I know I know, your probably thinking. "Mina! You've got waaaay to many storys going at once to be writing another!" 

Well after some careful prioritizing I learned that I'm currently only really working on one book. So I decided to write one more. :D

Oh, right. If you can't take blood or any gore I suggest you find another book annnnddd there might be romance, but I highly doubt it...

Comments or suggestions are welcome! ^^ I may not listen but tell me anyway. XD

Anyway so I hope you like it!


By Mina 

Started May 8th 2012


It is said that way up in the clouds lived a kingdom, although it is not as high as space or the heavens, but high enough to not be found by humans of any sort. The kingdom floats on a cloud and is luscious and luxurious in every way. The buildings are built out of precious stones and metals. There were plants everywhere, all being exotic and unworldly. The kingdom is, while though modern, also very environmentally friendly and communes with nature. At the highest point to the kingdom sits a glorious castle that puts all the other building to shame. Here lives the people’s kind and generous ruler. Speaking of the people, they are probably the most interesting thing of the kingdom. The people had smooth, silky and slightly dark skin. (Since they are so close to the sun) vibrantly colored eyes and hair, but the most interesting and amazing thing about these people was their wings. Yes wings, large, feathered wings that usually matched the bearer’s hair color and size. This made the people unique and set apart from the humans down below. They wanted nothing to do with that world and taught their children to stay away from it.

They were so concerned about evil from below they never expected to find it within.

One fateful night the Queens son was snatched from his crib and carried off by a jealous member of the Queens court. He had heard nothing, but how beautiful this child was for the past couple of weeks and tired, he decided to get rid of it.

The Queen cried in misery while the entire kingdom searched in vain for the child who wasn’t even a month old. It was all futile though; the child’s captor had left the kingdom in the sky and would never be seen again.


Hawk: With white wings that have a black edge at the bottom and black at the ends of his hair.

Seth: With gold wings. I love Pic monkey! <3




Falcon: (No jewellery) 

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Yes! I finally got this chapter finished! I'm still working out the kinks with Falcons character though. :P

Chapter IX

Hawk watched as Falcon left and then finally followed Seth back down the winding streets. “I can’t believe this Bishop.” Hawk snarled.

Seth had never seen Hawk so mad before and it startled him.

The boys spent there day searching around for any other clues to their existence, but found nothing and finally evening was upon them. They waited quietly until the people went into their houses and the lights slowly went off. Soon the moon had almost made it to the top of the sky.

“Let’s go.” Seth whispered and they took off like shadows in the sky.

When they got to the roof of the castle they looked around. “Where is he?” Hawk whispered.

“I’m here.” Falcon said coming from around a pillar. “Take them.” He commanded.

Out of the shadows jumped a dozen men with ropes and swords. They came fast upon boys and before they had a real chance to react they were roped and drug to the ground before tightly tied up.

Falcon looked over them. “I guess we know our names, but not titles. I am Falcon, captain of the Bishops guards.” He said with a small smirk.

Seth growled and struggled hard. “So you just tricked us?!”

Falcon shrugged. “More or less. Take them away.” With that he turned and left leaving the boys to be drug away by the guards.

Hawk went without a struggle. He was thinking deeply. Seth on the other hand fought with all he had until they were thrown into their cell. Their cell was like a large bird cage with thicker bars and more space.

“Tomorrow the Bishop will decide if your useful or not.” One of the guards sneered before closing the door of the room and leaving.

Seth, free to move now, kicked the side of the cage. “Can’t believe he’d do that to his own kind” he hissed, angry.

Hawk watched Seth have his fit until he sat down, too tired to do anything more.

Making sure no one was listening in Hawk leaned in and whispered to Seth. “Falcon didn’t want to do it.”

Seth looked surprised and confused. “What?”

Hawk smirked. “If you weren’t so blind with rage you would have noticed the pained look on his face. He’ll still help us.” Hawk promised.

Seth looked at Hawk carefully.  “How can he just trust people like that?” Seth wondered. “Complete trust… in someone we just met…”

Hawk leaned back against the cage and got comfortable.

“What are you doing?” Seth asked.

“Sleeping” Hawk answered. “May as well until Falcon comes and gets us out.”

Seth sighed and leaned back, but he didn’t fall asleep like Hawk, he waited. The night seemed to drone on forever and by the time the sun actually started to rise he was questioning Hawks trust.                        

Just then the door flung open and Falcon hurried in. “Sorry.” He whispered. “The Bishop found out about our meeting and the only way I could make up for it was to say that I made a trap for you.” He passed Seth something between the bars before taking out a ring of keys and working on the lock.

