Am I the only one who has just recently learned about Sheol?

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I have heard it but I don't get it. Like is limbo the same thing?

Ehhh....I dont think so. Sheol is more like a waiting place for souls. Its where unbelievers go until judgement day, and its also where the Godly people of pre-Jesus times waited to be set free.

I think limbo is also a waiting place for souls. But idk.

It must be boring waiting in sheol for some...

I've heard of Sheol, but haven't had much discussion about it. I'd have to talk to Mom about it more to help shape my opinion of it.

Thats a good idea!

It basically sounds like Hell.

I thought limbo was the lower levels of your own mental subconscious....

Its not hell, but its not a necssarely nice place either.

Crap, sorry I was thinking of purgatory not limbo. Lol yea thats what limbo is.

lol I am honestly not even sure what purgatory is.

A place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven. The Catholic church came up with it.

What's to say it isn't Hell?

Purgatory is kinda a way station. 


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