I know I know, your probably thinking. "Mina! You've got waaaay to many storys going at once to be writing another!" 

Well after some careful prioritizing I learned that I'm currently only really working on one book. So I decided to write one more. :D

Oh, right. If you can't take blood or any gore I suggest you find another book annnnddd there might be romance, but I highly doubt it...

Comments or suggestions are welcome! ^^ I may not listen but tell me anyway. XD

Anyway so I hope you like it!


By Mina 

Started May 8th 2012


It is said that way up in the clouds lived a kingdom, although it is not as high as space or the heavens, but high enough to not be found by humans of any sort. The kingdom floats on a cloud and is luscious and luxurious in every way. The buildings are built out of precious stones and metals. There were plants everywhere, all being exotic and unworldly. The kingdom is, while though modern, also very environmentally friendly and communes with nature. At the highest point to the kingdom sits a glorious castle that puts all the other building to shame. Here lives the people’s kind and generous ruler. Speaking of the people, they are probably the most interesting thing of the kingdom. The people had smooth, silky and slightly dark skin. (Since they are so close to the sun) vibrantly colored eyes and hair, but the most interesting and amazing thing about these people was their wings. Yes wings, large, feathered wings that usually matched the bearer’s hair color and size. This made the people unique and set apart from the humans down below. They wanted nothing to do with that world and taught their children to stay away from it.

They were so concerned about evil from below they never expected to find it within.

One fateful night the Queens son was snatched from his crib and carried off by a jealous member of the Queens court. He had heard nothing, but how beautiful this child was for the past couple of weeks and tired, he decided to get rid of it.

The Queen cried in misery while the entire kingdom searched in vain for the child who wasn’t even a month old. It was all futile though; the child’s captor had left the kingdom in the sky and would never be seen again.


Hawk: With white wings that have a black edge at the bottom and black at the ends of his hair.

Seth: With gold wings. I love Pic monkey! <3




Falcon: (No jewellery) 

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So from what you last read to now

Hawk and the others find the house and figure out about an island in the sky. (Described in the prologue) Lily decides to join the group and fulfil her curiosity as well. The night before they leave to find it Hawk decides to go back to the house and see what else he can find. He is attacked and taken by unknown hostility's. Seth and the rest go after him and that's where this chapter starts.

Chapter ...

Seth looked ahead at the tall white tower. “There.” He whispered. “Hawk was taken there.”

Lily and Falcon nodded and they quickly scurried toward it, keeping low. Suddenly there were voices and they all dove into the bush.

The door to the tower flung open and the group of thugs came out. “And the job is finally done.” One said with a chuckle.

“Now for the cash.” Another drooled rubbing his hands together.

Seth cringed as he watched one of the men fling a blood covered knife into the ground. Cautiously the trio waited until they had fully left before they tiptoed out of their hiding places and into the building. Inside there were two sets of stairs. One going down and one going up. Also there were plenty of other rooms on the floor they were on.

“I’ll take this level.” Lily said hurrying into a room and searching.

Falcon nodded. “I’ll go below.” He said jumping down opening his wings slightly to help him glide down.

Seth took a deep breath and started to go up, but before he took one step he paused. On the first step was the tiniest drop of blood. He looked up and spotted more. Now he felt even more nervous and his throat seemed to close up with worry. Wasting no more time he rushed up the steps finding larger and large drops as he got higher. By the time he reached the last stair there was a puddle the size of his hand. Looking around he saw the trail led to a closed door. Swallowing he got up his courage and opened the door.

To his horror he found Hawk lying sprawled out on the floor… in a large pool of blood.

“Hawk!” He yelped rushing over to his friend. He splashed onto his knees and gently picked Hawk up into his arms. Blood instantly soaked his clothes and he immediately noticed how light Hawk was. Hawk was always very light, but now from loss of blood he was even lighter.  To Seth’s surprise Hawk’s belly was still rising and falling. He was alive. Quickly Seth searched for wounds and gasped when he found out why Hawk was bleeding. On his back there were stumps of what used to be Hawks wings.