“Told you he’d come back.” Hawk said stretching. 

Seth looked at what Falcon had given him and recognized the book. ‘Bird People’ he looked over to Hawk who was asking Falcon where there stuff was. “How does Hawk always know…?” Seth wondered again. “How can he trust people like that…?” In this world Seth had learned to live by hanging on and never trusting anyone, but Hawk here, he was something else.

Falcon got the door open and ushered them out. “Hurry, here’s your stuff, now follow me.” He passed them a pile which Hawk organized and passed Seth’s half over.

They rushed across a hall to another room. Falcon flung open two doors to a balcony. “Quick, fly away while you can.”

Hawk shook his head. “You’ve got to come with us.”

Falcon smiled sadly and lifted something until it hit the light so they could see it. “Can’t, I’m tied down with some sort of invisible chain.”

Seth grabbed Hawks arm. “Come on, while we still have a chance.”

Hawk pulled away. “We got to help him.” He insisted taking out his sword.

Seth bit his lip unsure.

“We owe him.” Hawk said.

Seth nodded and with a flash pulled out his sword and smashed it into the chain which was lit up by the sunlight. It made a loud clang, but made hardly a dent in the chain.

Falcon looked nervously to the door. “You best just leave. No need to waste your freedom.”

Hawk rushed back into the castle. “I’ll be right back.”

“Hawk!” Seth hissed. “Get back!”

Falcon and Seth waited in silence too nervous to do anything more. A large scrapping sound started and slowly got closer until Hawk rushed in dragging a massive ax. “Found it.” He puffed dragging it over.

“You idiot” Seth muttered helping Hawk lift the ax before bringing it down hard onto the chain.

With a snap Falcon leapt into the air. “It broke!” he said shaking with excitement.

Guards burst into the room. “Get em!”

Hawk and Seth jumped off the balcony and took off after Falcon dodging arrows as they made their quick getaway. As they got out of the arrows range Falcon whooped and started spinning in the air. “Man this feels good! I haven’t flown this high in forever.”

Hawk laughed joining him. Seth followed behind, watching them, amused. They flew until they came to a forest where they all gladly rested in the branches of a large tree.

Hawk looked curious. “How were you captain of the guard?” he asked Falcon.

Falcon sighed. “After years he began to trust me and gave me that title, though I was still always monitored and watched over carefully…”

Seth took out the book. “Shall I read?” He asked.

Hawk nodded excitedly.

The book was small, thin and badly worn. Seth opened it carefully and began reading. “I am writing in this booklet my study of the most interesting creatures, Bird People. Though this name does them no justice I could think up no other. The first time I meet one of these, I was on a walk when she fell out of the sky. When she came to she couldn’t remember anything, but could still use her large beautiful wings coming out of her back. It was many years until I met another. Over the course of twenty years I’ve only met four and three of them had lost their memory or something else happened so that they had no idea where they had came from. The fourth however... spoke of a homeland….”

Me: Yay! I like Falcon he's cool. Falcons themselves are cool.

Jafen: Is that why you made it so I could turn into a falcon?

Slade: Of course she did. 

Sage: *thinking darkly* 

Me: ...you just reminded Sage of something by putting in the invisible chain.

Clayth: Stop giving away things!!!

Gotta love Falcons. He's another to their group -^-^-


*Takes deep breath* 

Ok ppl I have decided to put this book with the scrap. Now don't scream at me right away. I pretty much wrote this entire book for a handful of chapters(that I can't wait to write!) so I'm going to write them and post them then summarize everything else. I realized I needed to ditch this book when I tried to explain it to a friend. It hit me how I didn't do a very good job on the story and if I was ever to continue it would need a large rewrite. 

Thanks for your support!

I shall be waiting eagerly! ?*pulls up a chair and stares a screen, waiting for chapter*

ah... you should just find something else to do... I haven't even begun the chapter...


I'll go listening to a book on CD then leaving my laptop open. *runs off to kind CDs* Ack where did I put that?


I forgot about this chapter! It's not edited very well, but enjoy!

Chapter X

The three boys all looked at each other. Seth quickly continued reading. “He was quite wounded when I found him and dying. All he would mutter about was the kingdom in the sky. I dreamed of going up there and this note book will be devoted to my search.” Seth cleared his throat and flipped the page. “Day one: Clear sky’s so I’ve been watching for anything, but I see nothing. I can’t help but wonder how high it is and if it stays in one place or moves about.” Seth looked confused and flipped the pages. “There’s nothing more…” he murmured.

Hawk looked over his shoulder. “Check through every page.”

