Welcome, to "Would You Rather"! This game is similar to This or That, but is more detailed...

Here's an example of how it goes.


ToeFace: Would you rather spend Christmas with your grandpartents, or spend Thanksgiving with your aunts and uncles?


FingerFace: Spend Christmas with my grandparents. Would you rather choke to death on a sucker, or be eaten by a shark?


I'll start.

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Mopar I guess.

White Witch or Marsuvees Black?

Marsuvees Black.

Would you rather work with PureFlix or the Burns Family Studio?

Burns Family studios.

PC or Idevice?

I really don't know what an idevice is... so pc.

would you rather play Gran Turismo Sport early, or Forza Motorsport 7 early?

Gran Turismo Sport? Idk what either of those are.

Would you rather play Overwatch with Cypher or Paladins with me?


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