Hawk moaned softly and Seth rolled him over to look at him. “Seth?” Hawk croaked.

Seth bit his lip to hold back tears. “I’m here.” He whispered softly.

Hawk’s hollow eyes flickered open and he looked groggily at Seth. “I… I think this is it.” He murmured.

Seth took Hawks hand and gripped it tight. “No it isn’t” He insisted.

Tears pooled in Hawk’s eyes. “I-I’m going to miss you.” He rasped.

Seth shook his head firmly. “You won’t die.” He insisted.

Hawk smiled slightly. “I have a secret to tell you.” He said.

Seth fought tears knowing Hawk was really leaving him.

Hawk chuckled slightly, but it turned into a coughing fit where he began coughing up blood. Finally he calmed down enough to speak. “M-my own parents didn’t know this… you see… I’m actually a girl.”

Seth’s jaw dropped. “W-what?” He managed.

Hawk smirked moving a bit to get comfortable. “My first parents knew, but I grew up a tomboy. When they died my new parents right away thought I was a boy and didn’t let me get a word edgewise so I’ve always been one. I even started to believe I was one… until I met you.” She murmured.

Seth looked confused. “Until you met me?”

Hawk looked up at Seth with her beautiful navy blue eyes. They took Seth’s breath away as he realized how beautiful Hawk really was. “I felt my heart flutter.” She said softly.

Seth began to see the feminine quality’s in Hawk and even the sweet tune to her voice. It was all beginning to make sense. He realized what he felt toward Hawk.

Hawk continued. “Seth… you are incredibly handsome you know.” She said.

Seth blushed, the words should have seemed weird, coming from Hawk, but they didn’t to him.

Hawk smiled slightly. “You were so kind, smart and strong… I… I… I think I love you.” She murmured.

Seth shivered with excitement. “Since the day we met.” He said softly. “I’ve always noticed how unique you were and how I felt something toward you that I had never felt before. I think I love you too Hawk.”

More tears pooled in Hawk’s eyes and Seth pulled her up into a kiss before any of his escaped. Finally his emotions made sense and just when they did he was beginning to lose her. Hawk’s body slowly went limp and her lips pulled away from his.  He opened his eyes to find hers shut and her breathing going ragged.

“Hawk!” He wailed. “Don’t leave me!” He begged.

Falcon and Lily burst into the room gapping at all the blood.

“Were losing her!” Seth told them.

“Her?” Lily asked him, feeling confused.

Seth ignored her trying to stop the flow of blood. Falcon took off his shirt and passed it to Seth who quickly pressed it hard against Hawk’s wingless back.

“We need to get out of here.” Falcon insisted.

Slowly Seth nodded and got to his feet. They quickly hurried out and spread their wings taking to the sky. “We’ve got to find the floating island and someone who can help Hawk.” Seth said.

It's not very well written. :P hope you enjoyed it anyway. I'll summarize the rest soon.

Here are more pics I had found for Wings that I decided not to use.

Girly Hawk ;P


Me: *jaw drop* Oh...my...goodness...Hawk is...a girl?!?!?!

Sage: *covers hand with mouth as he laughs*

Me: Sage she's dying and you're laughing.

Sage: *doesn't stop*

Zeth: Did not see that one coming...that makes things...different...wait a minute did they just kiss?!?

Me: He hates kissing so I'm surprised he missed it.

Yup! I planned that out from the beginning! 

Finally! I finished the summary! Its kinda sad to be finishing it actually... But perhaps I'll rewrite it one day. Hope you enjoy the ending even if it is just a summary. :)