Seth did so and gasped. Near the middle of the book was a page covered in drops of blood. Crudely written in blood there were words. “Found it”

They all looked at each other again and Seth flipped through the book a bit more. “That’s it…” he whispered. He looked back at the cover. “It’s written by Yogith Torsheno.”

Hawk leapt to his feet. “Well, let’s go see where he lived, ask people if they knew him and find it to.”

Seth and Falcon slowly nodded seeing what Hawk was saying.

Hawk suddenly took off and for a moment Falcon and Seth just looked after him. Finally Falcon spoke. “He’s quite determined to find out who we are…” he said softly.

Seth nodded. “Yeah” He said watching as Hawk impatiently waited for them above the tree tops. “Why… do I feel that... I like Hawk?” Seth wondered. “More… then friends…?” he suddenly got to his feet shaking his head. “What a dirty thought!” he scolded himself unfurling his wings and taking off.

Falcon soon came after them and the three flew, following the road, hoping to find someone and ask them about the man. They traveled barely a day before finding an absolutely massive kingdom which they entered in on foot.

“Welcome to Jomit.” A man at the entrance greeted them.

Hawk smiled brightly. “Thanks! We’re looking for someone’s house.” He told the man. “Have you heard of Yogith Torsheno?” He asked.

The man blinked back surprise. “That crazy old coot? He died years and years ago.”

Hawk looked excited. “So he lived around here?”

The man nodded. “He did, why do you ask?”

Hawk felt terribly excited. They had barely even started their search and they had already found him! “Can you take us there?” he asked.

The man looked around. “How about later tonight? Come back in an hour or two.” He said.

Hawk nodded and looked to the others. “Let’s go find something fun to do!” He said before rushing off.

Seth sighed touching his forehead. “Does Hawk ever run out of energy?” he muttered.

Hawk looked back at them and smiled making Seth pause slightly before continuing on with everyone.

A stage was soon being set up and a young announcer stood on a stand. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. This is in fact the show that fly’s, it will shock and amaze you! Please gather!” He encouraged.

Hawk drug the others over and they curiously waited.

Soon the stage was set and the announcer got everyone ready. “Ladies and gentlemen, please warmly greet, Lily!” He said and everyone clapped for a few moments before something flashed out of the curtains and everyone looked up. Above them was a pretty young girl dressed in a flowing blue dress and adored with jewelry. Though it wasn’t her beauty that captured the people’s attention, but the large purple wings she was using to keep herself afloat.

Hawk gasped. “She’s used as a show!”

The girl flew around a bit her long purple hair flowing around her and landed by the announcer with a large smile on her face.

The announcer smirked at all the shocked faces in the crowd. “Come one everyone! Give her a round of applause.”

The crowd answered by putting their hands together and the girl began to dance on the stage and then up into the air. Her costume floated around her and the crowd loved it. Hawk watched with big excited eyes. “Look at her go.” He murmured.

Falcon had been shifting uncomfortably until he could take it no more and from under the cloak he was wearing, his wings opened and he took off. Hawked watched everything like slow motion, his eyes widened in horror. “No!” he whispered reaching out to grab Falcon, but he was too late and everything went back up to speed. Falcon quickly flew over to the girl and like a dart disappeared off with her behind the stage and into the trees.

“He got her!” Seth said excitedly.

“No no no!” Hawk growled looking mad and pushing through the startled crowd to where the two rushed away.

Quickly they found Falcon who was struggling against the girl with a hand over her mouth. “S-she won’t stop.” He said to Seth and Hawk.

Seth bent down beside her. “It’s ok; we’ve got you out of there.”

Hawk crossed his arms looking mad. “She never wanted out of there.” He said.

Falcon and Seth blinked back surprised.

Hawk bent down beside her. “Listen, I’m sorry about my friends. Will it be alright if we talk just a bit without you screaming and letting people knowing where we are?”

The girl nodded slowly and Falcon took his hand away.

“What do you want?” she demanded.

Hawk sighed and crossed his legs. “We have wings to and they thought you were forced to be in that show.”

The girl laughed. “Of course not! I love being in that show!” she sighed dramatically. “I just looove the attention”

Falcon was shocked. “H-how did you know Hawk?”

Hawk shrugged. “She looked so happy”

The girl got to her feet brushing herself off. “What are you all doing here anyway?”

Hawk smiled brightly. “We’re looking for the house of Yogith Torsheno to find out why we have wings.” He said.

The girl looked surprised. “I knew him!”

Me: Another girl with wings! Cool!

Oh! I almost forgot her pic! I edited it ages ago.


Cool! I was just about to ask you for it. :P


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