someone in the crowd asked.

The jester laughed and pointed at Hawk. “You think this creature is a person?”

Hawk felt like he was going to be sick. He took off into the air again and pulled hard to get away.

The jester sighed. “Still needs training.”

The crowd laughed and a couple men with ropes created lassoes and roped Hawks hands and legs pulling him back down to the ground.

“Stop!” Hawk yelled struggling to get away.

One of the men suddenly cried out in pain and everyone looked behind where a cloaked figure stood crouched on a roof with a bow and arrow. “Let him go.” The figure warned.

The jester laughed nervously. “He’s mine; now get moving before I call the guards.”

“Fine.” The figure said. “But he’s coming with me.”

Gold feathered wings flapped open from beneath the cloak and the figure swooped over to the stage grabbing Hawk and taking off. With a knife he cut off the ropes to make sure they couldn’t be dragged back down and he flew up into the clouds.

“What were you thinking you idiot?” The figure snarled dropping Hawk on a cloud.

Hawk was still shocked that the figure had wings. “Y-you…”

The figure sighed and took off the cloak. It was a boy who looked to be a little older then Hawk with large gold wings and gold slightly spikey hair. His eyes were much like Hawks but green. “Yeah I have wings. I didn’t know anyone else was like me.”

Hawk shock turned into an excited smile. “So we can go together now!”

“No.” The boy said checking his satchel. “Your way to clumsy and you’ll get me into trouble.”

Hawk felt disappointed. “Oh…”

“Name’s Seth” The boy said holding out a hand.

Hawk tried to seem a bit more cheerful and took it. “Hawk”

Seth nodded politely and continued looking in his bag until he found a charm on a chain. He slipped it over his neck and his golden wings disappeared.

“You have one to!” Hawk said excitedly.

Seth looked up and noticed Hawks. He lifted it gently and studied it. “Where’d you get it?”

“A smith, but he said he got it from an old lady.” Hawk told him.

Seth raised a brow and then showed Hawk his. “I got mine from an old lady as well.” His was a swallow with a green crystal for its eye. Seth continued. “I’m the golden swallow so you must be the white and black hawk.”

“We have types?” Hawk asked curiously.

Seth shrugged. “That’s what the old women told me. She said because I am the swallow I can fly quickly and turn on a whim. Because you’re the hawk I’m guessing you can see very far and glide very well.”

“Huh” said Hawk. “I guess so.”

Seth sighed. “I’m wasting my time. I better go.” He touched his charm and his wings sprung out.

“Wait.” Said Hawk, grabbing Seth’s arm “Please let me come with you.” He begged.

Seth paused a moment then pulled away. “It would be too dangerous.”

“I can fight if that’s what you mean.” Hawk insisted.

Seth seemed interested. “Really?”

Hawk nodded feeling hopeful.

Seth bit his lip thinking. “Follow me.” He said finally jumping off the cloud and gliding down to the ground.

Hawk eagerly followed.

They landed in a small forest and Seth found some thick sticks. “Let’s see what you got.” He said throwing one to Hawk.

Hawk caught it and Seth attacked instantly giving Hawk hardly any time to block. They began sparring with each other and to Seth’s surprise Hawk was very good. He was quite quick and had good aim and strength.

“Where did you *grunt* learn to fight?” Seth asked in between blows.

Hawk smirked. “I had a lot of time alone growing up so I taught myself to fight. Comes in handy… especially with bears…” he muttered.

“Bears?!?” Seth exclaimed.

“Yep” Hawk said knocking the stick from Seth’s hands. “So can I join you?”

Seth chuckled. “I don’t know how those guys managed to catch you.”

Hawk shrugged. “They startled me.”

Seth chuckled and held out a hand. “Looks like it us against the world.”

Hawk took his hand. “Yep”


Syven: He reminds me of my cousin.

Slade: ...you don't have a cousin...and neither do I.

Syven: Shh! They didn't know that!

Slade: *rolls eyes*

Seth: I may not have any family at all...

Hawk: Yep! But now were practically family! *tries to hug Seth*

Seth: *gently pushes Hawk  away* suuurre.

Me: If you think about it you guys aren't really related.

Slade: ...that's why I try not to think about it too much

Syven: Sciencey stuff is confusing for me.

Me: Diddo.  

Me: I should work on the next chapter a bit more... I'm just trying to get some of the layout to the story together.

Seth: Yeah and I know two big Mmmmffhhh!

Hawk: *covers Seth's mouth* Heeheehee nothing! <3

Me: *sighs* I can trust you two with not blowing everything right?

Seth and Hawk: *nods vigorously*

Me: Uugg why do I always make boy characters that get into trouble?

Me: Because guys have a natural habit of getting into trouble.

Slade: I bet to differ.

Syven: ditto!

Me: *snickers* That's why I didn't tell them anything that was going to happen in their story.

Clayth: But you told me everything.

Me: Go away!


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