Note: I never exactly figured out who and why they attacked Hawk…  :P

Seth and the others manage to find the island where Hawk is immediately taken to be treated. While waiting Seth learns he is actually the prince the queen of the bird people had lost years ago though he refuses to believe it. The queen then shows Seth something startling. Hawk doesn’t actually exist. She’s in fact created from a magic crystal and sent to earth after the prince in hope he would one day be found. Hawk was given free will though and grew up normally creating her own personality… but she was also given a determination to find other people with wings and a place where she would belong so that she would one day find the prince and the island. Seth still refuses to believe the queen and rushes to visit Hawk. Hawk is perfectly healed and even grew new wings, but she had already learned about who she really was. Sadly she knows she will soon leave and Seth and Hawk spend their last moments with each other. The Queen enters and with a snap of her fingers Hawk disappears and returns to the crystal where she came from. Seth is heartbroken and force to be prince, but quietly plans to get the stone back. Lily and Falcon are eager to join in on the plan and when the time is right the trio sneak past the guards and manage to make it into the queen’s bedroom.  They’re about to get the crystal when the queen awakens and the guards catch them. While the queen is trying to find a suitable punishment Seth suddenly calls out for Hawk, begging her to come back. As if to answer the stone begins to glow and no longer being able to contain the being Hawk escapes. The queen and guards are so startled it gives Hawk enough time to take out a couple while Seth and the others escape. They make it out of the castle with the guards hot on their heels. Just when it seems they’re about to be caught again the kingdoms people intervene. It turns out they have lived under the queen’s iron rule unhappily and they were prepared to revolt. Without much trouble the people have the queen stand down from her throne and in her place have Seth. Hawk tries to leave, heartbroken that the only reason she’s around is because of a crystal, but Seth begs her to stay and with some convincing she agrees. The epilogue would talk about how they would live happily ever after. XD



Urrrggg this is really hard to say goodbye to now!!! Alright, *takes deep breath* I'll do it now. *posts*

Falcon: You know what I think Mina?

Me: *sniffles* huh?

Falcon: I think you should write an entirely different book, but still using us as characters.

Me: *considers* oooooooooooo! I like that idea! I will most defiantly need to keep that one!

Hawk: I might even forgive you if you were to do that!

Me: ... gee thanks...

Seth: You never really got the chance to get into me and Hawks relationship. *smiles at Hawk*

Hawk: *smiles back*

Lily: Don't forget me!!! *whines* people hardly even got to know me!! They don't know why I love the stage or how I came to earth or my personality. 

Me: Urrrrggg you guys are giving me a headache.

Hawk: I'll give you a bigger one if you don't think up a great new story line.

Me: *Whimpers* I can't work under stress.

Seth: Your about to learn.

Me: *sighs* So I might just...

Hawk: *kicks me*

Me: I will try to...

Hawk: *kicks me again*

Me: I will write up a new story line... some day.

Hawk: Want me to kick you again?

Me: *sob* stop forcing me!! *starts running* Leave me aloooonnnneee

Hawk: GET HER!!!

Everyone: *chases after me*


Me: Oh dear....I think your characters are giving my characters bad ideas... *looks nervously at the grinning Sage*

Sage: *stops grinning and looks at Silver innocently* Did you say something?

Me: ...Z-zeth, Sage is creeping me out, can you make him stop it?

Zeth: You're on your own on this one. 

Me: I'm not getting involved. So what do you think of the st... um summary of the story. :P

Me: It was cool but if you want my opinion (which I rarely ever give :P) it's be nice to know more about Falcon, of course that's just because he's my favorite character. :P

Me: Ikr? I think I will write a new storyline. I want to finish one of my other books first though.

Koyo: Mina is amazing! Shes only writing two right now! 

Me: *smiles* I worked hard to cut them back! ^^

Falcon: It's especially amazing since she had like 6 or 7 going at once not that long ago.

Me: Yup! ^^ 

Me: I still have too many that I'm working on. Oh, update on my laptop: my dad is moving the hard-drive and stuff to a different laptop which used to be my sister's but she's getting a new one. It looks and works almost exactly the same because it's the same model but hers is slightly older than mine was, though it works a little faster for some reason...so hopefully he'll work on that tonight or tomorrow. Until then I'm stuck on this strange laptop which used to be my mom's until she got a new one. Good news is: because I posted all the chapters of The Crimson Wolf on here, I just had to copy them onto a google doc page and then start working from there! Ok, I'm done now. :P

Me: Yes! Sounds like you'll have a better working computer in no time! I'm still working on the Crimson wolf. (Which I LOVE by the way)


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