If you want to be or are a leader (the people who post the "sermons") come here and we can discuss who will be posting which month.

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*waves hand through the air* ME ME ME ME PICK ME!!!!

Ok! If people aren't really liking your sermons than we can talk about if you should not be a leader or what you can do to make them better.

Okay! ^-^

I got the September one!

Okay. I guess I got the October one then. 

I think I might ask to be one, but i'd like to see how things are gonna go first. 

Ok! And ringwraith I just found out I'm going to lose my sermon so you can get September and I want going to do this but I got August.

P.S. we can both post on the same month of we want.

Wait, why did you lose your sermon?

I love to take pictures so I ran out of room to store it on my phone.

I see.

I could potentially be a leader, but I don't want anybody scheduling me for any particular month. I'll talk to you, Star, if I happen to have something on my heart to share. How does that sound?

I might be interested in being a leader too (if that's okay with you), but, like Sabrina, I'd like to see how it goes first.
And would we have to write and post our own "sermons" or just find one online that we'd like to discuss?


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